The Overlord’s Elite is now a Human?!

The Overlord’s Elite is now a Human?!

Author : Kiribou

Betrayed by someone he deems a friend and in an mysterious turn of events, Buvul, previously a high ranking officer of the Overlord, find himself turned into a human.

Driven in his desire for revenge, he begins his path of vengeance to his betrayer. What will that path lead him to?

Chapter 1:  New Beginning
Chapter 2: The Village of Finn
Chapter 3: Training
Chapter 4: Relearning a Technique
Chapter 5: Judgement Day
Chapter 6: A Fresh Start
Chapter 7: Massacre of Monsters
Chapter 8: First Quest (1)
Chapter 9: First Quest (2)
Chapter 10: Curse Experimentation
Chapter 11: The Hero of Shield and Spear
Chapter 12: [Hero] vs Gideon
Chapter 13: Truths Revealed! (1)
Chapter 14: Truths Revealed! (2)
Chapter 15: Open Hearts
Chapter 16: Journey to the Past (1)
Chapter 17: Journey to the Past (2)
Chapter 18: Trip towards [Eclipse]
Chapter 19: Trouble Brewing
Chapter 20: Worst Case Scenario
Chapter 21: Awaken, the Orb of Desire!
Chapter 22: The Dungeon’s Finale
Chapter 23: Questions and Answers
Chapter 24: Good Bye
Chapter 25: The Six Pillars & The Overlord
Chapter 26: Slave Traders
Chapter 27: The Mystic Asellus
Chapter 28: A New Ally
Chapter 29: The City of Alst
Chapter 30: Wourein, Lord of Werewolves
Chapter 31: [Six Pillars] vs [Six Pillars]
Chapter 32: Bloodfury
Chapter 33: A New Werewolf Lord
Chapter 34: Aster Silverwolf
Chapter 35: The Battles in Forest of Gaon
Chapter 36: Void Strike
Chapter 37: