Omni Genius – Chapter 96: Trolling You Till You Run Naked~

The more shots Qin Fang landed, the uglier Li Feng’s complexion became. His gaze towards Qin Fang also got more and more sinister, and his handsome face was now almost completely distorted.


“Young Master Li! Things doesn’t seem too good for you, huh?”

Yet, Qin Fang acted like he didn’t see Li Feng’s gaze at all, and incessantly provoked Li Feng using words.


Li Feng didn’t move. His sinister gaze, his distorted face, the tightly held gun in his hands, all of it showed his extreme anger.


Li Feng’s lackeys could not endure the constant provocations, and was preparing to rush at and beat Qin Fang up. Especially the one who was kicked by Qin Fang. Even now, he was still rubbing his sore chest.


“All of you, stay down for me.”


However, just as they wanted to move, they felt a strong iron-like grip on their shoulders holding them back forcefully. When they turned around, they say a military officer with a knife scar on his face looking at them with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. That scared the shit out of them, and they quickly held themselves back.


They dared to help bully Qin Fang as Qin Fang seemed to have no backing. If they bullied him, then so be it. However, they were in the army now. With such a strong-looking army officer holding their shoulders now, only retards who banged their heads against the wall too much will continue their attack.


“Qin Fang, don’t get smug.”


Li Feng gritted his teeth till they were clattering, and slammed the gun on the floor, before turning around and leaving.


“Yo~ Young Master Li! Are you escaping before the battle is over? That’s not like you!”

Seeing that Li Feng couldn’t take his words anymore and was finally going to escape, Qin Fang’s sarcasm naturally didn’t lessen. Li Feng doing this was within his expectations.


“Hmph! Stop provoking me. We only took 4 shots so far, and even if you got all of them, so what? We haven’t shot more than half yet, so I haven’t lost. Today, I’m not going to duel anymore!’


Li Feng didn’t hide the fact that he was escaping, and just replied with seemingly reasonable words. He really showed the shamelessness of a spoiled rich child till a hundred percent.


“Hey, kid. Being an escaping soldier is not a good habit!!’


However, before Li Feng could leave, he suddenly felt a strong force holding his shoulders, completely rooting him in place.


“Wh-who are you? What do you want?”


Looking at Knife Scar’s very tanned skin, rough, big hands, and his slightly dirty military uniform, Li Feng’s face instantly turned pale. He looked really frightened, and his voice was shaking.


“Who am I? There is no need for you to know. What I don’t like however are escaping soldiers! Quickly get back!”


How could Knife Scar not see the enmity between Qin Fang and Li Feng?


Knife Scar liked Qin Fang, and treated him as a friend. And if a friend faced a difficulty, he naturally has to come out to help.


“Chen Xiao, stop!”


However, just as Knife Scar was forcing Li Feng to continue the duel, it became apparent that doing so would not be easy. Accompanied by the loud shout was a few officers coming over in a line.


“Hoo, isn’t that Staff Officer Li? Why do you have the time to come out to play today?”


Knife Scar’s name was Chen Xiao, but he didn’t panic despite the appearance of a staff officer. Instead, he smiled and looked at the officers coming here. Even if Knife Scar’s ranking was much lower than the Li guy, there was a saying in the military, and that was, “A staff officer without a chief in front has no power at all.”


“Quickly let him go. These people are all students undergoing military training, and you can’t do anything to them. Or else, I will report to my superiors, and ask your team leader to take responsibility!”


The staff officer whose surname was Li was not a Chief of Staff, but seemed to have backing behind him. His words were quite tough, which made Knife Scar feel oppressed.


“Fine, I will release him now.”


Knife Scar had no other choice but to release Li Feng. But as he was doing so, he made sure to wipe his oily palms on Li Feng’s body. At the same time, he was muttering something, but others couldn’t hear it.




Those who couldn’t hear was okay, but Li Feng who was very close could. When he did, his face complexion that was starting to get better suddenly became pale white once again. He screamed like a madman and ran away like one too, and he also constantly tore his military uniform.


Before he could escape the crowd, his military uniform was already taken off, revealing his pale white upper body. Mainly due to Li Feng not having much muscles and having really pale skin, he looked like one who had lived like a prince.


“Wow~ I didn’t know that Young Master Li’s body figure was so good!”


“It’s not bad, being so girly and thin! Unlike me, so built, and so strong.”


“Do you think his lower body is as girly too? Especially his ‘certain’ part…”


Everybody who saw this scene started muttering, and all had a strange smile.


“Wow~ Before the duel was finished, the rascal already admitted defeat and is running around naked!”


Knife Scar wouldn’t let go off such a good chance to make fun of Li Feng, and said what Qin Fang was supposed to say.


“You have guts, huh? Just wait and see then!”


The staff officer’s expression was already red, and was obviously extremely anger. But with no way to continue, he could only leave behind hateful words and leave with his men.


“Who does he think he is?!”


When Qin Fang was in front of the staff officer, he also heard what the staff officer said, and couldn’t help but worry for Knife Scar.


“Brother Knife Scar, will something happen to you because of this?”


“No problem. Though our squad belongs to this military base, we are not under them, and they can’t touch us at all!”


Knife Scar said without minding.


“Right, what happened between you and the rascal? Why does he seem like he can’t wait to kill you?”


“Haaa, it’s a long story.”


Qin Fang hit it off quite well with Knife Scar, and simply described what happened so far between him and Li Feng. Knife Scar got especially angry when Qin Fang talked about the times Qin Fang was framed by Li Feng.


“That f*cker! These type of people really are no good! The next time I see him, I will make sure to give him some care!”


“Forget it, Brother Knife Scar! I will handle this matter myself! After today’s incident, his name would be quite infamous in the university already. Though he didn’t really run fully naked, he still ran half naked, right?”


Qin Fang then smiled evilly.


“Second Brother, I have observed you for a while now. Did you record it already?”


At this time, Xiao Nan secretively walked over, and carefully took out his phone from his pocket, showing off the photos and videos he had taken.


“Rest assured, when we go back, I will upload these videos on the school website. If this doesn’t make his reputation go bad, I don’t know what else will.


Li Feng had been thinking of ways to frame Qin Fang all this while, and since they were openly fighting now, he naturally didn’t need to be reserved anymore. With his brothers, he came up with a plan, and thus these photos and videos came about. Purpose: make Li Feng lose face.


“Little rascal, I like!”


Knife Scar didn’t think that Qin Fang was being underhanded, and even complimented Qin Fang for it.


“Right, I should tell you this too. That rascal seem to have a serious OCD, so use that fact wisely!”




When they heard that, Qin Fang and Xiao Nan looked a little blank, but immediately realised Knife Scar’s words. Li Feng running like a madman after Knife Scar’s few words; leaving despite getting puked all over by Qin Fang without demanding anything, it must all be because of his OCD.


Qin Fang and Xiao Nan looked at each other’s eyes, and they each saw a person having an evil smile reflected in their eyes.


OCD wasn’t really a big deal, but it wasn’t a small one either. It was okay during normal circumstances, but when it is really taken advantage of by someone, it’s destructive power is amazing. For example, Knife Scar had already shown the power of using OCD against Li Feng, as that was how the photos and videos of him running half naked came about.

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