Omni Genius – Chapter 98: Affected Pompousness

“You’re good at drinking! Just for this, you can just find me no matter what problem you face, Brother Qin! I, Brother Hu, will definitely try my best to help you!”


That night, Qin Fang didn’t return to school and was dragged off to drink by Knife Scar, Brother Hu, and Brother Hu’s close subordinates.


Everybody here was definitely a good drinker. Current special force Knife Scar, former special force Brother Hu, the famous fighter Li Dong, all these were people who were astonishingly good at drinking.


Yet, these same people were scared silly by Qin Fang’s drinking ability and had no choice but to give Qin Fang a thumbs up. Qin Fang was really not human. He drinks a whole bottle of 65% alcohol like it was nothing right in front of their eyes!


As long as one was a soldier, one would be best friends with alcohol. Brother Hu was no exception, and even when he is retired now, he still loves drinking strong alcohol, and normally won’t stop without drinking one or two bottles.


Yet, seeing Qin Fang now, he didn’t even have the courage to compete with Qin Fang.


The drinking table is indeed the best place to get closer as after a round of drinking, the little bit of unfamiliarity between Hu and Qin Fang slowly dissipated. Hu now literally treated Qin Fang as his own brother.


They all agreed to help Qin Fang if he needed help, and Qin Fang thought that he really didn’t drink that bottle of beer for nothing.


Considering that they had all drunk a lot, Qin Fang politely declined the slightly intoxicated Knife Scar’s offer to drive him back. He didn’t want to suddenly get caught by the traffic police or get into a tragic accident after all. He would rather bear with the pain of seeing money fly away right in front of his eyes and take the expensive cab.



The road from Tranquil Sea City to the university campus looked safe and quiet, but it was not. Due to this road being very wide and having very little traffic at night, it has become the perfect place for the bored rich people and gangsters to have car races.


Though they did not race every single day, they did so at least once or twice per week. It was even said that a substantial amount of money are bet on these races. All these information was was obtained from hearsays and from Ning Weiqiang too.


Ning Weiqiang had participated in these races before after all, and winning or losing didn’t mean much to him; 10,000 to 20,000 dollars wasn’t much compared to what he had.


Anyways, Qin Fang didn’t seem to be having a good day today. After sitting on the cab, the alcohol started acting on his body causing his gut to start churning. Yet, at this moment of unpleasantness, those racers just had to have a race right now, and the road back to school was blocked off by these people.


“D*mn, so unlucky!”


The cab driver slapped the steering wheel hard and cursed with a face full of anger and helplessness.


There were two things cabs that were on metered system feared ― traffic jams and… traffic jams.


The difference was that the former traffic jam was normal ones you would encounter when there were too many cars on the road, and the latter was ones made purely due to inconsiderate people, like the one in front of them now.


Yet, normal people couldn’t afford to anger these racers. If you dared to drive your car onto the road before the race ends, God knows whether you would be able to come out in one piece or not.


If you are caught ‘trespassing’, a good beating was a given. For example, not far away, one person is currently being beaten up by a group of five.


Qin Fang didn’t want to care about this matter initially. Gangsters fighting was none of his business. However, when he saw who was getting beaten, he couldn’t help but be surprised.


“Hmm? Driver, I need to go down to settle some business. Wait for me please!”


The driver was quite easy-going. He had already realised long ago that Qin Fang had drunk a lot, and was actually quite worried that Qin Fang would puke in his car. Thinking that Qin Fang couldn’t hold it in anymore, the driver immediately agreed to Qin Fang’s request. He wasn’t scared that Qin Fang would just run away without paying. They were now currently in a secluded area where it was way too far for humans to walk to anywhere with civilisation. A car was definitely needed.


However, Qin Fang did not go down to puke, and instead, rushed over to the place where a person was being beaten up.




Qin Fang’s shout immediately shocked the people. However, when they saw that the person who called them was but a young chap, the gangsters walked towards Qin Fang with a intimidating face.


