Reincarnator – Chapter 104: Body Enhancement Surgery (4)

Hansoo meticulously checked the formation.
Sofía made a slightly surprised expression and Hansoo looked at Sofía with an understanding expression.
It’s a skill that doesn’t appear in the Red Zone.’
Actually it was hard to acquire in the Orange Zone as well.
But it was indeed a very useful skill.
The user would be able to create an environment that is more suited for him since he is the one using the skill.
And as the mastery kept on increasing he would be able to continue to change that environment.
He was basically creating his own zone.
As long as somebody got stuck in it then he would be able to gain an upper hand in the battle.
The attacks in the form of green worms were constantly pouring in.
And the Carnivorous Beast that Hansoo had killed before for the Nurmaha’s Ring was rising up in the distance while making loud noises.
The strongest point of the formation was that the people would only be able to get out if they find the core that is connected to the user.
And they would need to search around for that core, but here there wasn’t a need.
Since the blue marble was located above the destroyed building in the distance as if Kale was showing it off.
Hansoo made a surprised expression.
The fact that he could show the core like that meant that he had some experience with formations.

There’s no need to drag it out.’
The longer one stayed within a Dimension-Type skill the worse it was for them.
If they waste their energy randomly from skills then it’ll only be better for the user.
Hansoo poured strength into the Forked Lightning in his hands.
At the same time he used the <Power Destruction> from Nurmaha’s Ring.
A transparent light surrounded the tip of the Forked Lightning.
Next was pandemic blade.
There was no reason to go easy.
Hansoo poured in the strongest and most vicious spore, the first spore, onto the forked lightning.
A yellowish light covered over the transparent light and shrouded the Forked Lightning.
Lastly, Hansoo strengthened his entire body with the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement and then poured the dark golden light of the reinforcement right over the spear.
A strike that was prepared for a one-shot kill.
If you block this then… You win.’
Hansoo then threw the Forked Lightning towards the core, the blue marble, in the distance.


The Ant Tunnels that towered over tens of meters.
A marble of 1m diameter was floating in the middle of the ant tunnel while radiating red light.
The dimensional structure created from the dimensional skill.
Kale Dawson made a content expression as he looked at the circular red marble.
Sofía. It seems I’ll finally be able to pay back what you’ve done to me.’
He had hurriedly ran into the Orange Zone after losing his left arm after trying to go against her.
And he had struggled intensely in order to get stronger before she came up.
I wouldn’t be able to kill her otherwise.’
Kale Dawson, who had been making a content smile while looking at the marble that shone red light as if it was made of blood, suddenly frowned.
The person inside it had suddenly thrown the spear into the air.
The moment Kale Dawson got surprised, the spear flew through the air and then headed towards the top of the Gangnam building where the core was located on.
And Kale made a content expression again as he saw this.
He fell for it.’
An attack that had all of his strength poured into.
The aura of the spear that was flying was not normal.
If that spear penetrated through the core then it would be dangerous for him too.
Since the blue core inside the dimension and the red core in front of him were connected.
The moment the spear hit the core it will come out from the core in front of him and then hit him.
But that was only if he were to hit.

I don’t know why they all act the same way.’
He had purposely put the core in a place where it could be easily seen.
When he set up the dimension in the past, he would often hide the core with utmost care in case it might get broken if it was hit but he found out that it was more effective to just show the core.
If he hid the core then the people inside will calmly deal with the surrounding attacks but once the core was shown then they will ignore the attacks from around them and only go for the core.
Though that was the trap.
Kale slightly moved the core located above the top of the Gangnam building.
The insides of the dimension trembled slightly due to him moving the core but Kale didn’t care.
Since it was a move for which he had taken into account the durability of the dimension.
A situation where one used all their strengths to prepare an attack and send it towards the core but the core disappearing in front of their eyes.
At that time they will got shocked psychologically and then get swept over by the attacks from around them.
They wouldn’t give up that easily if they knew that there was a limit to moving the core but not many people knew since dimensional skills were quite rare.
Even more so for those who had just come up like them.

Let’s see.’
Kale looked inside the dimension with a happy expression.
Since he wanted to see the expression of that guy’s face once his attacks failed.
But Kale suddenly felt a chill run down his back.
Since the guy who had thrown the spear was laughing.
At that moment the spear that had been thrown started to turn in an impossible angle.
The spear that had turned in a 90 degree angle didn’t slow down a single bit as it started to fly into the depths of the rubble in the distance.
Towards the location he had moved the core to.
Kale quickly changed the environment of the dimension, blocked the trajectory of the spear and then started to pour defensive skills all over himself in reality.
And he also used the special skill of his reinforcement, <Metallic Jade Reinforcement>, to turn his body into a steel-like material.
The spear penetrated through tens of Carnivorous beasts and hundreds of Green Worms as it smashed into the blue marble.
The moment the spear smashed into the extremely hard blue marble, a transparent light shone out from the spear.
Then the core rippled as it swallowed the golden spear.
As if it couldn’t handle it anymore.
And the golden spear that the blue marble had swallowed came out from the red marble in reality as it flew towards Kale Dawson.
Towards his heart to be precise.
Kale Dawson hurriedly grasped the spear that was flying towards his body by activating <Antal’s Claw>.
The transparent light had disappeared but the power of the spear was tremendous.
Kale Dawson clenched his teeth as his reinforcement got shredded apart by the dark golden reinforcement.

