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Hey guys, KCDS here~

In need of money to maintain our server and pay the translators, we decided to put a new “service”!
By patronaging us on Patreon, depending on the amount of money, you can have early-access to the translated chapters of the novels! Even better since you can directly read them on Google Drive where you’re free from ads and any other things that are uncomfortable!

So please, help us in our quest!

You can access to our patreon at:

After patronage, you’ll receive an email (it may take some time as it is not automated!). Please check it. If you wish to get access earlier (because receiving an email and replying it takes time), please write the title of the novel(s) you would like to have access through Patreon’s message.

You must have a gmail account to view Early-access!

In case of payment undue and declined, early-access are no longer possible. (until renewal)
If any problems occur, please request through the contact form


13 Replies to “Patreon? Patreon!”

  1. shuiko

    Lots of interesting works on this site. Unfortunately, your expectations for Donations will not be fulfilled, because:

    a) not actually that many chapters (it took RWX 400 chapters before he even got remotely popluar then started getting money from donations, then he built his “brand”)

    b) You aren’t well known yet which is basically also tied to point A.

    Hope you guys stick it out though, cause you got 2 really good stories that are quite popular according to the stats, people will prob support you more later on when more content is out. GL HF

  2. chris

    You really need to redo your rewards. $1 reward- nothing, $5 reward-1 novel, $10 reward-1novel/teasers/discord chat, $20 reward-2 novel, $50 reward-5 novel, $100 reward- all novel plus asking for series to be translated.

    There’s only 5 novels that are being translated so i dont see why there is such spacing on this as well as not many chapters being translated (not blaming you but i don’t see why you would pay so much when other translations releasing lots of chapters).

    I came onto this site(multiple donations amounting over $200~) for reincarnator and stayed for I am a monarch. I truly love the work you do and more ppl will support you but this is too much for too soon. Maybe next month my mind might be changed. <3

  3. DarkD

    Early access is fine, but unless google drive has some members only feature I don’t know about, couldn’t I sign up once, get the URL for gdrive, then never donate again?

  4. rclauram

    I think of someting beacuse Im poor, dont have money. But if you put a add for the next chapter . If we click there past to a page then we are to click again for the chapter . I dont have money but if you say I have to clik 20 times for day for me have a chapter for I am monarch (I click 100 XD)

  5. Boringworld

    The novels are great but your site is really bad. Reader doesn’t work on your site with safari on my phone and when I do get it to work with lots of refreshing and going back and forward it glitches and overheats or the page crashes on my phone anyway so it’s not possible to read unless I’m on my laptop. And the regular font size is too small to read without reader mode…
    This happens to me only with a select few sites…
    So fix the site before you make a point of needing moneys for keeping the server site or what not running.

  6. Asprox

    Site does crash a lot, but here’s one trick you can use with safari and most of the other browsers: turn off wifi and cell data after the website loads the wall of text. In most cases this prevents you from having to refresh the site with each crash.
    As for the font size, why don’t you adjust it in reader mode? You are using safari from what I understood.
    I’ve been doing the above with my iPhone for the past few months without a problem on a couple of similar websites.

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