Omni Genius – Chapter 85: Mingshi Salon

(T/N: The salon used in this instance is different from the hairdresser salon we go to. Just google it lol.)


Qin Fang could be considered to have changed a peashooter for a cannon now. However, Qin Fang was still Qin Fang, and was still not rich, yet.

“Oh, right! You came here not only to get a free meal, right?”


When the meal was quickly finished, it was still quite early, at 7 pm. Ning Yumo then recalled that Ning Weiqiang must have had some other reason for visiting her.


“Of course not! Errr… I crashed my car the other day, and since I have a gathering tonight, I wanted to borrow a car from you, my dearest sister!”


“Stop with the excuses! Do you want to go and race again? Ask yourself, how many times does this make? Do you really want your family to send you off at an early age?! I won’t lend you a car this time!”


The moment Ning Weiqiang’s habit of racing was brought up, Ning Yumo got livid, and started scolding him without caring that there were outsiders here too.


“Don’t be like that! I really have something on tonight…”


Ning Weiqiang laughed bitterly, but still continue to plead.


“What things? Say it for me to listen.”


Ning Yumo obviously didn’t believe Ning Weiqiang’s words, and she was ‘smiling’ slightly, as if waiting for Ning Weiqiang to give a heaven-shaking reason.


“It’s like that… Tonight, Mingshi Saloon has a charity bidding event. Most of my friends at Tranquil Sea City had received an invitation, and I have to give the organiser some face, right? Oh yeah! Feifei, your brother will be going too!”


Ning Weiqiang said honestly.




Ning Yumo was still suspicious, and still didn’t believe him.


“If you don’t believe me, you can call and ask Feifei’s brother! He will definitely go tonight!”


Ning Weiqiang was resolute, and was preparing to take out his phone and make the call himself.


“Okay, okay! You win! The car key is in my drawer. Go take it yourself.”


After Ning Weiqiang pulled out his trump card, Ning Yumo decided to believe in him and lend him her car.


“You have an elder brother?”


Qin Fang asked Tang Feifei curiously. He had always thought that Tang Feifei was a single child, and didn’t know she had an elder brother.


“Not only one, but two! They are all very fierce, so if you ever dare to bully me, be careful! I might ask them to deal with you!”


Tang Feifei immediately made a fierce pose, with bared teeth and clawed hands. Well, it looked cute instead though. (T/N: For those who can’t imagine the scene. An image (of another girl, it’s not Tang Feifei lol


“Oh yeah, Xiao Qiang. Why not bring bring Qin Fang to go get some experience and make some connections? Meeting more people won’t be any harm to him! Feifei, you stay here and sleep with me tonight!”


When Ning Weiqiang took the car key, Ning Yumo suddenly made a suggestion.


“En, you are right! Qin Fang, why not go and play with Brother Xiao Qiang? With him around, you won’t get bullied!”


Tang Feifei didn’t have any objections.


“Okay, no problems on my side! Qin Fang, if you are going, then come with me!”


Ning Weiqiang didn’t object, and accepted the suggestion. He had deduced that the reason Ning Yumo let Qin Fang go wasn’t as simple as letting Qin Fang know the world. It was also to send someone to supervise him and ensure that he was really going to a charity sales bidding.


“I will go then! Feifei, you stay and accompany Sister Xiao Ning. If something comes up, call me.”


Qin Fang thought about it, and didn’t hesitate to go. He also took his new phone, which already had a number ready, saving him the trouble of having to get one himself.


Just like that, Qin Fang followed Ning Weiqiang and left the house.


They went into the garage, and left on a cool looking Audi.


What made Qin Fang shocked was that in the garage, there were also a few other luxurious cars other than the Audi. What’s more, it did not include the Porsche that was wrecked a few days ago.


“Hoho. Qin Fang, don’t think too much about it. My father is not a corrupt official. My uncles are all billionaires, and since grandpa had only one daughter, which is my mom,  we live more comfortable lives than most.”


Seeing Qin Fang’s suspicion, Ning Weiqiang explained their great wealth.


Mingshi Salon was a really high-class meeting place in Tranquil Sea City. Those who had the rights to enter the saloon were all either influential people, or child of influential people. Just the membership fees that went up to $500,000 per year alone was enough to deter all people without money.


With such an expensive membership fee, there was naturally the greatest service in the saloon. One famous sentence about the service in the saloon was, “As long as you can imagine it, and can pay for it too, our salon will provide for you.”


With Qin Fang’s current status, he shouldn’t be able to enter. However, with Ning Weiqiang with him, the security didn’t say anything, and just let Qin Fang in directly.


“This salon could be considered to be the microcosm of high society lifestyle. Anything you can imagine is available here, and even so, there might very well be something out of your imaginations here.”


After bringing Qin Fang in, Ning Weiqiang took the opportunity to talk about Mingshi Salon.


“Tonight, we are mainly going to the bidding event. As for the other facilities, I will bring you and let you experience them if I have the time.”


“Hmm? Qin Fang, what a coincidence!”

Qin Fang was surprised by hearing a familiar voice. When he lifted up his head to see who was it, he found the misapprehended ‘thief’ Cheng Jiangnan walking toward him.


“Errr, it’s really quite coincidental!”


Looking at Chen Jiangnan, though Qin Fang looked down on his character, but since they met, he can’t give not give him some face.


“Qin Fang, I didn’t expect you to know Chen!”


Ning Weiqiang was quite surprised, and from how he called Chen Jiangnan, it was obvious he knew him.


“Well, I don’t really know him. It’s only that something happened last night, and that was how we got acquainted.”


Qin Fang didn’t say what happened exactly, and brushed over it.


“Don’t talk about it! My face was lost yesterday, and I was even scolded severely by my old man when I got home!”


Chen Jiangnan didn’t realise Qin Fang was helping him save face, and said what happened himself.


“Oh? What happened? To be able to make Professor Chen angry, it must not be a small thing!”


Ning Weiqiang immediate asked curiously.


“This matter is neither big nor small. Well, it is all because of the antique vase we auctioned the other day. That antique vase was bought after spending $300,000, but it’s actually fake.”


Chen Jiangnan said in dissatisfaction.


“Fake? Impossible! I was there too, and it looked like the real deal to me…”


Ning Weiqiang was taken aback, and said with shock in his heart.


“I had thought it was real all the while, but … I specially brought the vase to Professor Lu for him to appraise, and it was really fake. Talking about this, I must really thank Qin Fang. If not for his discerning eyes, my family would have been kept in the drum all the while!”


Chen Jiangnan simply said what happened last night, and didn’t forget to praise Qin Fang.


“Oh? Qin Fang, you know how to appraise treasures too?’


Ning Weiqiang was surprised once again. Appraising treasure was not what anybody could just do. One needed not only knowledge about history and materials of antiques, but also about all the rules about it. Most young people at their age only knew how to spend money and play, and was not good at appraising treasure at all. If not, there wouldn’t have been a situation where Chen Jiangnan’s family would buy a fake antique.


“I know a bit, but am not an expert!”


Qin Fang contemplated, and just gave some lame excuse. His [Appraisal] could indeed discern an object’s authenticity, but he couldn’t possibly just say, “Yeah, I just use [Appraisal] on it and everything becomes clear, lol!”, right?


“That’s good! Later, you must help me to discern the good stuff. You can’t let me be made fun of for buying fake things!”


Ning Weiqiang was instantly elated, and pulled Qin Fang to the charity auction.


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