Open job list

Novel Translators
Proofreader/novel editor

Requirements :

  • For all categories : English level at least Advanced or superior depending on the position.
  • For Novel Translators : English level Fluent / Native + Japanese or Korean or Chinese level Fluent / Native
  • For Webtoon Translators : English level Fluent / Native + Korean level Advanced or Fluent / Native
  • For Manga Translators : English level Fluent / Native + Japanese level Fluent / Native
  • For CleanerRedrawer, Typesetter : English level at least Advanced + Photoshop or editing skill Beginner or superior
  • For Proofreader/novel editor : English level Fluent or Native

For the recruitment, please join our discord and message the admin.

We will contact you at our earliest convenience.

PS : Except novel translators, we do not pay for any services.