Recruiting editor for Lookism

As the title says, I’m looking for a (temporary or permanent) editor for the webtoon Lookism.

The actual editor is too busy to work on it and I couldn’t find any replacement yet so I post this.

PS : Editor = typesetting + Redraw/Clean

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  1. Minibu

    I can be of help editing text (not very experienced but I can give it a try)
    As for image editor….. I actually have zero experience in that field and though I belive I’m not that bad at it unfortunately my experience at editing images is only at the level of paint (only program I own and thus completely understand)
    So if that helps I can do it at times (I work 18hours a day so it will take me time)
    If not…sorry if I’m not what you’re looking for 🙁

  2. shibalinu

    I’ve sent you my application. I’m not super good, but I hope you consider me as someone useful to your team. Good luck to those who applied and I hope I wasn’t too late! However, having more than one editor will be pretty good anyways. 🙂

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