Reincarnator – Chapter 103: Body Enhancement Surgery (3)

Hansoo madly rushed towards the direction Ken pointed to.
We have to get them out before the time runs out and then back off.’
It’ll be troublesome if they got caught in a place like this.
They finally arrived at a location after a long while of running.
A huge underground tunnel.
There were numerous buildings around the tunnel that seemed to be made of cut-down trees.
One of the hundreds of entrances into the Ant Tunnels.
And the place where the people who managed those entrances lived in.
It might be different if they were at an area in which a clan didn’t have control over but all the Ant Tunnels within the area of a clan’s influence had checkpoints set up like these.
In order to stop mysterious people from causing chaos within the Ant Tunnels.
Since the Ant Tunnels were so complex that even the ones who managed them didn’t know all about them so if somebody who was quite strong went inside and caused a ruckus then it will become very hard to catch them.
The checkpoints were built in order to prevent such situations.
The clansman who was standing upon the checkpoint poured numerous skills towards Hansoo as he shouted.
“Hey! What are you doing! This area is off limits!”

13 5th years. One who has just reached 6th year.’
There weren’t any weak fellows.
A system where the weak ones were set up at the entrance and the strong further in the back was only possible in a game.
The people who had been sent out to get rid of invaders and protecting the Ant Tunnels were like the Castle Doors of the clan.
Of course they would send out strong people.
Sofía cannot beat them at that level.’
He had to act.
Instantly a yellowish light started to gather up at the end of Hansoo’s spear, the Forked Lightning.
Not the light of the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement but Pandemic Blade’s yellowish light.
Just enough so they don’t die.’
What did these guys do wrong?
He was merely an intruder from their point of view and they were just doing what they were supposed to.
But I still cannot waste time.’
Hansoo had tested numerous things with the spores of the Pandemic Blade on the beasts before he had come up.
And the result was very satisfactory.
It’s not that I can only grow out one strand of spores or molds.’
As the mastery of the Pandemic Blade rose he could use spores that had more fascinating results.
The fact that he can control a germ with various effects was a very strong point.
The amount of types he could use currently right now were three in total.

Hansoo sent out the second type out of those.
The yellow powder spread out in all directions through the spear.
The Rerorerore clansmen flinched for a bit while looking at the powder flying at them.
But then laughed at Hansoo.
To use poison this blatantly.’
One would receive a great amount of harm if they couldn’t block poison-type skills.
But that was merely the reward for them being hard to use.
A poison would show its might once it got inside the body or touch them but if that didn’t happen then it was the same as throwing flour at people.
This was why the people who were good at using poison-type skills were hidden weapon experts or very proficient at throwing them out discreetly.
It might be different if it was liquid or a solid but for him to throw the powder form so blantaly.
The weak 6th year, Anderson, quickly used his skill <Faint Breath> and then covered the 14 of them.
One of the lowest-tier skills that collected air and created a wall.
He had learnt it in the tutorial and had never used it since the effects were so crap but it was good enough to block powders such as these.
Throwing out all their skills in fear to defend just because the enemy used a skill was something only a beginner would do.
Using the skills in the most efficient way possible with experience as the base was one of the basics of the basics.
It’s just wasted Mana.’

At that moment a change occurred.
The yellow powder that had been thrown into the air covered something transparent for a moment and then started to eat up the mana wall.
Anderson freaked out as he saw this.
Uuk! Devouring Demonic Poison?’
There was a very nasty poison among all different types of poison.
Poison that ate up everything including skills made of mana.
They had separated these poisons into a different type and then gave them the title of Devouring Demonic Poison.
A powerful poison that even ate mana and skills.
A poison that ate up mana.
But Anderson made an expression of disbelief.
No way. That’s not a Devouring Demonic Poison type!’
Why would Anderson have only used a air wall if he knew that it was a Devouring Demonic Poison type?
The Devouring Demonic Poison types were very intimidating but they were extremely rare
There were a total of 6 types known throughout all of the Tutorial, Red and Orange zones combined.
And they all had bright and vibrant red color.
He had never heard of a yellow poison like this.

But during the time when Anderson had been shocked, the yellow spores that had broken through the mana wall shrouded over them.
But they weren’t easy to deal with either.
‘I need to prevent it touching the body no matter what!’
They, the 5th and 6th years, used that short amount of time to use Reinforcement skills to create a mana wall around themselves.
Same for Anderson.
<Seven Wall Reinforcement>.
Seven colors of mana reinforcements quickly shrouded Anderson’s body.
The yellow spores had burned off two of the seven mana reinforcements after going through the air wall but it couldn’t get to Anderson’s body and only stayed around the outside of the mana reinforcement.
The same for other people.
Everyone had a silly look of being covered by yellow flour but Anderson sighed in relief.
Since he had stopped the poison from touching his body in the end.

