Omni Genius – Chapter 93: Skill: [Shooting]

“You little rascal…”


Tang Cheng finally recovered after a long time. He then patted Qin Fang’s shoulders. He actually wanted to say something, but didn’t know what was suitable.


“Try the others too…”


After hesitating for a long while, Tang Cheng still couldn’t think of what to say. Instead, it was Knife Scar who pulled Qin Fang to go and try dismantling other guns.


However, the results were naturally the same. No matter what gun fell into Qin Fang’s hands, it will break down like a mouse that just met the cat. With a single shake of Qin Fang’s hands, the gun would instantly become a pile of parts.


“What quick hands….!”


And during this process, Knife Scar and the others were keenly observing Qin Fang’s every movement.


A skill was a skill, but the process was not magical. It was because Qin Fang’s hands instantly took apart a few important parts of the guns that caused people to feel like only a second had passed. In reality, it took a little longer to dismantle the guns.


The [Repair] skill was the same as the other skills, and was the exemplification of a certain trait. He shouldn’t be able to dismantle that fast, but it was exemplified and now, he could. Anyways, due to the fast movements of his hands, Qin Fang noticed that the only passive skill he had now― [One-handed Weapon Mastery]’s EXP was rising.


“This is also counted?”


When he noticed this, Qin Fang himself didn’t dare to believe it.


[One-handed Weapon Mastery], he did indeed have a weapon on his hand― a gun. But the problem was that he was using his hands to dismantle the gun, and not any other tools. Yet, such a situation occurred, making Qin Fang unable to figure out the system.


However, if the system said it’s like that, then Qin Fang would happily accept.


“Try assembling the guns!”


Such quick dismantling made Knife Scar and the others stunned silly. They were indignant, but the truth was right in front of them. However, Knife Scar reacted quickly, and came up with another challenge for Qin Fang.


“This… let me try!”


Seeing that Qin Fang had to spend some time to assemble the guns, the soldiers whose pride was on the line heaved a sigh of relief. If Qin Fang had continued to be a monster, they really would go and dissect Qin Fang and analyse what the fuck was going on with him.


“His gun assembling speed is also not slow!”


However, Tang Cheng still silently watched as Qin Fang reassembled the guns. The time spent was under 1 minute, which was very impressive for a newbie.


“Okay, let’s end this here. Stop playing around!”


After seeing Qin Fang dismantling and assembling all the guns, all of Qin Fang’s monstrosity was seen by Tang Cheng. However, that didn’t make Tang Cheng disappointed, but a little happy instead.


“Little Qin, let’s go. Your brother, I, will take you to go and do some shooting.”


With such an order, Knife Scar and the rest didn’t make things difficult for Qin Fang anymore, and dragged Qin Fang to the target practice.


“Seeing that you are so good at both dismantling and assembling, I will reward you. Play as you wish!”


Knife Scar was very generous, and directly gave Qin Fang a gun and a box of bullets. He then joined the rest to look at the side, wanting to witness Qin Fang’s shooting skills.


“This… how to you release the safety?”


However, Qin Fang took the gun, looked at the bullet, and after a while of doing that, asked embarrassedly.


He was really touching guns for the first time, and before the instructor could teach him how to use one, he was dragged here already.


“You really don’t know how to shoot?”


After seeing Qin Fang’s godly dismantling and good assembling skills, Knife Scar and the rest won’t believe that Qin Fang was touching guns for the first time no matter what. Without long training, it was impossible to achieve Qin Fang’s speed.


Yet, Qin Fang didn’t even know how to shoot a gun…


“Brother Knife Scar, I really don’t know how to. I am touching guns for the first time today…”


Qin Fang repeated the same sentence for the umpteenth time today. But to have fun with a gun, Qin Fang had no choice but to say it again.


“You little rascal, you really are a monster…!”


Knife Scar hmphed for awhile, but still had no choice but to say, “Come, I will teach you how to use a gun…”


Thus, Knife Scar taught Qin Fang simply how to release the safety, reload, and shoot.


“Right, just like that! Use your shoulders to support it properly, the recoil of this gun is no joke. If you don’t support it properly, you could injure your shoulders… right… right… aim, okay… fire!”


Following Knife Scar’s instructions, Qin Fang’s movements slowly got smoother, and when Knife Scar said ‘fire!’, Qin Fang also pulled the trigger.




The gun was shot, target: a target far away, trajectory of bullet: no where near the target.


<Skill learned: [Shooting], Proficiency: Beginner, EXP: 0%.>


<[Shooting]: Using weapons such as guns and bows to shoot a faraway target. Shooting accuracy increases with skill proficiency and EXP.>


At the same time the trigger was pulled, a notice appeared in his brain. It was one he expected, and one he hoped for for a long time.


“Hehe, the first shot is off. Luckily, you didn’t continue to be a monster!”


From far away, Knife Scar and the others could see that Qin Fang had missed the first shot. However, they didn’t mock him at all, and instead, seemed to have a burden lifted from his shoulders. At least Qin Fang left some face for veterans like them.


*dak dak dak*


However, they celebrated too quickly. After he got the skill, Qin Fang immediately aimed at the target, and shot at it continuously.


“Fu*ck me…”


This time, those who were happy couldn’t even celebrate, and the sounds of the target being hit resounded. Knife Scar couldn’t help by curse.


After a few more shots, the ammo in the magazine was finished, and while Qin Fang was reloading the magazine, Knife Scar and the others brought the target over.


“Seven out of ten… Other than the first which missed, of the other nine, seven actually hit!”


Towards this result, it was impossible for Knife Scar and the others to not be shocked.


“What type of alien are you, rascal? Dismantling and assembling is already enough, but getting 70% on your first try at shooting which is high difficulty?”


Those who played with guns knew that newbies being able to hit the target was already very lucky already. To be able to somehow hit the target three times in ten bullets was already considered to be having Lady Luck right beside you cheering you on.


Yet, the monstrous Qin Fang was able to hit seven times, and it was even continuous shooting. The recoil acting on his shoulders didn’t even cause his aim to falter.


*dak dak dak*


Just as Knife Scar and the others were contemplating on the meaning of their training (and life too), Qin Fang started shooting another round. As if learning something from the previous round, Qin Fang did a deep breath first, before shooting continuously ten times.


“F*ck me in the arse! I have nothing to say anymore… All ten hit the target…?!”


The results this time was even more preposterous, and all ten hit the target, without a single miss. One or two even hit the bullseyes!


To reach this level of accuracy, Qin Fang went through only 20 bullets.


What could a newbie do with 20 bullets?


If given to recruits, people would only hear a barrage of shooting sounds, and those who were lucky would have one or two hit, while the rest would not even hit the target at all.


In Qin Fang’s hands however, it became mostly hits, and had no miss for his second round of ten bullets. This was not able to be explained as just luck anymore, and it was the display of his skills and ability.


If it were other people, Knife Scar and the others would have suspected that Qin Fang was acting as a pig to eat a tiger. However, from Qin Fang’s clumsy stance and actions at the start, and the fact that he didn’t even know how to release the safety, it was enough to show that Qin Fang was firing a gun for the first time.


“Boss Tang, you specially brought him over to bully us, right?”


Seeing Qin Fang’s godly talent, Tang Cheng walked over. Knife Scar and the rest were all smiling wryly, and was complaining to Tang Cheng.


“Well, it’s you guys fault for not training properly! If you don’t practice honestly again, I will bring him over to

over you next time!”


Tang Cheng knew how to take advantage of a situation. As he pulled Qin Fang away, he also looked down on his subordinates that was becoming quite free and lazy…

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