Omni Genius – Chapter 83: Good At Frying Vegetable Too

Qin Fang was not unfamiliar with frying vegetables at all.


As the saying goes, poor kids become breadwinners earlier. Since a very young age, Qin Fang already became independent. Cooking rice and vegetable was the basics of the basics and he was already used to it. His skills back then could even be considered quite good.

However, now that he was doing it again, Qing Fang felt completely different from last time. Whether be it be concentration, strength, or instinct, it felt like they had all been raised by a level.


Without any doubts, this should be the effect of intermediate [Culinary Arts]. As for whether his skills had indeed improved by a level, his dishes would have to do the talking.


After preparing all the seasonings, Qin Fang started cooking.


The cooking shovel in his hand, like a silver dragon, had a silver gleam, and when it moved, it was difficult to keep track of the exceptionally quick movements.


“To think that [One-handed Weapon Mastery] didn’t only apply to knives like the vegetable knife…”


Qin Fang quickly noticed something weird when cooking. His right hand seemed to have gotten more nimble, and when he was constantly moving the shovel, he noticed with surprise that the EXP of [One-handed Weapon Mastery] was constantly rising. Even though the rise was fairly slow, and after quite a while, it only rose by 0.1%. And in the time taken to get it to 0.1%, Qin Fang had already finished making 3 dishes.


From the look of things, the system definition of a weapon was a little unclear. If you said that the vegetable knife was a weapon, it was still reasonable. But to say that even a cooking shovel was a weapon… that was a little ridiculous.


Luckily, the dish this time didn’t disappoint Qin Fang. When the smell of the dish came out, it already confirmed that Qin Fang had changed.


“En, the taste is indeed much better than before!”


When the first dish was done, Qin Fang naturally tasted it first, and instantly felt that the texture was good, and the taste, marvelous.


Last time, his skills were already quite good. Though not to the point of being able to match chefs, it was not far away from that standard.


Now, this dish could even be compared to those made by 5-star restaurant chefs, and normal chefs really couldn’t hope to match Qin Fang now.


The Deliciousness +5 intermediate [Culinary Arts] gave was not for show, and worked its magic.


As Qin Fang constantly moved the shovel, delicious dishes appeared one after another. An alluring smell also spread to the living room from the opened kitchen door.


“Wow, it smells so good!”


Even if Ning Yumo was still worried about her own failure, when she smelled the aroma of food, she praised it immediately.


“But of course! Qin Fang’s skills are- smells heavenly!”


Tang Feifei was not humble at all, and was proud of Qin Fang’s skills like as if she had those skills too. But when she smelled the aroma, she forgot about what she wanted to boast about, and just praised the smell.


“Feifei, tell me honestly. Did you and Qin Fang already do… ‘that’?


Seeing Tang Feifei’s blissful face, Ning Yumo didn’t know why, but felt jealous. Thus, she started to tease Tang Feifei.


“What this and what that?”


Tang Feifei’s face got red, and she rolled her eyes at Ning Yumo, but didn’t answer her question at all. She only faced the kitchen, and shouted.


“Qin Fang, are you done already? Sister Xiao Ning and I are getting hungry~”


“Almost done. After I make the soup, everything would be prepared!”


Qin Fang’s voice came out from the kitchen. Qin Fang was already preparing the final dish.


“We can finally eat! Luckily, Qin Fang is here. Or else, if we just depend on you, not only would we not get any food, we would even be burned alive along with you in this building!”


Tang Feifei caressed her flat stomach, and made an expression like she was going to start eating a lot. At the same time, she didn’t forget to remind Ning Yumo about her lacking skills.


Towards that, Ning Yumo could only smile wryly, and had no words to retort. At this time, Qin Fang had already placed a finished dish on the dining table in the kitchen.


“Haha~ Qin Fang, this is my first time trying your fried vegetables. Don’t make me disappointed!”


Smelling the delicious aroma, Qin Fang wasn’t humble, and said confidently, “Girls, try it all you want. If you two find it bad, then I will receive any punishment as you see fit!”


If it was before Qin Fang had tasted his dish, we won’t dare to say such big words. But now… he could do so without reserve!


“Don’t say such things so early… if your food is bad… hmph!”


Hearing Qin Fang’s confident words, Tang Feifei only smiled brightly, and though she didn’t fully believe it, she did believe most of it. Instead, it was Ning Yumo who threatened Qin Fang while smiling.


“Sister Xiao Ning, rest assured. These dishes were prepared with all my heart, if you are not satisfied, feel free to beat me up!”


While Qin Fang arranged the dishes, he didn’t forget to assure Ning Yumo of his dishes’ deliciousness.


“I will try it first!”


Tang Feifei was the one who couldn’t wait the most. Perhaps she was really hungry, or perhaps she wanted to quickly try Qin Fang’s food. The moment the cutleries were prepared, Tang Feifei had already taken up her chopsticks, and reached for the dish closest to her.


“How is it, Feifei?!”

Seeing that Tang Feifei’s expression froze for a moment, Qin Fang’s heart thumped, and even if he was confident of his skills, he still couldn’t help but ask Tang Feifei how was it.


“Wow, it’s really delicious!”


After getting called by Qin Fang, Tang Feifei recovered, and suitably gave it exaggerated praise. After that, she started doing the noble action of tasting great dishes.


“Is it really that good? You are really exaggerating, Feifei!”


Ning Yumo naturally didn’t believe Tang Feifei. Both Tang Feifei and Ning Yumo had already eaten all sorts of delicacies from high class restaurants and hotels, yet, Ning Yumo had never seen Tang Feifei showing such a big reaction after eating anything.


“En? It’s really quite good…”


Ning Yumo who was sceptical still tasted a mouth in the end. She instantly felt that the flavour was good, and not only that, she felt warmness in the dish.


“Qin Fang, I didn’t think that you would be so good at cooking! I think you can go and be the head chef in a restaurant without a problem!”

Ning Yumo teased Qin Fang while eating.


“I am afraid that is not possible. My skills are limited, and other than a few dishes, I have nothing else I can cook…”


Qin Fang hurriedly said humbly.


Though it was quite humble, it was actually true from a certain standpoint. He did only know some basic dishes, and still could not be compared the real chefs who had a wide repertoire of dishes.


Of course, based on taste alone, even normal head chefs could not compete with Qin Fang. After all, Qin Fang had intermediate [Culinary Arts]! If he could not compare to head chefs with the skill, then he had raised it to intermediate for nothing.


“Qin Fang, to think not only is your noodle making skill good, even your vegetable dishes are top-notch! If you spoil my mouth so much, and I can’t eat anything next time, what do I do?”


While Tang Feifei quickly vanquished the good in the plate, she also complained to Qin Fang for pampering her. Even if those words were heard in Ning Yumo’s ears as a couple flirting with each other…


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