Reincarnator – Chapter 100: Orange Zone (6)

Hansoo laughed at those words.
“Of course that’s a bit too far. How would I kill that?”
Hansoo wouldn’t be able to kill that no matter how strong he was.
Their race was different in the first place and there was a limit to how strong he got from the things that came out in the Orange Zone.
Like how the Seven Departed Souls didn’t get infinitely stronger despite the countless years in the Red Zone.
And even if he were to get strong enough to kill that thing, why would it let him kill it peacefully?
During the time Hansoo fights it about half of the creatures atop the Gragos would die off.
Each and every one of them are precious.’
He had to not kill them even if he could.
Akaron, the race which were cultivating their culture throughout numerous Gragoses.
The 1st and 2nd Great Wars had occurred because of similar reasons.
Since only a limited amount of creatures could live atop of the Gragos.
No other creature could live upon the Heringsen of lava other than the Gragoses.
In order to maintain their life, they could only eat the bodily fluids of the Gragos or the other creatures that grew on that bodily fluid.
But there was a limit to the bodily fluid of the Gragos.
Since a great calamity would occur if they drink too much bodily fluid from the Gragos.
Once a too large quantity of fluid escapes then the Gragos will roll around the sea of lava, Heringsen, in order to maintain its health.
In order to get rid of the parasites.
So there was a limit to how many creatures could live upon the Gragos.
Since there was a limit to the quantity of its bodily fluid despite its huge size and vast territory.
There were even 3 Akaron tribes who had gotten greedy and had gotten destroyed in the past.
No, even if they weren’t being greedy, there were quite a lot of Akarons who got swept up by the Margoth who didn’t know such a thing as restraint.
Because of this, many Arakon tribes, who were each cultivating their own cultures, went through Great Wars with each other.
In order to get atop of each other’s Gragoses to take over the land and gather more things to eat.
Or to get to a different Gragos before the lava bath of the Gragos started due to the Margoths.
This was the 1st Great War.

The Margoths weren’t their original opponents.
Since the Margoths were powerful beyond comparison to the Akarons.
But one man’s thoughts were different.
<In order for Akarons to expand, we have to get rid of all the Margoths. How could our tribes survive when those gluttons keep chugging down the bodily fluids?>
The much larger Margoths drank a tremendous amount of bodily fluids from the Gragos.
And because of this the man focused all his strength on developing the Body Reconstruction technology, united the whole race with this power and then swept off all the Margoths.
This was the 2nd Great War.
Basically the 1st and 2nd Great Wars were battles that had occurred in ordered to obtain food from the Gragos.
A lot more humans will come over from now on.’
One Gragos that was being used as the starting area was enough since there weren’t that many humans yet but once hundreds of millions of humans cross over then a single Gragos was not even close to giving all the humans a place to live.
How could he kill the Gragos when he needed more of them?
Tekilon replied at those words.
“…And dodging the attacking Gragos is a problem as well. Sadly there are probably only a few Gragos left. Even if you unite all the remaining Gragos, you won’t be able to acquire land that your race will live upon.”
Tekilon had seen the Elvenheims who had expanded under the influence of the World Tree so he knew the strength of the World Tree.
He didn’t know how long it would take for Hansoo’s race to cross over here but if they borrow the strength of the World Tree then expanding their numbers a few hundreds of times wouldn’t take long.
Since the World Tree sped up rate of growth.
Probably hundreds of millions or billions of them would cross over.
And they needed tens of Gragoses in order to sustain that race.

No, hundreds may be required to live on.’
They couldn’t use all the Gragos as a place to live on.
The Gragos had more differences with each other than similarities and there were a few crucial conditions that were needed to be fulfilled in order for people to be able to live upon them.
First, they could not have a habit of enjoying a hot bath by diving under the lava.
And the smaller ones who got submerged under the lava could not be used.
Their personalities couldn’t be bad.
Since they would try to fight every Gragos they see if their personalities were bad.
Though the Gragos survived by drinking the lava, the ones with bad personalities will attack other Gragoses for stress relief or even as a snack.
Of course these things would not fight peacefully.
They would roll around the lava and fight aggressively.
And it needed to be large enough to survive through the sneak attacks of other Gragoses.
The Akarons had searched through every passing Gragos thoroughly in order to find those who fulfill these conditions and only after that had they moved.
Since all the Akarons who had gotten on top of that Gragos would get massacred if even one of those above conditions wasn’t fulfilled.
They could only find out their movement patterns after countless years because they were so big and were laid back but they had succeeded in dividing between safe and unsafe Gragos and Tekilon knew of this.
But they in order to find tens of Gragoses who fulfilled the above requirements they needed to search through hundreds of Gragoses.

