Omni Genius – Chapter 95: Shooting Duel

The instructors had already prepared, and gave everybody 5 bullets. After they finished firing it, the training was over. Basically, it was just for the students to have fun, and the students won’t even know if they had hit the target or not.


Qin Fang naturally won’t let go of this chance to have fun. After all, these 5 bullets were free, and thus, he casually used it.


And in the time Qin Fang used his 5 bullets, Li Feng really was able to arrange for a shooting duel. Looks like Li Feng had some connections in the military too.


“Each person gets one target and ten bullets. I patiently await the scene of you running naked in front of so many!”


When Qin Fang was shooting just now, Li Feng took notice of Qin Fang too. His pose was terrible, and couldn’t even find his sight. He was obviously the same as the other students, and probably won’t be able to even hit the target once. This further boosted Li Feng’s confidence.


“Well, we still don’t know who will be the one running in their birthday suit!’


Qin Fang looked really confident too, but from how Li Feng saw it, Qin Fang was just acting tough and bluffing.


“Qin Fang, are you confident?”


Tang Feifei pulled Qin Fang to a side, and asked worriedly.


Tang Feifei knew what type of person Li Feng was. If they didn’t fight head to head, he wouldn’t dare to make things too difficult for Qin Fang, fearing exposure. However, now that Qin Fang was giving Li Feng a chance to fix him up, the moment Qin Fang lost in the duel, the results… Tang Feifei didn’t dare to imagine.


“Rest assured, Feifei! I will definitely win!”


Qin Fang gently patted Tang Feifei’s hand, and said with absolute confidence.


Though he wasn’t able to be in contact with real bullets for a few days, he realised with surprise that shooting accurately with an airgun could increase EXP too. Though it didn’t increase as much as using real bullets, it was better than not increasing at all.


Qin Fang estimated that as long as his opponent wasn’t military personnel that had undergone strict training, for others to want to have better skills than Qin Fang in shooting, it was too difficult.


Though difficult, and there may be people that could be like that, but that person won’t be Li Feng. Looking at Li Feng’s smooth skin and soft hands, one could know that he didn’t touch guns a lot. He probably had gone through more magazines than Qin Fang only.


“Start! Qin Fang, the great me shall give you a chance. You go first!”


When everything was ready, Li Feng let Qin Fang go first confidently, as if trying to show his great skills.


“No need! I think it will be more suitable for me to watch as you embarrass yourself!”


Qin Fang didn’t care about Li Feng, and returned with an insult of his own.


“Hmph! To think the tongue-tied Qin Fang of the past now has such a sharp tongue! Fine, let me show a country bumpkin like you a thing or two!”


As he spoke, Li Feng had already raised up the gun, and supported it with his shoulders. He made a textbook pose, and one could tell with a look that he had trained before.


“Little Brother Qin! Who has so much guts, trying to dig a hole for themselves by having a shooting duel with you?””


A slap heavily fell on Qin Fang’s shoulders, scaring Qin Fang. Fortunately, the voice was quite familiar, and when Qin Fang turned around to look, it was surprisingly, Tang Cheng’s subordinate, the veteran Knife Scar.


“Brother Knife Scar!’


Knife Scar’s appearance did surprise Qin Fang, but he still greeted him politely.


“That guy is the one?”


Knife Scar looked at Li feng who was in a textbook pose.


“His posture is good, and you can tell he has wasted quite a lot of bullets already. You opponent’s standard is still not too bad.”


“Brother Knife Scar, don’t make fun of me! Look at that posture! I think I am going to lose…”


Qin Fang immediately smiled and talked with Knife Scar.


*dak dak dak*


Meanwhile, Li Feng fired three bullets continuously.


However, that was his limit. Qin Fang clearly saw Li Feng’s shoulders taking a toll from the great recoil. He was even rubbing it now!


“Him? He only has a flowery pose! If you dare to lose, see if I will get a assault rifle and shoot you down! Quickly go!”


Knife Scar naturally saw Li Feng’s performance too, and immediately curled his lips, before shooing Qin Fang up. Looks like Knife Scar was planning to see Qin Fang’s performance again.


“Young Master Li, you can’t take it after just three shots? Tsk tsk, are you performing Cheng Yaojin’s great three axe, or showing that you only have a 3 second only holy spear?”


Qin Fang walked over, and while talking, also raised up his gun and weighed it in his hands.


“Tsk tsk! I knew you would use some underhanded means again. I really don’t know what is in your head. Other than underhanded tricks, is there not anything more innovative?”


The moment he took the gun, Qin Fang felt something wrong with it. He then appraised it, and the result was, <A Gun That Was Tampered With, blah blah blah>


*clitter clatter*


Thus, in front of the crowd, Qin Fang’s gun was dismantled into a pile of parts. It instantly caused many of their eyes to pop out, especially Li Feng, whose face turned purple.


“Tsk tsk. Looking at the rascal’s dismantling actions, too handsome!”


Brother Knife Scar who was enjoying the show muttered once again about Qin Fang’s skills.


Qin Fang naturally didn’t care about the crowd, and slowly reassembled the gun. After that, he checked the gun again, and confirming that nothing was wrong, smiled at the purpled face Li Feng.


“Want to see me run around naked? Perhaps in your next life! However, I believe that there are many ladies and gentlemen here that are very interested in your white buttocks! Ahahaha…”


Qin Fang mocked Li Feng while laughing, causing him to lose face completely. At the same time, he moved his hands, and without even bothering with aiming, shot the gun.


Even if the target was quite far away, everybody could clearly see Qin Fang’s shot completely removing one of the sides of the target, making it more obvious that the target was hit.


Obviously, Qin Fang did it intentionally. He didn’t get into a pose intentionally, he hit the side intentionally, and was making Li feng lose face intentionally.




Complete contempt!


Even if Li Feng didn’t have a brain, he could tell that Qin Fang was purposefully humiliating him.


“Don’t think that just because I am poor, I am ignorant about everything! Don’t think that just because you are rich, you are stronger than anyone! If I take away your money, then you are a useless piece of trash!”




Another shot.


This time, Qin Fang didn’t purposely hit right at the perimeter of the target, but right within the target. As for which circle it was in, it was not known yet. However, when the peanut gallery saw Qin Fang’s casual actions and the purpled face Li Feng who was giving a vicious glare, everybody could tell that Li Feng was currently the loser.




Another shot, another hit.


“Young Master Li, I have fired three shots too. Now, it’s time for you to continue.”


Shots were fired, and Qin Fang hit all of them. As for Li Feng, look at his face and you will know how many he hit.




However, even if his skills were lacking, he still had to do his best. Asking Li Feng to admit defeat to his rival Qin Fang was definitely impossible.


Once again, he took up his gun, took a deep breath, and aimed at the target. However… Qin Fang was also standing not far away, and also took up his gun.


This angered Li Feng immensely, but in front of so many, he had to endure Qin Fang’s provocations. Li Feng gritted his teeth, and shot once.


The sound of shooting came one after another, and when not even 5 seconds had passed since Li Feng’s shot, Qin Fang also fired.




Li Feng’s shot was off, and it hit the soil wall behind the target. Even from far away, you could see soil flying up.




In contrast, Qin Fang’s target moved, showing that it was a hit.

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