Pagination activated! Sadly…

Hey guys, it’s the infamous Kobato here.

So the news is that we’ll be starting to split posts into pages so that we can generate more revenues for the same amount of content. Why? Simply because we’re in decline (due to the lack of content, inconsistent release rate, etc…and maybe bad management in it as well :P)

To change pages, you’ll have to click on page numbers or next/previous page buttons at the end of the page. Simple as that. We’re not releasing into split parts but just the post will be splitted into multiple pages so it shouldn’t affect the NU feed or RSS.

Really sorry for doing this but I felt necessary as to keep this website up and to continue paying the translators for their hard work. Please know that this decision was solely taken by me so please throw rocks at me but not on the staff members (just in case).

I know it’s going to ruin the reader experience but please bear with this and thank you all for your continuous support and love!

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  1. KurouDaijuji

    I don’t know enough about how NU or monetization of websites works to understand why you want to avoid having each page as a separate link on NU, so all I can say to that is that I would find it more convenient, since I could open all the pages from the NU index or the new ones from the front-page listing.

    However, may I suggest that if you are only going to have the links to subsequent/previous pages locally, that they’d be more convenient, to well, me (at least), if they were also at the top of the page?

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