To join us, write an email having the title “recruitment application” and with :

  • Your nickname (ex. KobatoChanDaiSuki)
  • Your country (or city) and the timezone you’re in (ex. South Korea, GMT+9)
  • The position you’re applying for (ex. translator, proofreader, cleaner, redrawer, typesetter, etc)
  • Your language knowledge (and level) (ex. English : Intermediate, Korean : Native) (the levels are the following : None < Beginner < Intermediate < Pre-advanced < Advanced < Fluent / Native)
  • For what you would like to contribute (ex. Manga, Webtoon, Novel)
  • What kind of genre(s) you like/dislike

Open job list

Novel Translators
Webtoon Translators
Manga Translators
Manga/webtoon editor
Proofreader/novel editor

Requirements :

  • For all categories : English level at least Advanced or superior depending on the position.
  • For Novel Translators : English level Fluent / Native + Japanese or Korean or Chinese level Fluent / Native
  • For Webtoon Translators : English level Fluent / Native + Korean level Advanced or Fluent / Native
  • For Manga Translators : English level Fluent / Native + Japanese level Fluent / Native
  • For CleanerRedrawer, Typesetter : English level at least Advanced + Photoshop or editing skill Beginner or superior
  • For Proofreader/novel editor : English level Fluent or Native


 To apply: click here

Warning : Application may be replied late due to the Admin being busy.

PS : Except novel translators, we do not pay for any services.

23 Replies to “Recruitment”

  1. Larry Cruz

    I have some question about with the writing criteria and other positions: What is the main difference between intermediate and advanced? Also what will i need to learn for typesetting, because i already am able to clean?

  2. lawrence

    Let’s say you apply for typesetter, what is the workload per week? Is there a deadline for every piece of document we get?

  3. Abhishek Bisht

    I like the work you all are doing and I want to contribute by doing the stuff…However I am novice and don’t know about the stuff you all do…..

    It would be nice if you could give me a rough idea and some tips on how to get started…..Though I am certain that I don’t meet the standards for a translator…. My knowledge of Korean language is comparable to a beginner….. To sum it up it would be nice if you could be of any little help….Thanks.. Keep Up The Good Work!!!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m interested in applying ‘cleaners’ I don’t have experience yet with the work but I know how to use photoshop 🙂

  5. Green Apple

    Oops. Accidently wrote down the name of my city instead of country. Such a fail.
    I hope there is no problem if I resend the info.

  6. Restu Tri Atmasari

    Hi, I am a Korean translator and rookie too.
    Is it only translate to english?
    And how to be a Korean translator here?

  7. Cheng

    Are you required to know 2 languages? For example, my English is fluent but in terms of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, I’ve no knowledge of.

  8. chappidiakhil

    Hi well i meet the requirements as a proofreader and can do japenese not native level and i would like to apply for the position of translator

  9. TwirightPrankster (@TwirightPranks1)

    Hey, I was wondering how much access to the original script in the original language a typesetter, proofreader, or novel editor would have.
    Because I’ve been looking for something like this where I can hone my language skills and also gain experience in this kind work, but I don’t think I’m advanced enough yet to apply for any type of payed translator position, as I would like to. So I’d be really interested in this as a learning experience and something to just keep me focused on and involved with the language I’m studying, but only if the resources are made available.
    (My guess is that typesetter does since it should involve cutting and replacing, but what about the other two?)

  10. Jina

    I am a huge fan of Lookism and like reading it in both English and Korean, so I read your translations sometimes! I know it says you do not need any webtoon translators at the moment, but I would love to be a backup if you are ever in need of one… Would that be something you might ever need?


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