Omni Genius – Chapter 84: The Ning Family Siblings

The two girls praised Qin Fang’s cooking incessantly, and the dishes were indeed good. To the point that Tang Feifei was muttering about whether they should change the noodle restaurant to a restaurant that had more variety.

But, after thinking about it for awhile, Tang Feifei didn’t wish for Qin Fang to be stuck as a chef all the time, and thus vanquished the thought. In her heart, she was also muttering: It would be the best if he made food only for me!


“Feifei, Qin Fang, school has already started for a few days already. How is it? Can you get used to it?”


While eating, the three naturally started chatting. As Ning Yumo was older than both Qin Fang and Tang Feifei, she naturally assumed the position of an elder sister and asked them.


“It’s still okay. I don’t have any particular feelings now. Well, there is much more freedom now”


Qin Fang said while smiling. Though school had already started, it was still like a holiday now.


“En, we are indeed more free now. Last time during highschool, we had to study and do work all the time. It was so frustrating! Now, we don’t have to… Right! Sister Xiao Ning, we saw Little Brother Qiang the other day! If not for his help, Qin Fang would have been bullied by people!”


The moment Tang Feifei recalled what happened during the first day of school, a shadow was cast over Tang Feifei’s eyes. Especially when Li Feng appeared, she understood why all these things were happening to Qin Fang now.


“Oh, Xiao Qiang? To think that not long after you attend school, you will be able to know so many people!”


Hearing Ning Weiqiang’s name, Ning Yumo was quite startled. Afterwards, the smile on her face recovered.


Ning Yumo was aware of her little brother’s reputation in the university. Though he wasn’t a tyrant, he was still a man who held great influence in the campus. To be in his care would bring lots of benefits to Qin Fang and Tang Feifei.


*ding dong ding dong~*


At the same time they started talking about Ning Weiqiang, the doorbell coincidentally rung.


“Who would come by at this time?”


Ning Yumo had a suspicious face, and couldn’t think of anyone who would come here at this time. However, she still stood up to go and open the door. When she opened the door, she instantly smiled.


“Speak of the devil! Just as we were talking about you, you immediately appeared! You guys didn’t plan it, right?”


“What talk about me?”


Qin Fang and Tang Feifei were surprised by a visitor, and saw Ning Weiqiang who was wearing casual clothes entering the house while asking curiously.


“Huh? Feifei, you are also here! This is… Qin Fang, Qin Fang, right?”


When Ning Weiqiang turned his face, he saw Qin Fang and Tang Feifei sitting there, and immediately greeted them while smiling.


What surprised Qin Fang was that Ning Weiqiang could recall his name immediately.


“Brother Qiang!”


Qin Fang was very polite. Towards the man who had helped him a lot two days ago, Qin Fang held great respect.


“Hoho, don’t be polite, we are all friends!… Wow! The dish smells nice! Where did you order this from?”


Ning Weiqiang smiled, and patted Qin Fang’s shoulders, asking him to sit down. After that, he also pulled out a chair and sat down. When he did, he smelled the delicious aroma of the dish, and immediately asked about its origins.


“What are you saying? Why can’t it be made by me?”


Ning Yumo’s face got slightly awkward, and she retorted angrily.


“You? Forget it! Others don’t know, but I do. To ask you to cook is akin to asking you to start a fire!”


Ning Weiqiang didn’t hold back on his punches, and said with disdain.




Hearing the sibling’s conversation, Tang Feifei immediately started laughing like crazy. Qin Fang’s face also got weird due to trying to hold back his laughter.


“Will you die if you don’t talk?!”


Ning Yumo immediately turned embarrassment to anger, and give Ning Weiqiang a dose of violence.


“Okay! It’s my fault, okay?”


When Qin Fang and Tang Feifei started laughing, he had already guessed that Ning Yumo had almost done the exact same thing he had just said. However, he knew the personality of his elder sister, and could only obediently take the violent doled out to him and admitted his mistake.


“That’s much better! You haven’t eaten yet, right? Eat with us!”


Ning Yumo naturally accepted Ning Weiqiang’s apology. Since they were young, there was only the case of Ning Yumo bullying Ning Weiqiang. It was not that Ning Weiqiang didn’t want to resist, but the moment he thought about Ning Yumo’s fighting skills, he felt that he would be better off getting hit once and once only.


