Ads redirect problems?

Hello, KCDS here.

As many of you probably had problems of redirect on mobile the recent days, we have contacted our ad network concerning this problem.

We just got that they’ve found it and that they’ve solved the problems. It’ll take about an hour from the release of this post for the ads to be updated (that’s what they told me).

If redirects, pop-ups or pop-unders happen again in the future, please report to us with the following details:

  • your device
  • your browser
  • the addresses you were redirected to

you can either write it on comments or write me to [email protected]

Thank you.

EDIT: problem seems to happen only on mobile. You can disable the Java script in settings if it becomes too hard to access to the website (we’re contacting the ad network whenever redirect happens but since they always come back, this is a temporary solution for you)

13 Replies to “Ads redirect problems?”

  1. Relma

    I have a suggestion regarding aggregators..

    You can use the same old way of anti-theft but instead of gibberish, can you make modified chapter?

    Lets say the first and last few paragraphs are the same, but in the middle you change the content.. With not gibberish but irrelevant content, or paragraphs from previous chapters

    You can insert in the middle in a ingenious way your link or your name, lets say in translator note type of way

  2. Kuraudia

    your page dont put new chapters for the two novels I folow from 15 days and dont say nothing about when going to put , for that dont care about that XD

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