I thought about joining Reddit as to spy on people and see what their opinions of me are.

The Dictator will strike again!

*will have the same ID as always “kobatochandaisuki” so that you can be careful and not have your ass burned if caught*

16 Replies to “Reddit…”

  1. gguk

    ummm…. i think you don’t need to be bothered by what people said outside of this blog. there will be poeple talk behind or upfront bad about you in anywhere about things and they are anonym so there’s nothing you can do about it. i think its best just ignore them and do things your way.

  2. pinecone

    Not entirely sure, but I thought most people on reddit are of positive opinion towards LN translators in general.

    There are groups that want faster releases and are okay with “donations” like with some wuxia novels. Other people care about free and accurate translations for JP LNs.

    Personally, I just look at what’s the news on the latest releases and translator gossip. I do dislike it when people take it personally when someone translates a part of another translator’s novel.

    I just wish mutual cooperation with multiple translators would happen so releases get done quicker, but I guess that doesn’t work well for most due to various situations.

  3. kreyto

    lol Welcome to Reddit. The LN section is pretty benign, so no worries there. Drama isn’t seen too often, well unless you charge a 200 dollar commission for each chapter haha. Then people will raise their voice in protest.

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