Of course, this was only because the siblings were close. If it was others, whoever dared to bare their teeth at Ning Weiqiang would get beat up by him already.


“I wasn’t hungry at first, but after smelling these dishes, I really got hungry. Let’s eat first!”


Ning Weiqiang immediately took his bowl and went to get some rice.


“Wow! This dish both smells good and tastes good! Seriously, big sister, which store did you order this from? I will choose this store next time too!”


Not long after, Ning Weiqiang also started eating, and immediately felt that it was good. Thus, he asked the same question again.


“I told you it was not bought, but made by… Qin Fang!”


Ning Yumo had wanted to continue to try to make it seem as if it was made by her. But seeing that it was quite impossible to do so, she just said the truth.


“Oh? Brother Qin Fang, I didn’t think that you would have such skills… Looks like I really need to frequently go to your dorm to get free food!”


Ning Weiqiang was shocked, and didn’t think that Qin Fang would be the one who made these dishes. Ning Yumo was his sister, and he was very clear about her skills. As for Tang Feifei, she grew up along with him and was also quite hopeless at cooking. As for Qin Fang, well he didn’t think about it.


“As long as Brother Qiang doesn’t mind, I will definitely welcome you!”


Qin Fang naturally won’t reject Brother Qiang. Ning Weiqiang seemed to be a big shot in the school, and with his support, it will definitely benefit Qin Fang while in the university.


Furthermore, Ning Weiqiang could be considered to be a big shot even if the range was expanded to Tranquil Sea City, or even the region. If he gets along with him well, then it would definitely be good when he needs to start working next time.


“Xiao Qiang, Qin Fang had also helped your sister before. A few days ago, when I was chasing the fugitives, if not for Qin Fang’s help, I would not have been able to apprehend them so easily. From now on in the university, you must take care of him!”


Ning Yumo naturally won’t forget the experience of pursuing the fugitive with QIn Fang. When she remembered the scene of tearing her dress in front of Qin Fang, her face showed some embarrassment, only that she hid it very well.


“That is a given! As long as I am in the university, whoever dare bullies Qin Fang will get it from me!”


Ning Weiqiang naturally give his guarantee, and while talking, suddenly recalled something, and asked Qin Fang, “Right, Qin Fang. Give me your contact info so that I can call you next time!”


“This.. I don’t have a phone yet…”


Qin Fang got awkward from this topic, but still said the truth.




Hearing this answer, other than Tang Feifei, the Ning family siblings were shocked. Now, handphones were like public goods, and could be bought for just a few hundred dollars. It was really not valuable at all, so they didn’t think that Qin Fang would actually have no phone.


However, they weren’t those ignorant rich people. When they simply browsed through Qin Fang’s clothes, they understood Qin Fang’s difficulties.


“Big sister, stop being dazed there! Go to your rubbish box and rummage for a usable phone!”


Ning Weiqiang reacted quite quickly, and directly asked Ning Yumo to get a phone.


“No need…”


Qin Fang got quite embarrassed, but still rejected in the end. He naturally didn’t want to accept things like a beggar.


“Brother, don’t think too much about it! The things in my sister’s ‘rubbish’ box are all the things sent by her admirers! She had wanted to throw them all away, but was stopped by me… They are all good things, and it would be a waste not to use them. Occasionally, when I want to get girls, I will pick up some things from her rubbish box and use it… If you don’t take it now, it will probably be treated as trash and thrown away by her…”


Ning Weiqiang was obviously an understanding person, and bullshitted Qin Fang with some words. Qin Fang was muddled from the sudden information dump, and just accepted in the end. Qin Fang didn’t feel unwilling to accept in the end after Ning Weiqiang’s words, but Qin Fang was still full of gratitude towards the siblings.


Quickly, Ning Yumo moved her rubbish box out. There really were a lot of things in it. All sorts of electronic products were in it, and even sports car keys were in it. Almost all of them were untouched, and even the packaging was intact.


Not long after, Ning Yumo and Tang Feifei picked an iPhone that looked like the newest model, and when Qin Fang complained that it was too expensive, the girls forcefully shoved the phone into Qin Fang’s pocket.

Translator’s Notes: (The following words were written in blood)

Sorry for long absence. JC life/ Pre-university life kidnapped me. Somehow escaped them, and am trying to translate till Chapter 108 as promised. Wish me luck.

From, Saquacon.


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