“Kid, those who care more than they should will experience bad luck!”


The leading gangster with holes and rings all over his face threatened Qin Fang.


“What? You want to fight me? I fear that you don’t have the guts to do so!”


Qin Fang secretly took a deep breath, and forced himself to reply with a strong tone while looking at the person who was being beaten. The leading gangster looked at Qin Fang with surprise, not expecting such a strong answer.


“Hoo~ Looks like you are a strong one, huh? Which part do you come from, brother?”


The leader didn’t dare to fight right away after hearing such a strong reply, and his tone got gentler too.


“I’m but a good person!”


Qin Fang smiled widely, revealing his white teeth.


“However, I just came back from the city after drinking. Who did I drink with again? Er… I think it was Brother Hu, Brother Dong, and Brother Xiong!”


The leader’s face instantly changed. Every gangster in Tranquil Sea City knew that the southern part of the city was Brother Hu’s territory. Even though the gang didn’t come from the southern part, this area was still Brother Hu’s territory. If Qin Fang really knew Brother Hu, then the moment they touched Qin Fang, they would die terribly.


Lackey 1: “Kid, who are you kidding! You? Drink with Brother Hu? Don’t joke around!”

Lackey 2: “That’s right, that’s right! Look at your fragile self, how can you be qualified!”


The leader didn’t talk, but his lackeys started threatening Qin Fang instead. Their disparage continued incessantly, causing even the leader to be persuaded. Qin Fang seriously didn’t look the part, and didn’t seem to be look the part of one acquainted with a big figure like Brother Hu.


However, Qin Fang couldn’t be bothered with the leader, and took a step forward to the front of a fat gangster. He then lifted the gangster up by his collar, and threatened the gangster with a cold voice.


Qin Fang: “Kid, repeat what you just said again if you dare!”


The gangster dressed messily and would warrant an instant execution by a fashion police. At the same time, he was also the one who kept on giving Qin Fang overboard insults. With little effort from Qin Fang, this gangster was immediately lifted up. Though his toes were still touching the ground, his face was choked green. What a humiliation, being defeated by Qin Fang in one move.


“Kid, you dare touch one of us?!”


“You’re courting death! Brothers, flank him!”


“Let go of our Fourth Brother!”


The moment Qin Fang moved, the other gangsters was livid, and wanted to pounce on Qin Fang already.


Gang leader: “All of you, stop!”


However, the leader had quite a discerning eye. Putting aside the fact that Qin Fang was quite strong be able to defeat one of them with just one move, Qin Fang’s courage to dare to fight despite being outnumbered so much was not what a normal person should possess.


Gang leader: “Brother, what is the meaning of your action?”


Qin Fang: “There’s not much meaning. That person is my friend, and I want to bring him away. I won’t pursue the matter of you guys beating him up. I myself had wanted to beat him up a long time ago!”


Qin Fang pointed at the person who was slowly standing up. This person was not anyone else, and was none other than the baldy who Li Feng hired to have a drinking contest with Qin Fang. Qin Fang didn’t think that the baldy would be in such dire straits after just half a month.


“Brother, if we let you take him away just because you want to, what will happen to our face, and how do you expect me to face my brothers?”


Hearing that Qin Fang was showing signs of compromising, the leader made up his mind and moved forward. His lackeys also surrounded Qin Fang and they looked like they were ready to beat Qin Fang at anytime.


“Oh? So you want a reason to let him go? Okay, let me ask Brother Dong to give you a reason. How about it?”


While saying that, Qin Fang released the gangster in his hands and took out his Apple phone, wanting to make a call.


“No, no, no! I believe you now! I believe you now!”


The leader had really good eyesight, and being so close to Qin Fang, could see all the names of the people on his contact list. Though Qin Fang didn’t dress up that well, when the leader saw the names and number listed there and the fact that Qin Fang was holding a real Apple… he instantly surrendered.

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