Omni Genius – Chapter 99: The Man Who Was Willing To Sell His Life For His Sister

“Let’s go!”


Hearing the leader surrender voluntarily, Qin Fang stopped his action of searching through his contact list and waved his hands towards the baldy who had already gotten up and whose eyes was filled with shock.


The baldy didn’t reject Qin Fang’s invitation. After staring venomously at the leader of the gang, he obediently limped his way behind Qin Fang towards the cab.


This time, the leader intelligently didn’t stop the baldy from going, and let them go with no problems.


“Leader! That kid was so arrogant just now! How can you bear with it?!”


“He’s right! He should be bashed just for acting so arrogantly!”


When Qin Fang left, nobody stopped him. However, when he vanished in the dark of the night, the gangsters started complaining again.


“F*ckers, you guys want me to die?!”


The leader – *pa* *pa*- slapped the two lackeys who were complaining, causing the two to be dazed.


“If you guys really so much as touched him just now, then we all can forget about living in this Tranquil Sea City. We might even be stuffed into a bag and thrown into a river!”


“I was wrong, Leader! But seriously, what’s the matter with him?”


The two were actually quite smart and could already tell that Qin Fang was not simple already. All they wanted to do was just to complain to vent their frustration, but they didn’t think that Qin Fang would be that powerful.


“What do you guys know? I looked at that kid’s contact list just now… and guess what? There was Brother Hu, Brother Dong, and Brother Xiong. He even knows Young Master Tang and Young Master Ning. Why not go and try touching him, huh?”


The leader himself was shocked silly too when he saw those names and numbers.


A small-time gangster like him shouldn’t be aware of the numbers of these influential people. But when he want to go happy with a powerful gang leader of another city, the gang leader asked for ‘special service’ in the bar, leaving the phone to him. He looked through the gang leader’s contact list out of curiosity, and had also seen the number of these people. As these were influential people, he made sure to commit those numbers into his memory.


When he simply glanced over Qin Fang’s phone just now, the gang leader saw some numbers on Qin Fang’s screen which coincided with the number he had burned into his memory. With this matching, he knew that Qin Fang was not joking with him.


Regardless of Qin Fang’s relationship with these big shots, the fact that he even had those numbers showed that Qin Fang was definitely not just some lackey at the bottom of the organisation ladder. How could the leader dare to offend Qin Fang knowing his status?


“What about the money the baldy owes then, leader?”


“Hmm… Go and find out some information at the university campus. If the baldy is with Qin Fang, then forget about the money. If not… then do what you are supposed to do. Right, never, ever, touch his sister!”



On the cab



“Thanks for saving me!”


After the baldy recovered, he was silent for awhile before he thanked Qin Fang awkwardly.


“It was nothing.”


Qin Fang didn’t ask for any repayments. When they were competing, Qin Fang had thought that the baldy was quite a straight-forward person, and had quite a good impression of him. That’s why he saved the baldy when he saw him getting beat up.


“No matter what, I owe you my life!”


The baldy went silent once more, before saying with a tint of sadness.


“Don’t be so exaggerated. Owe me a life? You were at most getting beat up only.”


Hearing the baldy’s exaggerated words, Qin Fang immediately shook his head. Though he did indeed save the baldy, it was not to the point where he was the baldy’s life benefactor. Qin Fang was not the type who liked to take advantage of others.


“Can you tell me what’s the matter?”


Seeing that the baldy was silent once more, Qin Fang hesitated, but still couldn’t control his curiosity and asked the baldy the reason for his current plight.


He remembered that the baldy was doing quite well last time, and though he was just a hooligan, he was still considered to be a leader of a small group. Normally, it isn’t possible for him to fall so low to the point noob gangsters like just now can bully him.


“I owe them some money, and couldn’t pay them back…”


The baldy paused, but didn’t hide anything from Qin Fang in the end.


“I see.”


Qin Fang answered, and there was no more conversation anymore. He quietly closed his eyes, and seemed to be resting or sleeping. The car was suddenly plunged into complete silence. The cab driver had been silent and focused only on driving from the moment baldy had gotten on.


After a long period of silence, the cab slowly entered the area of the university campus. When they reached their destination, Qin Fang paid the cab driver the cab fee.


“Can you help me?”


Just as Qin Fang left baldy alone and was preparing to return to his university, baldy suddenly chased after Qin Fang with a bitter smile on his face.


“En? Tell me the specifics.”


Qin Fang was quite surprised, but still asked baldy to go on.


“I want to borrow some money from you! As long as you lend it to me, my life is yours! You can order me to do anything, even if it entails killing!”


Baldy pleaded sincerely, and his eyes were filled with determination and hope.


“Sorry, but I have no money…”


Unfortunately, Qin Fang only glanced at him before rejecting the baldy without hesitation.


It was not that Qin Fang didn’t want to help, but… he really didn’t have money!


“I know you have!”


However, the baldy insisted otherwise.


“I know you are not an ordinary person, to be able to let the leader just now release me with just a few words. I know that guy really well. If you were really just an ordinary person, he would not have let me go just like that!”


“Also, I know that Young Master Feng, I mean Li Feng, has also asked for Pi San to deal with you. Pi San is infamous in Tranquil Sea City for being cruel, and has the blood of tens of people on his hands. Without help, I fear that you… As long as you lend me the money, this pitiful life of mine is yours! I will help you deal with Pi San, even if it cost me my life!”


Baldy’s speech got more and more excited and more and more anxious as he went on. It looked like he really needed this money.


Qin Fang indeed had no money. More precisely, he had money, but Tang Cheng’s one sentence caused that money to fly away. His heart was more or less complaining, but the money used to buy that Buddha statue was the other three’s, and his words held the least weight. When that treasure was left in Tang Cheng’s hands in the end, Qin Fang only got a Mingshi Salon Silver card.


“How much do you need?”


Even if Qin Fang had no money, and was not particularly concerned with baldy’s promise to sacrifice his life, the info baldy gave Qin Fang was still quite valuable. So, Qin Fang wanted to help if he could.


“One hundred thousand, I only need this much!”


Baldy hesitated, but still said the amount through grit teeth.




Qin Fang was slightly startled. When he heard this amount, even he didn’t believe that there were people that was willing to use his life in exchange for 100,000 dollars.


“You need not be suspicious, I urgently need this money. There is only three, no, two days remaining!”


Seeing Qin Fang’s weird expression, baldy knew what Qin Fang was thinking about already, and he knew he needed to explain his situation.


“I need this money for my sister’s operation. If it is postponed any further… I fear…”


Though he didn’t finish his words, Qin Fang knew what baldy meant already. He silently stared into baldy’s eyes. A true man who didn’t cry even when he was being beaten till he was half-dead now had tears in his eyes thinking about his sister who was sick.


“What I have said is the truth!”


Seeing that Qin Fang was still silent, the baldy got even more anxious. With no way to prove his words true now, the baldy was now drenched with cold sweat.


“Don’t worry, I believe you!”


Qin Fang nodded his head.


“Let me think about it… How about this? Come and find me at Fang Feixue Noodle Restaurant tomorrow. My surname is Qin!”


After saying this, Qin Fang didn’t care about the baldy anymore and walked straight towards the university campus. He really needed to think about this matter carefully.


He was not a philanthropist that would help anyone in trouble, but his heart was quite soft sometimes. Especially when he saw a man like the baldy crying. Qin Fang couldn’t help but recall his past self…


Not long ago, he was just as helpless and lost, perhaps even worse off. If not for the kindness good people had shown him, the Qin Fang standing here right now would not have come to be…

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