Omni Genius – Chapter 92: Dismantling Guns In One Second

“Come, I will bring you to go somewhere to play!”

The instructor was indeed quite slack-jawed by Qin Fang’s display. He had seen monsters, but not monsters like Qin Fang. To be able to easily dismantle guns on his first time and even assemble it too, what type of monster is he?!


He patted Qin Fang’s shoulders and let Qin Fang’s teammates continue to rest, while he lead Qin Fang to the army camp.


“Brother Tang!”


Qin Fang was surprised when he saw Tang Cheng wearing an army officer uniform after walking a little. When Qin Fang saw Tang Cheng’s rank, he got even more surprised as he was already a major. After all, Tang Cheng was only around 27 to 28 years old only.


“En, Qin Fang.”


Tang Cheng was only passing by, and didn’t think anybody would call him. When he turned around and saw Qin Fang, he was surprised too.


Meanwhile, Qin Fang’s officer immediately saluted Tang Cheng. His rank was quite low after all, at second lieutenant, and was quite far away from a major.


“What’s the situation?”


Tang Cheng looked at Qin Fang’s instructor, and asked with shock. Tang Cheng obviously knew that Qin Fang was undergoing military training now, but since he is not training but going to the camp now, it must mean something has come up.


“Reporting, officer!”


The instructor had already realised that Qin Fang and Major Tang Cheng was acquainted, and even quite close too. Thus, he immediately said what Qin Fang did just now.


“Are you really touching guns for the first time?”


After Tang Cheng finished listening, he asked in disbelief.


He was a professional military personnel, and had been in the army for many years. He naturally knew that training a professional weapon dismantling team required lots of work. If the fact that a newbie who was touching guns for the first time could quickly dismantle guns was known to veterans, they would have nowhere to place their face!


“It’s my first! With my situation, much less a real gun, I have never even played with toy guns before!”


Qin Fang said in embarrassment. He didn’t think that what he did in the spur of a moment would be known to Tang Feifei’s brother, and thus could only say so resolutely.


“Well, I happen to be free too… Come, let’s go together! Wait, forget it. You go back first. Qin Fang, come with me…”


Tang Cheng laughed, and his curiosity was piqued. He had planned to go, the three of them together. But seeing that they were going to the weaponry, Tang Cheng immediately called Qin Fang back, and asked the instructor to go, while he brought Qin Fang to another place.


“Brother Tang, where are we going?”


Qin Fang was directly lead to Tang Cheng’s military jeep, and they set off toward the camp, in a direction even Qin Fang didn’t go before.


“You will know when you reach!”


Tang Cheng didn’t answer the question, and put on a mysterious air.


After around half an hour, the jeep left the military area, and entered a mountain that was not really tall. Only then did Qin Fang realise that this was still a military area, as Qin Fang could see a missle car. As for tanks and armoured vehicles, that was a given.


Honestly, with such weaponry abound, this area felt more like an army place than the place he was training at.


“Boss Tang!”


When Qin Fang and Tang Cheng got off, many passing military personnel immediately saluted Tang Cheng. There was one who seemed to have a close relationship with Tang Cheng, and even his way of calling was casual.


“Iron Head, Knife Scar, where are Lao San and the others?” (T/N: The Lao San in this is not the same person as the one in the resort, if you even still remember, lol…)


<LV unknown! LV unknown!>


Qin Fang immediately appraised the two, and the result was as he expected. LV unknown, and they were obviously strong LV 4 and above people.


Now, Qin Fang had already cultivated a habit. He would habitually appraise everyone he meet as not only would Qin Fang be able to find out some basic info about the person, he would be able to raise the skill proficiency too. Now, [Appraisal] was already 84%, and was only 14% away from intermediate.


In the camp, Qin Fang had already used [Appraisal] a lot of times. However, most of the people he met were within his appraisal range. For example, his instructor. Though he was among the top in his group, he was only LV 3.


“At the shooting range. Boss Tang, this little one is…?”


The one who had a scar at the corner of his eye replied, and he should be the Knife Scar that Tang Cheng was talking about. When he saw Qin Fang beside Tang Cheng, he immediately asked jovially.


