Reincarnator – Chapter 102: Body Enhancement Surgery (2)

“So you’re telling me that… You can give us that answer huh?”
Sofia looked at Ken with an extremely suspicious expression.
This guy was not somebody who was high up on the rankings even at a single glance.
How would a guy like him know the path to a place like the Temple?
Is it in a location that everyone knows of?’
It didn’t seem like that was the case.
If it was in a place like that then it should’ve come up on the Library first.
The fact that no intel came up meant that it was in a place even she couldn’t get to.
And according to this guy’s words, she was around the level of a 6th year.
If it was a place where someone like her could not approach easily then it will be quite a dangerous place.
Ken pondered for a moment a those words but quickly made a decision.
His life would get in danger if he told people about clan information but getting out of this situation was more important.
Damnit. It’s the same whichever way you die.’
He didn’t want to say anything but he had a strong feeling that he will become a pile of grinded up meat.
Since the people in front of him looked crazy.
The person holding the spear seems somewhat sane and the female only beat him up and did not emit any bloodthirst but the normal looking man was completely different.
The moment that man heard that he had a hint, he immediately started torturing him as if something was urgent.
Damnit. I didn’t care about him since he was so quiet.’
The calmest one was the most crazy one.

Ken opened his mouth after giving up.
“I haven’t been there but I know of people who’ve been there.”
“Where is it?”
Ken shook his head.
“It’s not hard to tell you but… Are you really going to go? Those people have been captured.”
“Yes. They are trapped deep within the body of the Gragos.”
He had only come out for the meeting but the surface of the Gragos was not a place where humans could live on.
They had gotten on while expecting quite a lot of danger.
Though the charge where a Gragos attacked another Gragos like before was not a common thing, the unlucky people who had been up here during that time may get killed.
Or they may get attacked by roaming Margoths.
And there wasn’t much to eat around the surface since the Margoths sucked up everything and caused everything to get dry.
Because of this the stronger people dug tunnels on the inside and moved through those.
The humongous artificial structure that tens of millions of super humans had created for ages in order for their survival.

<Ant Tunnel>.
These ant tunnels which were still being expanded were the location where most people on the Gragos lived on.
The chances of being attacked by the Margoth decreases tremendously in here, no chance of getting into lava even with the Gragos shaking its body and they could gain the bodily fluids safely without fighting with the Margoths.
Of course it doesn’t mean that it’s safe.’
The ant tunnels were dangerous for different reasons.
But Ken kept those words for himself.
Since there was no need for him to give information to people who had just come up.
Anyways, the jail was located in a hidden place deep within the Ant Tunnels.
Hansoo asked Ken.
“Why are they jailed?”
There was no need to ask who they were being jailed by.
Ken shrugged as he spoke.
“I don’t know. Go ask them directly. I just manage the people jailed and go there to give supplies.”

Hansoo frowned at Ken’s words.
Clan, Rerorerore.
It was the clan which expanded their power the fastest within the Orange Zone according to his knowledge.
People who didn’t make useless actions and only moved to get results.
There was no reason why these guys would keep them hostage if there was no need for them.
Which means that they were being held hostage because they were useful.
And if they were being held hostage then they wouldn’t be easily let out.
Ken cautiously asked them.
“Please release me since I’ve told you all. Didn’t I just need to tell you of the location.”
Hansoo shook his head at those words.
Wouldn’t he just send a carrier pigeon if he were get released here.
He needed to penetrate through them while their defenses aren’t set up properly.
“Guide us there.”
“Damn! Then it’s just a plain betrayal! I’ll really die!”
Sofia made a cold expression as soon as his words ended.
Even after hearing his explanation the location of the jail wasn’t being caught in her specialty.
Which means that it’s a place that’s a bit hard for her to go with her current power level.
There are probably defenses set up.’
Anyways, they needed him since the navigation didn’t pop up but if he didn’t want to guide them then he had no use.
“Yeah? If you have no use then there’s no reason to keep the guy who wanted to kill me alive.”
As soon as those words came out something appeared on the end of Sofia’s hands.
Ken freaked out after seeing that.
This crazy bitch!’
Ken quickly shook his hands and his head.
“Damnit! Okay! Don’t kill me, I’ll guide you there!’
Damnit. I really don’t wanna go to that side.’

But Ken had his own thoughts.
I just need to buy time. A bit of time.’
He had already sent the carrier pigeon saying that he had found Sofia.
If they had found out that something had happened to him then they will send out a scouting team.
Ken hid his intentions and then pointed towards a slightly different direction.
In order to buy time.
As soon as Hansoo saw that direction he grabbed that guy’s neck and quickly moved.
Sofia and Tekilon quickly caught up as they made confused expressions.
“Why are you in such a hurry?”
They had already set it up so he wouldn’t be able to communicate in any way.
Why was there a need to hurry if the people at the jail weren’t going anywhere?
It was better to find out the location and then proceed after proper preparations.
There was never enough preparations.
And the people at the jail aren’t going anywhere anytime.’
Hansoo shook his head.
There’s no time.’
Sofia and Tekilon didn’t know but Hansoo knew that there was an emergency contact between these guys.
Hansoo looked towards Ken and spoke after finishing his thoughts.
“I give you 30 minutes. If we don’t arrive within that time then we are just going to leave.”
“We will give up. There’s nothing much to say about what would happen to you after that.”

