Omni Genius – Chapter 9: 1 vs 3! Undying Cockroach


Actually, it took only an instant for Qin Fang to realise all that. He did not have so much time to waste.


When the bowl hit, the [Sneak Attack] skill really showed its effects. On top of Strong Rat’s head, he could see a [Dizzy] symbol and the person himself was also really in a dazed state.


As for Strong Rat’s lackeys, they were also shocked by Qin Fang’s attack and did not attack Qin Fang immediately.


A golden opportunity!


Qin Fang thought in his heart, and in the next instant, noticed that there was still another bowl of unfinished ramen at the adjacent table, and the folding chair beside it too.


Without the time to think anymore, Qin Fang immediately lifted up the bowl and hurled it at the hooligan closest to him. When the bowl was flying, the soup inside was already showing signs of spilling. When the bowl hit the hooligan, the soup spilled all over the hooligan’s body, especially his face, which caused him to close his eyes immediately.


<[Sneak Attack] activation successful, EXP +1%>


Seeing such a notice, Qin Fang was not surprised. He was still taking advantage of the opponent not paying attention to attack, the only pity was that the hooligan did not get a [Dizzy] status like Strong Rat.


But that was not important. At almost the same time the bowl left Qin Fang’s hand, he immediately bent his body to lift the folding chair and swung it at the hooligan who was covered with soup.




The last hooligan finally broke free of his stupor, but as he was standing on the other side of Strong Rat, even if he wanted to, rescuing him was impossible. He could only warn him by shouting, but even that was too late.




The chair Qin Fang swung hit the hooligan’s arm, and immediately caused the hooligan who couldn’t see anything due to the soup to stagger and fall down on his butt. Accompanying his fall was a loud pitiful cry.


As Qin Fang managed to down the hooligan with one hit, he was naturally happy. However, without him noticing, the [Dizzy] symbol above Strong Rat’s head disappeared, and Strong Rat recovered, albeit with still a dazed look.The other hooligan beside him had already lifted up a chair, and was rushing at Qin Fang already.


“Be careful…”


Tang Fei Fei had already been dragged behind by Big Sis Pan, and seeing Qin Fang defeating one of the hooligans, got excited. But after realising that Qin Fang still had to deal with two more opponents, and that they had weapons, she couldn’t help but caution him.


Hearing Tang Fei Fei’s words made his heart warm, but it was exactly because of that that he had no other choice. If he were to retreat now, then even if they wouldn’t XXX Tang Fei Fei, molesting and humiliating her was a guaranteed.


It’s do or die!


Qin Fang grit his teeth, and after steeling his resolve, the chair in his hands swung towards Strong Rat, who had just recovered, and whose red light emitted became even stronger. More specifically, his head.


When he hit the hooligan just now, he dared to resort to violence, but didn’t dare to hit the hooligan’s head. This was because if one is not careful, one could beat that person to death. However, he did not have the luxury of holding back as from Strong Rat’s body, the amount of red light explosively increased, and the look in his eyes became even crueler. Obviously, Strong Rat was planning to deal with Qin Fang violently. To protect himself, and to protect Tang Fei Fei, Qin Fang was proceeding with reckless abandon now.




This time, the sound was solid, and was also quite deep. Strong Rat was practically blown away, and after falling down on the floor, didn’t get up again.


<[Sneak Attack] activation successful, EXP +1%, Target is has been afflicted with [Intermediate Dizzy], HP -5>


Seeing Strong Rat lie unmoving on the ground, Qin Fang was shocked in his heart and was very worried that he had really beat him to death. However, what showed up in his brain was this notice.


“Afflicted with [Intermediate Dizzy], HP-5? Didn’t die…as long as he didn’t die.”


Qin Fang was first a little dazed, but then was exhilarated. As long as Strong Rat didn’t die, then everything was okay. And judging from the notice, it was only an [Intermediate Dizzy], and he could have just fainted. As for his HP deducting by 5, Qin Fang understood that it was him getting injured.


“Qin Fang, be careful!”


But just as he was absorbed in his thoughts, Tang Fei Fei suddenly screamed, and Qin Fang could feel a gush of wind beside his ears. Only then did Qin Fang realise that there was still a totally unharmed hooligan that he did not put down beside him, and this hooligan had a chair in his hands.


“My life is over.”


Reacting was one thing, but dodging was another. It was impossible to fully dodge the blow now, and he could only slightly tilt his body. He didn’t dare to let his head get hit by such a powerful blow.




At almost the same time that Qin Fang tilted his body, the sound of the wind gushing was even more prominent, and following a gust of wind blowing onto his brain, he could only feel his back getting hit by a very strong blow, causing him to fall forward unwillingly.


*bang clatter*


In front of Qin Fang was a table from his stall, and the bowl that has not been kept yet, in the face of Qin Fang’s strong impact, fell to the ground and made ‘clatter’ sounds. The table was also knocked over by Qin Fang, and in the end, the scene of Qin Fang being pressed between the fallen table and the broken bowl pieces could be seen, and one could vaguely see some red blood flowing out of his head.


“Qin Fang!”


Tang Fei Fei eyes widened and covered her cherry coloured mouth with her pale white hands. Her eyes were filled with disbelief, and also deep worry. When she came to her senses, she called out panickedly, and was making a posture that indicated that she wanted to rush over to Qin Fang.


“Don’t go, he’s all right…”


Yet, Big Sis Pan that was beside Tang Fei Fei pulled her back, and pointed at Qin Fang who was slowly climbing back up.


<Suffered from an attack, HP -4>


<Suffered from an attack, HP -1>


Actually, even Qin Fang thought that after getting hit so hard, even if his head was fine, his back would definitely be seriously injured.


However, things were as strange as ever. Qin Fang got the notice of being attacked, and other than feeling that his body was slightly weakened, and that there was a slight pain on his back, he didn’t feel like he was injured at all.


Qin Fang happily said,


“HP -4, haha, it’s really like a game…”


Qin Fang collapsed on the floor, but he was not in a hurry to get up. Instead, he took advantage of this chance to rest and to quickly think and reorganise his thoughts.


When he was hit just now, he wasn’t injured, or should he say that his ‘injuries’ were having his HP being deducted by 4. As for the -1, it was caused by the broken bowl shards scratching his head that made him bleed.


When the hooligan saw that Qin Fang was not beaten down by him, he panicked. Just when he was contemplating on whether to escape or not, Qin Fang unexpectedly climbed back up again.


“You haven’t won yet, let’s continue…”


Qin Fang got up, and once again picked up the chair that had beaten down two people before. His eyes were directly fixed on the last remaining opponent, and he stated calmly.


His forehead was oozing out blood, and the vermillion blood that flowed down his handsome face, under the night lights, was very ominous. When he was talking, his snow white teeth, and dark gaze…everything combined together gave bystanders a cold, terrifying pressure.


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