Omni Genius – Chapter 86: Tang Cheng, LV Unknown!

Mingshi charity auction, one of the defining events of high society in Tranquil Sea City. It’s high profile nature could be seen from the status of the people invited to it.


Of course, due to its high profile, it is not regularly held. It is only held two to three times a year, and if there are any large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes, one more will be held specially for it.

Qin Fang followed Ning Weiqiang and Chen Jiangnan into the venue. The hall which was luxuriously decorated was already prepared for the event, and many were streaming in already.


“Tang, you sure came early!”


The moment they entered, Ning Weiqiang could already see many familiar faces. They were all children of officials, and for them to not know each other was bullshit. Even if their relationship was not close, they still had to be polite and at least give a greeting. Such was high society.


However, when Ning Weiqiang saw a young, handsome guy who was similar in age and who emitted an intimidating aura, Ning Weiqiang immediately went up to him and greeted him passionately. Qin Fang, however, didn’t go with him. His status was apparent, and unless it was Ning Weiqiang introducing him, Qin Fang will just get snubbed for trying to know someone who was much more richer than him.


“Brother Jiangnan, what was with last night?”


However, though Qin Fang didn’t go with Ning Weiqiang, he was not idling either. In just a while, his relationship with Chen Jiangnan got better. From the various signs present, what Qin Fang saw and what Chen Jiangnan said was probably not the truth of the situation. At least, Chen Jiangnan having the right to enter this salon meant that it was impossible for him to be an useless son who will sell his family’s valuables to pay for his gambling debts.


“You little… you finally understand now?”


Chen Jiangnan smiled.


“I was between a rock and a hard place. My old man bought a new antique vase, and boasted about it to my father-in-law. Yet, he didn’t want to show it, causing my father-in-law to be livid. So, he took out his anger on me, and asked me to bring out the vase and show it to him…”


“So that’s what happened!”


Qin Fang finally understood what happened. No wonder even when Chen Jiangnan was caught, he was so calm. It could be that he being caught was no big deal at all.


“As for what I told you when I got caught, it was all nonsense. I can’t possibly say that my father-in-law ordered me to steal, right?…”


All of Qin Fang’s suspicions were cleared with Chen Jiangnan’s explanation.


“Qin Fang, come over!”


At this time, Ning Weiqiang called Qin Fang. Thus, Qin Fang and Chen Jiangnan walked over to them, and from the looks of it, Ning Weiqiang wanted to introduce Qin Fang to that Tang guy.


“So you are Qin Fang?”


The handsome guy measured Qin Fang, and his eyes were sharp beyond words. It let Qin Fang feel like his whole body was being laid bare, and that the person sizing him up was not a human, but a lion that could eat him up at any time.


“En, I am Qin Fang. How are you?”


Perhaps it was due to his courage, or perhaps it was due to his natural pride. Anyways, even when facing such a sharp gaze and intimidating presence, Qin Fang didn’t retreat, and instead, had a light smile on his face. He then took the initiative to reach his hands out for a handshake.


That caused both the intimidating youth and Ning Weiqiang’s pupil to contract, showing they were shocked from Qin Fang’s reaction.


However, that instead caused the youth’s expression to become gentler, and he extended his hands to shake his hands with Qin Fang too. He was quite friendly, at least more friendly than most rich people.


Feeling the calluses and the roughness of the youth’s hand, it made Qin Fang startled. The youth’s status was obviously extraordinary, and yet, his hands were rougher than Qin Fang who did quite a lot of farming.


“Tang Cheng!…”


The youth simply said his name, and when he supplemented with another sentence, it caused Qin Fang’s hard to start pounding.


“…I am Feifei’s big brother.”




When he heard that sentence, Qin Fang instantly understood. He understood why did Ning Weiqiang, who did not introduce Qin Fang to anyone he had greeted so far, introduced him to this youth. It was because he was Tang Feifei’s brother!


“Tang…Tang…Brother Tang.”


Qin Fang thought for a long time, but still didn’t know how to address Tang Feifei’s big brother. So he just followed what most people did and called him ‘Brother Tang’.




Tang Cheng didn’t mind, and instead, patted Qin Fang’s shoulders. It instantly made Qin Fang feel like his shoulders were being hit by a heavy hammer, and went numb. Even his HP bar started shaking, as if it was going to fall anytime.


Even so, Qin Fang endured it, and took it on stoically without changing his expression. This let Tang Cheng see Qin Fang in a new light.


“Hooo, not bad…”


Tang Cheng gave such an evaluation. Qin Fang didn’t think much about it, but Ning Weiqiang was slightly shocked by it. He then said while smiling, “ Tang, what you said is right. This little one suits my taste! On the first day when he reported to school, he already beat over 10 people alone!”


To this, Tang Cheng only smiled, and didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Qin Fang felt like his face was on fire. That gang fight made him embarrassed whenever he thought about it.


“Okay, it’s about time already. We should get seated now.”


Luckily, Ning Weiqiang knew that there were still important things to do. He immediately placed one hand on Tang Cheng’s shoulders, and used his other hand to grab Qin Fang. Just like that, they walked towards their seats while laughing and chatting. On the other hand, Chen Jiangnan could only follow behind.


This scene was seen by many who were in the hall. Among them, many were businessmen and politician, and their ability to discern people were good. They didn’t make light of Qin Fang just because of his simple clothing. At least, the fact that Qin Fang could be on such good terms with two of the most influential children of officials was enough to make them treat Qin Fang seriously.


Tang Feifei’s big brother looked quite dense, but when he walked, he did so with pride and dignity. Coupled with his sharp aura, it made people not dare to look at him directly.


Qin Fang secretly appraised him. He was wondering why did Tang Cheng’s shoulder ‘pat’ feel even stronger than the strong Fang Dacheng’s fists.


<Tang Cheng, neutral. LV unknown>

When this result was shown, Qin Fang was instantly dazed.


“No wonder he was so strong! Another ridiculous person whose LV is unknown…”


The appraisal results were simple, but it said a lot too.


Fang Dacheng was very strong, and was quite skilled too. Yet, he was still LV 3 only.


Ning Yumo’s skills should be better than Fang Dacheng, and even if she was a woman, her level was still higher than Fang Dacheng. From the power of the two LV 3 fugitives, Ning Yumo should be LV 4.


As for Tang Feifei’s big brother Tang Cheng, Qin Fang felt like he was even stronger than Ning Yumo. He could be LV 4, or LV 5, or even higher.


Tang Cheng aura made him feel like a military general that demanded complete compliance with instructions. Even when he was pressed down by Ning Weiqiang while walking, his back was still completely straight.


When they were all seated, Ning Weiqiang whispered into Qin Fang’s ears.


“Your brother-in-law is always like that, but it can’t be helped. All military personnel are like that. As a matter of fact, he is cold outside but hot inside. You will understand slowly!”




Even if Qin Fang had something to say about Ning Weiqiang calling Tang Cheng his brother-in-law, he at least knew the circumstances about Tang Cheng’s stoic behaviour now.

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