According to his calculations, there was a high chance that those guys will intercept them in about 30 minutes.
If he were calculate numerous other things then he needed to complete it within 30 minutes.
It would be better to leave then, get stronger, buy some time and then look for another chance.
Fuck! How did he find out!’
Ken freaked out at Hansoo’s words.
30 minutes was almost the same as his clan’s reaction time that he calculated.
Finding out that he had laid a trap was one thing but how did he find out the time.
Ken, whose expression had turned white from Hansoo’s threats, pondered for a moment and then moved the direction of his finger.
30 minutes was a bit tight to reach there from here.
If he were to buy time and that guy really did follow his words then he would just be finished here.
Sofia made a shocked expression after seeing this.
They had blocked all ways for him to do anything but for him to still lay down a trap.
“Look at this?”
This bitch.’
He remembered the torture he had endured earlier after seeing Sofia and Tekilon’s expressions freezing up.
No, Ken felt like breaking his finger which had tricked them since the current situation looked even worse.


Carlson, the person who had been entrusted with the 21st area of the Rerorerore clan, frowned.
Damnit. Why was the clan name set like this.’
There wasn’t much to say about it since the manager of the 19th area next to his had made fun of him for that name.
<I will chose the clan name as this! If you want to know why then it’s because I like that comic!>
That crazy author.’
But he could only confirm the clan leader’s strength.
It had been over 10 years since clans of similar size to theirs had been set up.
On the other hand, they had started with the clan leader as the center, gained territory through battles within just 4 years and had grown to similar sizes as them.
The clan leader was an amazing person just from the fact that he had raised such a clan in just 4 years from nothing.
Anyways, I wonder if the meeting is going well.’
Carlson thought of the meet that would be going on up there.
A clan couldn’t control and suppress every clansman.
And because of this the meets weren’t that bad in their perspective.
Since the clansman would get rid of the future rivals with a reason of revenge.
Because of this many clans would fairly combine their strengths during times of meets and then separate up again.
But this was all in name, how could they completely trust other clans?
The massacre up there was a perfect setup to get hit from behind.
During the olden days it was quite common for one to go to another clan’s territory after hearing from them that their enemy from the Red Zone was there, only to be killed off by other clansmen who were waiting there in ambush.
And because of this they would set up a minimal amount of safety procedures for those who participated in this.

At that time one of the thousands of voodoo dolls in front of Carlson’s eyes made a loud noise as it rang.
Beep. Beep.
Carlon frowned as he looked at the voodoo dolls in front of him.
A sound which would be rung when a person participating in the current meet had escaped the area they were supposed to be at suddenly or had died.
Carlson read the letters upon the voodoo doll.
<Patrol, Margoth recon and Jail manager: Ken Morrison>.
-Last reported area: Location Z-11.
-Reported Information: …
The 21st area that he managed was further divided into three more areas.
Since the size of the area was too big for one to control like that.
Even though it had been divided into 118 areas, the size of the Gragos was so big that every area was bigger than most cities.
Carlson checked the location and the information of the carrier pigeon that had been sent to him.
…There’s not really much of a reason why he would leave the current area.’
Carlson frowned.
Though there was a slight commotion from the clash with the other Gragos, this guy had been waiting in the area he was set on.
There was no reason for him to get out from that area like this.
No. No.’
Carlson focused his thoughts on the final carrier pigeon that he had sent.
Sofia Vergara.
He said that he met one of the Seven Departed Souls.
I guess I’ll need to check it out.’
From the report it said that there were two more companions along with Sofia.
Well. They’re just scrubs so I can ignore them.’
Who would be stronger than the Departed Souls?
Anyways, they don’t even have any notion of fear. To act like this the moment they get up.’
Sofia was strong but there was a few people in his clan who were at that level.
And a few would be already there in the nearby ant tunnels.

Let’s see. Who shall I send?’
Actually this was a good thing.
Someone as strong as Sofia was a tiger cub.
It would be hard to find her if she had hidden herself but killing her off here before she got strong and joined another clan wasn’t that bad.
Soon Carlson thought of the best candidate for this.
Someone who had a strong sense of revenge against Sofia Vergara.
A person who had been waiting for 2 years in this Orange Zone after putting up Sofia’s name on the list.
5th year, Horny Mad Dog, Kale Dawson.
Though he’s a maniac he does have some skill.’
The fact that a 3rd year tried to rape a 1st year, failed and had been chased to the upper Orange Zone was a funny story whenever he heard it.
But this had made him even stronger.
Since he had polished his strength in order to revenge.
Though he had a lot of talent from the beginning, his growth had been slowed down because of lazing around.
Well. Though it seems like he hasn’t given up his habit.’
The fact that this guy hadn’t died despite Enbi Arin searching around in order to kill him proved his strength.
Somebody who was far above a normal 5th year.
Thankfully this guy was madly rushing towards that location after hearing Ken’s carrier pigeon.
Others were quite far away and were doing something else so they might take a while but this guy would get there with plenty of time left.
It was good if he took care of it and still good if others did while he held them back.
Carlson sent a message to him immediately.

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