…There’s no way hundreds of them would be alive.’
The moment the Calamity of Death was introduced, the number of Gragoses had declined at an extreme speed.
Since there weren’t many when he had left, there would be even less now.
<Calamity of Death>.
A strange unknown disease which only occurred to the Gragos.
The effect of the disease was very simple.
It would slowly eat through the infected Gragos and paralyse it.
But there was a damned way to cure this disease.
The body of a healthy Gragos.
The earlier Lizard was a Gragos that wasn’t really aggressive.
Though it was too small and as such it couldn’t be used to live, something the Akarons had seen a possibility of being able to live upon once it grew more but it had gotten that aggressive after catching the disease.
It had attacked the uninfected Gragos in order to cure its lower body that was getting paralysed.
The peaceful Gragoses went insane and started to attack and bite off each other after the Calamity of Death fell.
It was a problem even if they didn’t get attacked.
The Gragos that was infected thoroughly by the Calamity of Death didn’t die but would slowly fall beneath the lava after having its whole body paralysed.
And not much to say for the creatures living atop of it.
Tekilon grinded his teeth when he thought of back then.
Since he had thought of back then when 23 of the 27 colonies atop of 27 different Gragoses had been smashed apart in an instant.
A calamity which had befallen them during the happiness they had attained after driving off the Margoths.

Hansoo laughed at those words.
“That’s why we need to cure them.”
“…What? How are you going to do that?”
Tekilon shouted out because he was dumbfounded.
Tekilon had roamed the outside world after turning into a soul-form.
In order to find out a way for their race to survive.
But they were not stupid.
What would have been the first thing they would have tried to do after the Calamity of Death swept about.
Of course they would’ve tried to cure the Calamity of Death.
And they had been fairly confident.
Since if the Elvenheims had a speciality at magic engineering like with the World Tree, then they were skilled at dealing with life and genes.
But the result was a huge failure.
They lacked time, manpower and leisure as well the Calamity of Death being different from anything they had seen so far.
In the end the 13 Akarons who had special physiques and could live through the Soul Converter left behind the Akarons struggling upon the Gragos while waiting for their doom as they headed to different worlds.
But for a random guy to pop out of nowhere and speak like this, how would he not get pissed?

Hansoo merely shook his head.
“I know of the cure.”
They had searched of countless methods in order to solve the Seven Zones.
But it wasn’t only them who had been running here and there in order to solve the Seven Zones.
Like the Elvenheims whom they had met at the Abyss.
The humans, along with Hansoo, had not been able to meet the Akarons but they had found the artifacts of a man while roaming around the Abyss.
Within the memory crystal of the man who had called himself an Akaron, there was a clear way to cure the Calamity of Death which had occurred in the Orange Zone.
A cure which he had completed after hundreds of years roaming around the Abyss where time and space had been distorted.
Elkadion couldn’t handle the harsh environments of the Abyss and had died off but the crystal he had left behind with his regrets and the cure had been handed down to the humans.
<If anybody finds this cure… Please go to our world, cure the Calamity of Death and save our race.>
In that crystal, a method for creating the cure by only using materials that could be found in the Orange Zone was written down.
Elkadion had created a cure using the materials from the Abyss much earlier but he had prepared for the instance where somebody landed upon the Orange Zone with only their body and had found a way to create the cure by only using materials from the Orange Zone.
The alchemists who had found this extremely intricate and detailed knowledge could only exclaim.
Though it wasn’t hard to create a cure with the materials in the Abyss, creating a cure with the materials from the Orange Zone was basically the same difficulty as trying to create a dragon by breeding snakes.
It was obvious why Akarons could not figure out a way to cure it.
It was a miraculous result created from the countless experiences and knowledge gained through the Abyss as well as the obsession of saving one’s race.

There was a message from Elkadion at the end of the memory crystal which had the cure.
<I’ve learned too much about the personalities of the people who roamed around the Abyss while roaming the Abyss myself. There’s no way these people will help my world if I ask them to do this without any compensation. So I will leave you a hint of the reward you will receive after you solve this. A hint of what you can earn after solving this problem. I don’t know who you are, how strong you are or what objectives you have but… I believe you won’t be disappointed with the reward.>
Well. I could get that after this all ends.’
He could only receive those rewards if his work on the Orange Zone was completed.
Hansoo opened his mouth in order to finish his talk.
“There’s something we need to kill in order to make the cure.”
“What is it?”
Tekilon decided to find out the details later since this guy was somebody who hid too many things and first decided to focus on solving his current curiousity.
“It was called the Margoth Du Tiradus I think.”
“…Margoth of the Tiradus lineage?”
Tekilon sighed at those words.
“Damnit. It’ll be easier to just put a hole on the skull of the Gragos.”
The Gragos wasn’t reachable.
Since they were placed far above where they could reach.
But Tekilon, who had participated on the 2nd Great War against the Margoths, knew the fright and strength of the Tiradus too well.
They had won against the Margoths but hadn’t easily driven them off.
They wouldn’t have called it the Great War otherwise.
It would’ve been called the Great Massacre.

Margoth du Tiradus.
The most aggressive and powerful Margoth out of the 8 different kinds.
It was the name of a beast which was the least numerous but had massacred the largest amount of Akarons.
“It seems like you know a lot… Then you know that the food of the Tiradus are those Margoths over there right?”
Tekilon then pointed towards the Margoths which had puked them out, walking off in the distance while towering numerous kilometers into the air.

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