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Man, by design or choice is a creature of battle.

Forever plagued by an insatiable desire to be better than those around him; to emerge victorious, he wages war against his betters, and those who he fears might usurp him. These wars do not all involve a desire to kill or violence even. No, the brunt of these battles are fought closer to home every day. Look to the children burning the night lantern to be ranked above their mates at school, to the farmer in his fields working hard to surpass his neighbour. To the chef who strives for even better recipes in the search of perfection.

Ah, yes, do not say man is not a creature of war, for his battles are endless. When he conquers one nation, he looks on to the next greedily for that is his base nature. So then begs the question, if one does attain everything he wants – money, women, houses, cars… and has nothing left to conquer. No longer has he the drive or desire to be better than anyone because there is no one left to challenge… What then? Does he simply live off his riches and glory until death comes? Can one truly call that living? The prospect is surely inviting, but nevertheless he would get tired and bored without a will. At this stage, there would only be one thing left to do………

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