Omni Genius – Chapter 94: Race Gambling

“Come, let’s go. I will bring you back.”


Tang Cheng forcefully dragged Qin Fang who was still endearingly caressing the gun in his hands, and didn’t bother looking at Qin Fang’s puppy dog eyes at all.


Without a choice, Qin Fang had to return with Tang Cheng to his training site. As for whether he will be able to get to touch a gun again, it was obviously a difficult thing.


“Why the face? Here, for you.”


As they were returning, Tang Cheng finally spoke. He took out a silver card from his pocket, and threw it to Qin Fang.


“Brother Tang, what is this?”


Qin Fang was slightly taken aback, and didn’t know what Tang Cheng was doing.


“See for yourself!”


Tang Cheng was currently driving the car, and couldn’t be bothered with Qin Fang, replying with a single sentence.


“Mingshi Salon VIP card!”


Qin Fang looked at the card in his hands, and those words were written in the middle of the card.


“This is Mingshi Salon’s Silver card, and was made in your name. From now on, you can go there and play, and all expenses lower than $100,000 can be waived off. You can bring at most 4 people with that card. Right, there is a mini shooting range there, and some light weapons are provided. However, the money for the bullets must be paid from your own pocket!”


“Errr, thank you Brother Tang!”


Qin Fang was first shocked, but quickly became elated. Especially the waiver of bills within $100,000, it was like giving him $100,000 to him for free! This made the bitterness he felt from not getting money for the thing inside the statue disappear completely. As for the thing about the shooting range, it was probably due to his puppy dog eyes that Tang Cheng supplemented this information.


“Why thank me? That scroll had already been sent to the museum. They had wanted to reward us, but since Xiao Qiang’s and I’s status is special, we didn’t take it. However, since you also played a part in recovering the treasure, this is our reward for you.”


Tang Cheng glanced at Qin Fang, and explained why he was giving him the card slowly.




Qin Fang immediately had his mouth wide-opened, and complained in his heart, “You rich people don’t want the money, but I want!”


“Oh right. If you have the time, go practice your shooting more. I have high expectations for you. Do you want to do some hunting? If you can get some results, I will bring you to have some fun!”


Tang Cheng supplemented his words again. Surprisingly, the usually quiet Tang Cheng was talking a lot to Qin Fang today.


“Understood, Brother Tang!”


Hearing that he can be in contact with assault rifles gain, Qin Fang immediately lifted his head up in excitement. The indignance he felt for not getting any money for finding the national treasure vanished without a trace.



“Qin Fang, where did you go for the whole afternoon?”


“Right! I saw you leaving with the instructor, but he came back very quickly, and yet, you came back only now!”


“You didn’t get beaten up by some army big brothers, right?”


Tang Cheng sent Qin Fang back to the training camp, and afternoon training for the students had ended already. Tang Cheng immediately left after sending Qin Fang, while Qin Fang was immediately surrounded by his dorm brothers.


“No such thing happened! One of my relatives was an officer here, and coincidentally saw the instructor. So my relative took a leave for me, and let me go play with him for an afternoon.


Qin Fang was realistic, and brushed over what happened this afternoon. When his brothers wanted to ask him for the specifics, Qin Fang shut his mouth, and wouldn’t say what happened even if he died.


The following days, the students were taught how to shoot, and all of them seemed really serious and excited. Only Qin Fang was unaffected, and was quite lazy.


It can’t be helped. The training was done using air guns. For him who had shot a real gun before, Qin Fang couldn’t show any interest at all.


However, the day for real gun shooting finally came, and while Qin Fang was wiping his gun, he saw familiar faces coming towards him.


“Fourth Brother, I didn’t meet you for half a month, and I have already been burnt black. And yet, why are you still the same?”


The first who appeared was the dorm brothers. Since they were sent to different camps, even the training was segregated, and they could only reunite now.


“Qin Fang, look. Am I really black now?”


Afterwards, it was Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue. Half a month of training had caused the beauties’ skin colour to change from snow white to the healthy tan they had now. From the looks of it, they had gone through some suffering too. The moment she saw Qin Fang, Tang Feifei questioned Qin Fang about her looks.


