Written by: H0RR1BL3CPU



Time to write a proper synopsis I guess. Well here goes nothing considering I don’t know where I’m going with the story. This will be refined and improved over time.

I am not a hero. I do not stand for justice nor do I protect the weak.

I am a [Hero]. Fighting evil and guarding the world is my duty.

I am a [Hero] and so I stand against darkness.

I am a [Hero] and so I march towards impending doom.

I am a [Hero] and so I triumph.

Against all foes. Against all odds. Against fate itself if need be. I shall emerge victorious.

Because while I may not be a hero, I am a [Hero]. And victory is my duty.

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Chapter 1: I Am Not a Hero
Chapter 2: The Bastard Is Actually Kind Of Badass?
Chapter 3: Twisted Kuudere Or Closet Yandere?
Chapter 4: I Will Never Be A Hero
Chapter 5: Empty?