Omni Genius – Chapter 91: Dismantling And Assembling Guns

What happened after was not what Qin Fang could interfere in. Tang Cheng directly called for a special force group to come. When they did, they stored the original copy of ‘Lan Ting Xu’ into a safebox and escorted it away.

Ning Weiqiang stayed back to tie up the loose ends. For example, he ordered the expert, Qin Fang, and Chen Jiangnan to stay silent about this. This matter was quite big, and keeping it a secret was a must.


After finally returning to the dorm, it was already very late. When Qin Fang went online to search for information about the scroll, he finally realised why did Tang Cheng and Ning Weiqiang react so strongly, and why did the expert get so scared. It was a true national treasure, and should have been destroyed in a big fire. Yet, it was returned again to society.


“I have lost a lot…”


When Qin Fang’s brain finally recovered, he depressingly found out he had lost a lot…


The statue was bought among the four of them, and the profits should have been equally distributed too. However, the picked a thing that was a tad bit too precious. This sort of things were not allowed to be sold or bought, and was a true ‘priceless’ treasure. It could not belong to him in the end, and he even got a debt because of it.


“Oh well, I don’t know if this is fortune or misfortune yet. As least I know now that [Appraisal] can be used like this too. If I have the time, I will go to artifact shops and see if I can get something valuable…”


Luckily, Qin Fang was quite optimistic, and didn’t harp too much about this matter. He quickly thought of what he was going to do next.


(T/N: Don’t worry Qin Fang! One day, you will have enough power to just ignore governments completely, lol!)




“Qin Fang you really look like a military personnel when you wear a military uniform! However, you are still not as good as me!”


Shen Yang pointed at Qin Fang who was trying out the military uniform, and made fun of him.


“With your gorilla-like looks? Forget it…”


Qin Fang instantly retorted with his own insults. Shen Yang was tall and built. Even when wearing the biggest-sized shirt, it was still quite tight, making him look like a gorilla.


“You guys can still have fun now? I heard that we will be thrown to a squad to have our military training. Half a month! How much suffering will we have to go through in that long period…”


The rich and pampered Xiao Nan was complaining wholeheartedly.


Tranquil Sea City was different than other cities, and was the base of an army. Coupled with the fact that Tranquil Sea City was quite prestigious, they had the privilege of sending their students to train at a real military station, unlike other schools which only do it in school.


After getting thrown into the army, everything have to be done according to the army’s rules, and following their superior’s every other was a must. To these students who loved freedom and play, it was a truly grueling experience. Even more so if it was people like Xiao Nan who was born with a golden spoon.


“What are you scared of? It’s only half a month, right? If we just endure, it will be over quickly. Hehe… training at the army has its perks too. I heard that when we practice shooting, there will be an abundance of bullets! Unlike other schools who at most get 5 shots!”


One had to say that all males had a special attraction towards guns. The moment they heard there were an abundance of bullets, all of their eyes widened. Even Fang Dacheng who liked fighting barehanded was the same.


Thus, after getting ‘scammed’ like this, Qin Fang and the others were sent to the military base along with the other new students, starting their half a month military training.


However, the days were not as bad as Qin Fang and the others expected. The instructors were quite polite towards the kids of rich men, and other than those who were punished to run laps and do push-ups for disobedience, they didn’t make life difficult for the others. Even when they were assembling, they tried their best to stand at places with shade.


The students who heard the instructors were terrifying were surprised when they found out that the instructors were so reasonable and easy to talk to. When they asked, they found it was because the instructors were too strict last time, and many fell due to heat stroke. Someone even almost lost their life, and that was why Qin Fang’s batch had the good fortune of lenient training.


Ten days of training passed quickly, and though it was a little tough, the students endured and went through it while gritting their teeth. Finally, it was time for the training they were all waiting for, shooting.


“Why is it this model? I thought it would at least be a better one…”


However, when Qin Fang and the others got their guns, many people immediately complained, talking about what gun models. Qin Fang didn’t know much about guns, and naturally didn’t mind. (T/N: Sorry, but I can’t write the exact models here. It’s all China model guns, so there isn’t an english name. However, what I can tell you is that the gun Qin Fang is using is an imitation of the SKS semi-automatic rifle.)


As he weighed the semi-automatic rifle in his hands, he felt it was quite heavy. However, he didn’t know why, but felt that something was wrong with this rifle. His wrist instinctively shook slightly, and with the sounds of clattering, the rifle in Qin Fang’s hands were dismantled into a pile of parts.


“En? Who did that?”


The instructor who was explaining how to use the gun was shocked by the sudden sound, and when he found a pile of parts that was obviously formerly a rifle, his face darkened, and he roared.


“Yes, sir! It was me!”


Qin Fang had a bitter smile on, but still honestly stood out.


“Qin Fang, so it’s you, you little rascal. The rest of you, dismissed!”


After ten days, the instructor was already quite familiar with all the students, and could call almost everyone by name. He directly dismissed the others and let them go and have fun with their guns, while keeping Qin Fang back only.


“Don’t be nervous, it’s fine! Did you play with guns before?”


Qin Fang who thought he would be severely punished was surprised to find the instructor sitting beside him and talking amiably.


“Yes, sir! No!”


Qin Fang jumped up, and replied unconsciously.


“Don’t be too nervous. You are not a real military personnel, so no need be like that. We are just chatting!”


Seeing Qin Fang’s reaction, the instructor’s face instantly darkened.


“If you have not played with guns before, how do you know how to dismantle it?”

The instructor pointed at the pile of rifle parts.


After the rifle was just handed out and he was just starting his lesson, Qin Fang had already dismantled the rifle. This speed was not one that could be achieved unless one was a professional.


“I was quite naughty when I was small, so I dismantled anything I could for fun. I couldn’t hold back just now and…”


Qin Fang acted embarrassed and bullshitted the instructor.


Actually, when the gun was in his hands, Qin Fang felt something was wrong, and thus instinctively used the [Repair] skill he had. Thus, the rifle met its end, and became a pile of parts after the skill activated.


“Can you assemble it again?”


The instructor didn’t think much about Qin Fang’s words. Many had the same problem, and even he himself when he entered the army was like this. When he did, he got punished to run 20 laps. Looking at Qin Fang now was like looking at the him of the past.


“I will try…”


Qin Fang said not too confidently and started looking for parts in the pile already. In his brain, the blueprint of the rifle instantly appeared, and all the part’s use was in it. Qin Fang only needed to follow the blueprint to reassemble to rifle.


Well, other than the blueprint, the moment Qin Fang touched a certain part, he would know instinctively where it went.


Using this method, though Qin Fang’s actions were awkward, he still managed to reassemble the rifle, and passed it to the instructor.




The instructor took the rifle over and opened the safety. He then tried it for a while, and found no problems. He then complimented Qin Fang with surprise.


“You are quite good, little rascal!”


He could not deny that Qin Fang had never played with guns before. His awkward actions just now were not an act. But to be able to successfully assemble a gun on his first try, it was simply monstrous. Even if a recruit wanted to do this, one needed time to train and learn first.


“Hehe.. it is just luck, just luck!”


What else could Qin Fang say? He can’t possible say, “Instructor, I have a skill so this sort of thing is just too easy!”, right?

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