“It’s quite good like this. Much healthier than before!”


Qin Fang didn’t dare to say it was black, and just said it was healthier looking. (T/N: Ahhh, the art of sophistry…)


“Yo, isn’t that our great genius Qin Fang? Looks like half a month of training has given you the aura of a military personnel! Why not I recommend you to become a soldier? With your skills, you are definitely suitable to be in the cooking department!”


Of course, a certain annoying enemy appeared too. For example… Li Feng, and his lackeys. And the one who talked was one of his lackeys. Li Feng himself didn’t show too much hostility. It seemed like Li Feng wouldn’t be so hostile with Tang Feifei around.


“Whose house dog was not taken care of properly? See, it’s coming out to bite people now!”


Qin Fang didn’t even look at the guy, and only smiled and talked with Xiao Nan and the others. This immediately caused them to laugh, and Li Feng’s lackey’s face was red at one moment, green at another, and white later. It was like he was changing faces!


“Qin Fang, you are courting death!”


After getting humiliated in front of so many, the lackeys face was instantly one of rage. He glanced at his owner, and saw that he was unhappy too. He took that as a go ahead sign, and rushed over, wanting to rely on his strong body to beat Qin Fang up. As if fearing the built Shen Yang’s interference, when he rushed, he also shouted, “This is a private matter between me and Qin Fang! Whoever dares interferes shall spill blood!”


He really looked terrifying, and if he had a knife in his hands, then people would really think that he was a murderer.


Fang Dacheng had wanted to step in, but was stopped by Qin Fang.


Qin Fang rushed forward quite quickly, and before the lackey could even react, he was kicked by Qin Fang. It instantly negated all the lackey’s rushing force, and with one more step, Qin Fang sent the lackey flying backwards.


“Arrogant moron!”


Looking at the person who seemed to be trying to fly, Qin Fang only wiped his shoes, as if showing that him kicking such a person was an insult to him. With his mocking words, it made Li Feng’s face dark like charcoal.


“Li Feng, with such weak subordinates, just give up! Other than pulling the strings behind the scenes, what else do you know how to do? If you have the guts, come at me fairly! At least I can say you are a man then. Using such underhanded methods… hmph!”


Qin Fang went through the crowd and walked to the front of Li Feng. After experiencing so much, Qin Fang finally understood that some people will never let you go no matter how much you endure. And Li Feng was such a person.


Since it can’t be avoided, Qin Fang decisively decided to just face him head on. Who wins and who lose, that depended on the moves they made now.


“Are you worthy enough to have me come at you?”


Li Feng laughed, quite sinisterly uglily. However, he still put on airs.


“Whether I am worthy or not, you know that in your heart. At least, ever since we started fighting, you have always lost!”


Qin Fang laughed coldly. Li Feng was indeed a young master, and the airs he put on was extraordinary. Even now, he was still holding on to face like dear life.


“Always lost?!”


Hearing those words, Li Feng’s eyes spewed out flames of anger. Qin Fang was right. He had always lost. Every time he thought he had it in the bag, Qin Fang would somehow win in the end.


“Fine, I will give you a chance!”


Seeing that Qin Fang was holding onto a rifle, “We will go shoot at targets with real bullet now! We will go one on one, with ten bullets. Whoever hits more gets more points, and shall be the winner!”


“And, whoever loses have to take off all clothes in front of everyone, and run naked!”


Li Feng must really hate Qin Fang, and could even think up of such a cruel punishment. If Qin Fang really ran around naked in front of so many, then Qin Fang’s name in the university would stink to the high heavens.


“Qin Fang, don’t care about him!”


“Treat him like air, and don’t ‘air’ about him” (T/N: Get it? Care, air? No? Okay… I tried my best to make a pun since author used one too… T.T)


Hearing Li Feng’s words, Qin Fang’s brothers all protested. Looking at Li Feng’s confident look, he must have prepared already. On the other hand, Qin Fang had just learned how to shoot a gun, so how could he win?


“Fine, I agree to your conditions!”


However, Qin Fang didn’t care about the crowd trying to stop him at all, and said so with absolute conviction. However, in his eyes, there was an almost indiscernible smile…

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