At that time Hansoo spun his hand around.
The mana codes within the spores that were spread between the 14 people that had the Nurmaha Ring’s Power, <Power Destruction>, embedded within them acted up.
“Uh? Uuuhh!”
The spores that were stuck on their body quickly sucked up the surrounding moisture and air as they increased their size.
At the same time the powder-form spores that were perfectly suited for flying quickly turned into a sticky liquid form.
The 14 people instantly got covered within the mucus-like liquid and turned into a cocoon shape.
“Eeek! Eeeeek!”
Anderson used every strengthening type skill he had and tried to rip apart the mucus around his body but they were extremely tough and wouldn’t get ripped apart.
Damnit. What is this mana composition… What is this skill?!’
The spore’s elasticity and viscosity wasn’t simply the problem.
The concentration of mana within it was extremely high and the mana composition was very strong as well.
Usually the strength of the mana structure changed depending on the level of the skill but for a skill to have the hardness of this then it needed to be at least three levels above his.
Or have reached the pinnacle of mastery.

Fuck…We’re screwed. He’s at least at the level of the Baladi.’
Anderson sighed.
If he had been given some time then he would be able to break apart these things.
Since the amount wasn’t that great despite the thickness of the mana concentration.
But the problem was the strength of those who will attack him.
One of the parasites that roamed around the Ant Tunnels and sucked up the body fluids of the Gragos.
If there were Margoths up above then Baladis existed under the skin.
Of course the Baladi weren’t as strong as the Margoths but they freely roamed around the Ant Tunnels and enjoyed ambushes so they were quite troublesome.
A strong person at the level of a Baladi meant that person could beat down the Baladi in a one-on-one.
A title that only a few top percent of the 6th years could achieve.
Of course there was a huge range of Baladi levels so differences in strength were made up in there but still the weakest of the Baladi level people were stronger than him.
Death awaits.’
Anderson clenched his eyes but against his expectations, nothing happened.
The moment they opened their eyes the four invaders had disappeared already.
“Godamit! What is this!”
And sounds of things crashing constantly rang out behind them.
Including the entrance of the Ant Tunnel behind the checkpoint.

This is bad.’
If those guys go into the Ant Tunnels then things will become hard.
At that moment a voice came down from above.
“Really lame. You checkpoint defenders… Where did they go? Those guys?”
It was formal speech but was full of contempt.
Anderson made an expression that had a mixture of relief and discomfort from that voice.
The reason why he had made a expression of discomfort was because he didn’t like this guy.
This rapist bastard.’
The reason why he had made an expression of relief was because he was sure that this guy could solve this problem.
“Kale Dawson…”
A strong person of the Baladi level.
Anderson quickly ripped apart the golden mucus as he pointed towards a direction with his chin.


It’s satisfactory for now.’
Hansoo nodded as he saw the effect of the second spore.
He could seal down the movements of 5th and 6th years to a degree.
There wasn’t an effect like the first spore which even burned up mana protections but since this could be covered up with Nurmaha’s Ring, <Power Destruction, it was much more efficient in terms of mana usage.
The first spore just eats up too much mana.’
Hansoo left behind the checkpoint defenders who were struggling with their body as he jumped into the Ant Tunnels.
If one thought that it was a tunnel where only one person could fit in because it was called the Ant Tunnel then that is a huge mistake.
A giant cave entrance that was tens of meters in diameter.
It needed to be at least this much when it had been created by superhumans.

This is bad.’
The reason why Rerorerore had been able to expand so quickly was because they were able to use all their strengths efficiently without wasting anything.
They had only used blades to kill chickens when they were killing chickens and blades for killing cows when they killed cows.
They had been able to increase their power at a super fast pace because they always kept a slight advantage over people and had battled in numerous places at the same time.
The area manager who had heard his report would probably have sent somebody who was just a bit stronger than Sofía.
Then the chances of failure would increase tremendously.
Since the person who he had judged to be useless was extremely strong.
If they had created a tracker team with Sofía into their calculations then they were likely to get destroyed.
He had thought of changing the direction slightly but then he would immediately cross over the 30 minute mark.

The moment Ken gave up and started to raise his hand to point towards a direction a change occurred.
Ken’s finger distorted into a strange direction.
To be precise it wasn’t that Ken’s finger was distorting but rather the space around it.
Ken’s face brightened up after seeing this.
A dimension-type skill.
For them to have such a mastery over a rare dimension-type skill.
Only one person came up to his mind after connecting it Sofía.
Kale Dawson!’
Soon the Ant Tunnels had disappeared and they had been transported into a different location.
The place they had first gotten to when they had come over to the Otherworld.
The space where they were surrounded by rubbles and were next to the train station.
While Hansoo was frowning while looking at this scene, something rose up from the ground and tried to smash onto Hansoo.
Towards Ken who was being held by Hansoo to be precise.
Green Worm.
A beginner mob that could be seen at the bottom of the train station during the tutorial stage before.

But their strengths were not similar.
Hansoo frowned after smashing the charging Green Worm with his hands covered by Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement and feeling it get numb.
A human speech surprisingly came out from the Green Worm’s mouth after it had come out from the ground.
“There’s a limit to how much you can betray. Why would you tell the exact coordinates to the enemy? There’s a limit to being lame.’
Ken made an expression of his soul having been stripped off from Kale Dawson’s voice after almost having his heart penetrated through.
“But you have still done well. I’ve found her thankfully. It’s been a while miss Sofía Vergara.”
Sofía remembered where she had heard that annoying voice and then frowned.

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