One Man Army – Episode 1: [Chapter 1] The Best Moment?

“Congratulations. The Integrated Grand Slam Championship of the SKY team has been determined as the winner. Everyone said that it was the director who made the most significant contribution to make this happen. What do you think about this?”

Although Lee Sang Hyuk declined most of the interviews after the game, he couldn’t decline LGN (Live Game Net)’s interview because they have been exclusively responsible for the interview for the Live of the SKY team from long ago.

“It is not my contribution alone, it is our players and coaches’ hard work and contributions. I only gave them simple advice.”

The modest answer of Lee Sang Hyuk. But, that was the only the comment for the media. SangHyuk himself knew well that the SKY team won because of him.

The Crash, Choi Sang Yeol who is an ace of the Eternal Life (EL), is well known for “The Heavenly Dragon Card Deck”. This was also made by Sang Hyuk.

In order to make the best player, Choi Sang Yeol, Sang Hyuk actualized Card Master which could only have happened after getting full support from SKY Telecom.
Besides that, Sang Hyuk had completed lots of things for the team. In fact, Sang Hyuk had contributed the most since the beginning of the team till its recent success.
Initially, SKY Telecom was about to disband their team, as they placed last for 3 consecutive years, but they decided to scout Sang Hyuk who was popular online at the time and asked him to make the SKY team the best team in 3 years, with lots of supporting from SKY Telecom. He made it in 3 years as he promised.
A lot of things happened in the process but he managed to keep his promise.
“People who were already your fans know all about you, you are too humble.”
“I just said the truth.”
He didn’t like special interviews as much as young directors did as he was already nearing his forties, unlike the 20 and 30 year olds who had energy and high spirits.

Naturally, the interviewer didn’t like this kind of style. “Is that so?” The reporter started asking him questions which are not in the script.

“According to the rumors that are floating around online communities, you are about to leave this team after this match. Is this true?”
“The rumor is groundless.”
He answered shortly. In the first place, there is no reason for him to answer in long because the question wasn’t on the script. However, a different answer came to his mind after he answered the question.
‘It is true, it’s annoying but…… it’s the truth.’
He had already gotten a revocation of contract notice. However, it might be illegal if he mentions the truth now since it will be announced only after 3 months.
The reporter continued the interview even though the answer was not interesting. Normally, people try to force interesting answers in these kind of situations, but Sang Hyuk repeatedly answered with uninteresting answers, seemingly demonstrating why he was called the “Ice Man.”
In the end, the interview was finished without anything interesting or emotional.

The reporter was thinking about this situation, but he was depressed that he couldn’t get anything new and interesting. Lastly, the reporter asked him one more question not in the script.
“Is this the best moment you have been dreaming about?”
Sang Hyuk thought for a while about the question which was, once again, not in the script.

The best moment… Sang Hyuk thought of the meaning of it and his situation and he answered with a smile on his face.
“Sure, this is the best moment now.”
This was also a lie.
It could never be the best moment.

Though he barely reached here from the bottom of despair, the best moment he wanted wasn’t like this.  

He sat down thinking about the last question from the reporter after finishing the interview for a long time.

‘The best moment I really wanted…. It might not be able to come true…. Is this the limit of what I can achieve in reality?’
Sang Hyuk shook his head with a wry smile.

What was more frustrating for him was that even that realistic limit looked like it would be taken away.
Even though it was his mistake in misreading his contract, this was too much. In fact, he had made everything but they were forcing him to give up everything.
It was true that for the last 2 years, he had been in a lot of conflict with SKY Telecom side, but he never imagined they would betray him like this.

“*Sigh*…. It is difficult.”

Sang Hyuk sighed deeply and murmured with a hollow expression.
He had lived a life where he was mostly stolen from. However, he just felt everything was in vain because he will lose it all once again.  
“Just where did it go wrong?”
Sang Hyuk wanted to turn back everything. If he could really change his life, he would live a life of stealing rather than a life of being stolen. However, it was just his delusion as usual.
‘If I were born again…. No,  what if I was able to set back the time to the moment…’
Sang Hyuk thought about this several tens of times, no, several hundreds of times everyday.
But, it would never happen in reality no matter how desperately he wished. Although he knew this well, he couldn’t stop thinking about this everyday because he had too many regrets about his life.
Sang Hyuk’s ardent hope.

 He was dying to set back a time more and more.  

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Translator : Joyce Gim

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