Omni Genius – Chapter 97: Brother Hu From The Underworld

“Brother Knife Scar, there is no need for you to specially send me back. The school rented a bus for us and we can directly get back using that…”


The gun duel ended in a certain someone running away half naked, and Qin Fang was obviously the winner. However, that also signalled the end of the military training too. After they report back to the school, Qin Fang and the others would have successfully earned a few credit points already.


On the way back however, Knife Scar volunteered to send Qin Fang back.


“Stop talking nonsense! I have something to say to you on the way back…”


Brother Knife Scar glared at Qin Fang, before explaining his reason.


“You may have given that rascal a run for his money just now, but after I did some research, I found out that that rascal is not a small character at all. I don’t you to become a corpse floating in the river before you fully mature!”


With those words, Qin Fang had no choice but to accept Knife Scar’s ride. He was also curious about what Knife Scar wanted to tell him anyways.


Qin Fang then went to inform the school of his leave. When he did so, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue who saw him wanted to follow him no matter what, and Qin Fang who could not dissuade them had no choice but to bring them along too.


“Brother Knife Scar, this is Tang Feifei.”


“I know her already. Boss Tang’s sister, I saw her before a long time ago.”


Brother Knife Scar was not surprised by two more people coming, and instead started greeting Tang Feifei.


“Brother Knife Scar!”


Tang Feifei also knew Knife Scar, and had already recognised him before the duel started. However, she only did not have the time to go over and greet him.


“This little girl has grown so big already and is a lady now! I still remember… back then, you were only… this tall!”


Knife Scar replied jovially, before turning his attention to Xiao Muxue.


“Muxue, this is Brother Knife Scar. Brother Knife Scar, Muxue.”


Qin Fang naturally started introducing Xiao Muxue.


“Nice to meet you, Brother Knife Scar! You can just call me Xiao Xue!”


Xiao Muxue who was the affable type immediately greeted Brother Knife Scar politely with a brilliant smile on her face.


“Nice to meet you, nice to meet you too!”


After being greeted so passionately by the two girls, even the manly Brother Knife Scar felt like he was floating. Luckily, he still remembered his original motive, and quickly pulled Qin Fang towards his military jeep.


“You little rascal, you sure are capable! Both of them are top grade beauties! Your luck with girls is not bad, eh? Tell me, who do you like?”


While they were walking, Knife Scar started teasing Qin Fang.


“Don’t spout nonsense, Brother Knife Scar! We are just good friends, and do not have the relationship you think we have!”


Qin Fang instantly blushed, and his face was red while replying. He couldn’t help but recall the sensation of Tang Feifei’s soft hands and gentle eyes, which instantly made his heart tighten.


“Stop pretending you rascal! Feifei seems to have like you quite a bit, you can’t let her down! If not, not only Boss Tang, even we brothers will never let you go!”


As Tang Cheng’s subordinate, Knife Scar was naturally in Tang Feifei’s faction, and immediately started fighting for Tang Feifei.


“Okay, okay! I will do my best!”


Qin Fang was left speechless, or should one say didn’t dare to retort. When he thought about Knife Scar’s iron grip, his shoulders started throbbing with pain on its own.


The four of them went into the jeep, and drove towards Tranquil Sea City. On the way there, Brother Knife Scar didn’t mention about the thing he was talking about. Qin Fang had wanted to broach the topic a few times, but seeing the girls at the back, he shut his mouth. He really didn’t want to wrap the girls in his problems.


Fortunately, when they passed by Tranquil Sea University, the two girls got off, while Brother Knife Scar took the opportunity to drag Qin Fang off somewhere without telling the girls the specifics.


“Brother Knife Scar, you can tell me about what you want to say now, right?”


After escaping the eyes of the girls, Qin Fang broached the subject.


“It’s nothing really. I just want to introduce you to someone,” Brother Knife Scar said casually, “This person is one of my brothers, and was a former member of our squad. However, due to a mistake he made, he had no choice but to retire. Luckily, Boss Tang helped him out, and got him a job. After a few years, he could be considered to be quite ‘famous’ in his job already.


Brother Knife Scar introduced the relationship between him and the person they were going to meet. From Knife Scar’s words, they should be comrade-in-arms, and since he was in Tang Cheng’s debt, asking him for help was reasonable.


“Hu, long time no see!”


“Knife Scar! So you haven’t died yet, huh!”


When Knife Scar and Qin Fang reached the meeting place, Qin Fang understood what was ‘quite famous’ in his job’ already. He was the head of a gang!


“Qin Fang, come over. Call him Brother Hu.”


“Brother Hu!”


Knife Scar and Hu reminisced for a while, before Knife Scar talked about today’s agenda.


“Boss Tang had already told you about the specifics over the phone, so I won’t beat around the bush. In the future, if he is to approach you for help, you can’t turn him down!”


“Of course! Who do you think am I? Even if it was not Boss Tang, if my brothers asked me for a favour, I will comply with all my strength! Rest assured, I will take care of him!”


When they got closer, Qin Fang realised that Hu was actually quite thin. However, his LV was the same as Knife Scar—Unknown. Obviously, Hu was also an extremely strong person. He had an aura that made one instinctively put up one’s guard, showing his danger level.


“Hmm? Have you trained before?”


Hu was obviously also sizing up Qin Fang too. After all, he was the man Boss Tang personally asked him to protect. When he did so however, Hu who had a sharp gaze was surprised.


“Not really. It’s just that I learnt a fighting style from a friend not long ago!”


Qin Fang replied politely. Though Hu looked dangerous, he didn’t have the red aura that showed hostility, thus Qin Fang had no reason to be too cautious.


“So that’s why!”


Hu nodded his head, and didn’t ask anymore. Instead, he took out his name card, and politely gave it to Qin Fang with both hands. At the same time, he politely said, “This is my private name card. If you hit a rough spot, you can find me anytime. Right! Ah Dong, give your phone number to him. Since you are at the university area, finding Ah Dong would be more convenient!”


“Thank you Brother Hu, thank you Brother Dong!”


Qin Fang had to show the basic amount of respect. From his analysis, Hu was not just ‘a little’ famous in the underworld. He should at least be one of the top dogs.


Li Feng had the backing of the influential Li family. If they really wanted to take care of a person without backing like Qin Fang, then Qin Fang would be a corpse already. The only reason he wasn’t now was that Li Feng seemingly wanted to personally take care of Qin Fang. Thus, all his plots were only on the level of harassment, and was not an instant death trap. This allowed Qin Fang to catch his breath and build up his power.


“Hmph! If you can’t stand me, then I won’t be polite with you now! Giving me the chance to build up strength, what a stupid decision! Watch as I play with you until you die!”


Qin Fang also started planning his heart. After the gun duel incident, the hate between Li Feng and him had escalated to a very high level already. The next time Li Feng strikes, it will definitely be more vicious.


Thus, rather than becoming a sitting duck, why not… strike first!


The Qin Fang of the past couldn’t do that, but now… Qin Fang learnt a lot of unexpectedly good things in this short half a month of military training. Especially so were the skills that could protect himself and… even kill his enemies.


Of course, without a suitable chance, Qin Fang wouldn’t act rashly. Just right, Brother Hu and his subordinates will become a very good protective shield for him while he builds up himself. Though it didn’t guarantee complete safety, he could at least avoid most small problems.

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