Omni Genius – Chapter 88: Seems to be Genuine – Watching As Foolish Birds Vie For A Fake Good

<An Imitation of Zhao Meng’s Copybook That Seems To Be Genuine>


The appraisal was as simple as ever, and only had one sentence. Yet, it made Qin Fang contentedly go down the stage.

When Qin Fang went down, he found Tang Cheng and Ning Weiqiang talking with an older ‘professional’. The person who had initially brought the professional here was not as influential and powerful as the two, thus when the two requested for his ‘professional’, how could he refuse?


Qin Fang had quite a deep impression of this ‘professional’ though. He looked like the type of guy that would say all sorts of ‘profound’ things, and was one of the ‘professionals’ who judged that the copybook was genuine.


As expected, when he walked over, Qin Fang could hear the ‘professional’ explaining why the copybook was real.


When Qin Fang sat down, he took out the small booklet and turned to the page about this copybook. When he saw the estimated price,


“Hoho, 1.2-1.5 million! Not cheap, huh?”


When looking at the price, Qin Fang finally realised why Tang Cheng and Ning Weiqiang were so solemn. It was in the end, a precious product that cost over a million dollars. If they bought a fake back, not only would they be throwing money into water, they would also lose face too.


“How is it?”


Tang Cheng and Ning Weiqiang were talking with the ‘professional’ so they temporarily didn’t have the time to talk with Qin Fang. They seemed to be thinking about how to get the copybook already. It was Chen Jiangnan instead who asked Qin Fang about the appraisal.


When Chen Jiangnan listened to the ‘professional’ just now, he also felt like the copybook was real. Now that Qin Fang was back, whether was it to be polite or to give Qin Fang face, Cheng Jiangnan still politely asked Qin Fang what he thought about the copybook.


“Seems to be genuine!”


Qin Fang just simply stated his evaluation, and he didn’t lift up his head at all, and was still flipping the booklet in his hands, finding for something that interests him.


“Seems to be genuine…En, so you think it is genui- fake?!”

Chen Jiangnan at first didn’t think much, and was only giving half of his attention to Qin Fang. He simply repeated the words in his head, particularly caring about the word ‘genuine’ only, which further made him think that the copybook was real.


However, when he recovered, Chen Jiangnan finally realised what Qin Fang just said. In his surprise, he shouted out in disbelief, which attracted the attention of many around them.


“Mister, please be quiet! We are currently having a discussion.”


The ‘professional’ treated himself as a really important figure. He was also part of the art industry of the Tranquil Sea City’s art world, and had the title of ‘professional antique appraiser’ too. He couldn’t wait to curry favour with important people like Tang Cheng and Ning Weiqiang, and now that he could discuss antique with them, how could he not cherish this moment?

Thus, Chen Jiangnan’s words which interrupted their discussion which was about to get heated caused the ‘professional’ to be quite vexed, resulting in him speaking impolitely.


That made Chen Jiangnan quite awkward, and he apologetically retreated back to Qin Fang’s side. At this time, Tang Cheng and Ning Weiqiang also recalled that Qin Fang had went up too, and asked without much care, “Qin Fang, how is the copybook?”


They did listen to a little of what Chen Jiangnan shouted out just now, but not the entirety of it. Thus, they asked again to confirm what they heard.


“It seems to be genuine…”


Qin Fang was as usual, still looking at the booklet. However, he temporarily stopped to lift up his head when answering Tang Cheng.


“Are you sure?”


Tang Cheng’s face immediately turned dark, and he was quite unhappy in his heart. After all, finding a suitable present was not such an easy task. Yet, when so many professionals were saying the copybook was genuine, Qin Fang said it is not. How could Tang Cheng be happy if that were the case.


“En, I’m sure.”


Qin Fang could of course be sure.


Those professionals relied on their eyes and experience to judge the authenticity of products, and with people saying those words beside them and misleading them, it would not be strange for them to be mistaken.


However, Qin Fang relied on his [Appraisal] skill to appraise products. It was like a game. It used all sorts of data to analyse a thing and come up with a result. The chances of it being wrong was infinitely close to 0.


As least, it had never been wrong until now.


“Nonsense! This copybook is obviously real! How could it be fake?!”


Tang Cheng and Ning Weiqiang were silent now. They naturally needed time to consider how believable Qin Fang’s words were. On the other hand, the professional was immediately infuriarated. He had finally let the two believe in his evaluation after much difficulty, but Qin Fang just had to say it was fake. This is equivalent to slapping him in the face, so how could he accept it?


Qin Fang looked at the professional from the side of his eyes, and said unhurriedly, “Who’s this guy?”




Chen Jiangnan who was also contemplating about the copybook’s authenticity and sipping on red wine instantly spat out the wine he just sipped, and was coughing non-stop.


Luckily, there were nobody in front of him. Or else, that unlucky guy will have red wine and saliva all over him.




The professional flipped, and had just wanted to roll up his sleeves and fight with the young Qin Fang. At this time, however, Tang Cheng seemed to have come to a conclusion, and with a sharp gaze, made the professional shrivel up, before Ning Weiqiang followed up and sent him away.


“Qin Fang. For what reason do you say that this copybook is fake?”


The professional left angrily, and when he did, he glared at Qin Fang, as if wanting to carve the image of his enemy Qin Fang into his heart. On the other hand, Ning Weiqiang asked Qin Fang uncertainly.




Qin Fang didn’t try to come up with reasons, and just said one word.


He really didn’t have any reason to corroborate his stand. He couldn’t tell that he determined its aunthencity by using [Appraisal], right?


“If you believe in me, then I would say thank you for you trust; if you don’t, you can just enter the bid. But don’t blame me if you waste money…”


After thinking for a while, Tang Cheng was still Tang Feifei’s brother in the end, and since he was quite close with Tang Feifei, Qin Fang naturally couldn’t watch as her brother threw over a million into the water. Thus, he added another sentence at the end.


Tang Cheng didn’t say anything, and just looked into Qin Fang’s eyes with a sharp gaze. Qin Fang didn’t avert his eyes, and just looked at Tang Cheng too. Qin Fang’s eyes were clear and told of his absolute conviction towards his evaluation.




When the auction master started the bid, Tang Cheng retracted his gaze. However, he made such a sound, which showed his answer too.


As expected, many of the professionals judged that the copybook was real, and the bid got really heated. All of them treated their money like dirt and constantly raised the bid. It quickly rose past a million from 1 dollar and was still increasing.


When the auction master’s hammer resounded thrice, the copybook fell into the hands of a big-bellied rich guy for 2.5 million.


“A bunch of foolish bird… Tch tch, the copybook is really ‘worth’ that much.”


When Qin Fang heard the price, he couldn’t help but mock the buyers. Well, the others didn’t have the mood to do so though. They had personally witnessed the bidding process just now. Almost half the bidders here were bidding for it, and was the auction with the most bidders so far.


Tang Cheng’s group had listened to Qin Fang’s advice, and didn’t participate. However, though it won’t result in any loss for them, they might be losing an opportunity to get an excellent good too.

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