“A little brother! He just came over from the army area. I heard that this little rascal could dismantle guns despite being the first time touching one, so I brought him over to try!”


Tang Cheng didn’t hide anything, and talked as they walked.


“WTF? He couldn’t be so monstrous, right?”


Knife Scar and Iron Head were shocked, and looked like Qin Fang like a monster. Knife Scar even went beside Qin Fang, and placed his hands on Qin Fang’s shoulders. Then, Qin Fang felt an arm that was as hard as iron hugging him over, and he couldn’t even resist. In his heart, Qin Fang was screaming “I can’t take it!”


“Hey, little brother. What Boss Tang said is not true, right?”


Knife Scar acted really familiar, and wasn’t courteous with Qin Fang at all.


“Errr… it’s true!”


Feeling the iron claw on his shoulders, Qin Fang could only smile bitterly.


“Are you really so good?”


Knife Scar didn’t think it was really true.


“It’s good if that is so. You must show me your skills later! Tsk tsk, you would be really too monstrous if what you said is true though!”


In the time they were talking, they had already left the sentry and came to a more spacious place within the tall walls. If you slightly lifted your head, you would still be able to see the mountain peak in front. However, all that entered Qin Fang’s ear was the ‘dak dak dak’ sounds of guns. They must have reached the shooting range.


“Lao San!”


When Qin Fang and the others entered the shooting range, they noticed a group of military men that were shooting, and Tang Cheng immediately shouted towards there.


“I’m here! Boss Tang is back!”


A guy shouted loudly in reply, and greeted Tang Cheng, which caused a lot of soldiers to gather.


“Take some guns here. Of all sorts.”


Tang Cheng didn’t dilly-dally, and only made a simple request, which made all the gathered soldiers to go and get the requested items. For example, XXX model, XXX model, XXX model… anyways, guns that Qin Fang didn’t know about were all brought here.


“Boss Tang, what are these for?”


“Where did this little brother come from?”


“He looks to be from the doll army…”


Those who came were all not weak, and when Qin Fang appraised all of them, except for one who was LV 3, the others were all LV unknowns. This showed how strong this squad was.


Naturally, when everybody noticed Qin Fang who was being pulled by Knife Scar behind Tang Cheng, everybody had something to say. However, most of their words were said jokingly.


“What are you laughing for? This little brother is quite something! Let me tell you about him…”


Thus, Knife Scar started boasting about Qin Fang, and made Qin Fang seem so mystical. He was boasting so much that he almost said that Qin Fang could dismantle planes and tanks, and even reassemble them. However, he had never let go of Qin Fang’s shoulders, which made Qin Fang’s face red hot. One wouldn’t know whether he was embarrassed from being praised so much, or whether it was because he was shook too much by Knife Scar that he got such a red face.


“Qin Fang, can you do it?”


When all the guns were laid out on the table, Tang Cheng finally saved Qin Fang from Knife Scar’s iron grasp. After that, he asked Qin Fang uncertainly.


“I will try…”


Qin Fang naturally understood Tang Cheng’s meaning. Looking at all the guns being laid out in front of him, saying that he was not excited was bullshit. Even if he was nervous, he still wanted to try touching them already. After all, he won’t have many chances to be in contact with guns in this life. (T/N: Oh really?)


*clitter clatter*


When the intimidating soldiers were still fighting a verbal war with Knife Scar, they saw Qin Fang taking up an assault rifle. And with a swing and a whoosh, the gun which was completely intact, which still had the smell of gunpowder from recent use, suddenly became a pile of parts under Qin Fang’s hands…


Everybody was shocked, including Tang Cheng who had already considered this possibility, and Knife Scar who was praising Qin Fang to the high heavens. They were all stunned, and their slightly ajar mouth didn’t close even after a long while. Qin Fang didn’t need to see to know their jaws were on the ground now.


“This… dismantling is too quick already, right?!”


Someone finally said those words after a long period of silence. Qin Fang’s dismantling speed was really too fast, and even professional military man like them felt like they were lacking. They felt that Qin Fang didn’t even take one second to finish dismantling the gun.

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