But… I survived it.’
The spear that had charged towards him started to lose its strength.
At that moment the yellow energy surrounding the spear spread out into the air.
Kale Dawson smirked as he saw this.
His Metallic Jade Reinforcement had a tremendous amount of resistance against poison.
Since he was basically turning his entire body into steel.
But Kale could only stop laughing.
Since tremendous amounts of pain started to pour in from all over his body.
Some yellow things started to gnaw into Kale’s body as it sent in a burning-like pain all over his body.
The spear that had smashed into him lost its strength and got dropped to the ground but Kale couldn’t even care about this as he screamed while he rolled around on the ground.
At that moment he saw the hands of a person picking up the spear that had dropped next to him.
Kale woke up despite struggling in pain when he saw this.
This is bad.’
There was no way Sofía would let him live if this continued.
No. It’ll be worse if she let me live.’
Kale, who had understood that the situation was dangerous, used both his Metallic Jade Reinforcement and the dimensional skill as he used his most powerful skill.
A reddish gold-like metal box surrounded Kale Dawson in an instant.

<Crimson Metal Dimension>.
The user himself wouldn’t be able to do anything either but it was Kale’s last resort that had tremendous amounts of defense.
The reason why Kale Dawson didn’t use this from the start was because it wasn’t really effective.
If he used this then he wouldn’t be able to do anything for 30 minutes.
But a person who forced him to use this could easily break through it in 30 minutes.
But… These guys are aiming for things unknown to them.’
Kale Dawson hurriedly shouted as he thought that he had bought time.
“Wait! You aren’t thinking of killing me right? You you know who I am? They would have sent down more people from the Rerorerore clan already! You should run!”
Hansoo smirked inwardly from those words.
No way.’
Those guys were famous for not going overboard.
He didn’t know the identity of the guy in front of him but if they had sent a guy of this level to kill Sofía then they have done enough.
They would not send additional members.
Sofía’s expression turned white at that moment.
Since her trait, Library, was ringing out warning alarms.
Hansoo and the person in front of her were both strong.
But the person coming right now couldn’t even be compared.
“Damnit. It’s real. Something’s coming.”
No way.’
But there was also no way that Sofía’s trait could be wrong.
Hansoo squinted his eyes and focused after hearing Sofía’s words but he couldn’t catch anything in his senses.
Which means that something was approaching from outside his range.

…I wish I had a long range perception skill or two.’
Even if he were to increase his perceptions with the Demonic Dragon’s reinforcement, it would still not be able to compare to long range perception skills.
There are a lot of skills I need to fill up.’
One needed a strong attack skill, a defensive skill and a perception skill.
But he wasn’t in a rush.
Hansoo sharpened his perception even more.
In order to read the airwaves coming off from the existence rather than the existence itself.
You can hide aura or force waves.
But you can’t hide the ripples in air that were caused by the shape moving through it.
A result which he had found out after countless battles.
At that moment Hansoo felt slight ripples within the air.
After calculating the speed, aura and the distance of the existence closing upon them, Hansoo made a helpless expression as he looked at the person in front him.
It’s a Margoth level. Is this guy that important?’
Baladi Level.
And then the Margoth Level which existed above that.
An extremely strong person who could beat down a Margoth in a one versus one situation.
…There shouldn’t be many of them within the Rerorerore clan. This guy. I thought he was just some useless guy.’
He didn’t know what had happened in the 2 years this guy was separated from Sofía but if a Margoth level was running over then that meant that this guy was somebody really important.
There’s no time.’
He could probably get through the defensive skill in front of him.
It would take about 1 minute.
But then he would clash with the person charging towards them.

I can’t win yet.’
A Margoth level would be hard to deal with even after his Racial Metamorphosis.
No, he had a higher chance of losing.
Only those who are extremely lucky and have a huge amount of talent reach the Margoth Level.
Like Kangtae or Keldian.
It was the same as winning the lottery but there were always people who won it.
People who resided at the top of the Orange Zone which consisted of hundreds of millions of people.
“We have to get…”
At that moment he frowned at the countless amounts of Rerorerore clansmen who were getting caught within his senses.
At this rate he would get caught.
At that time a red carrier pigeon flew in from the distance.
<This way! Run this way!>
Hansoo frowned at the sudden carrier pigeon that flew in from somewhere within the ant tunnels.
And then asked Sofía.
“Is it okay to follow this?”
He asked her to figure out if it was a trap or a safe route.
Sofía touched the red carrier pigeon and then nodded.
Her trait was telling her to follow this carrier pigeon.
At that time Hansoo and Sofía held onto Ken and Tekilon as they quickly moved their body towards the location the red carrier pigeon was telling them to.

Kale Dawson made a surprised expression after seeing this and then laughed out loudly.
“Uwaahahaha! Did you really fall for that? That’s some next level stupid!”
He had gambled that last part as a last resort but for them to believe him and actually run away.
Kale Dawson laughed, grinded his teeth and then told himself he would get revenge next time.
I’ll get you for sure next time.’
They were strong but if he gathered around two more people his level then they would be able to win.
Kale Dawson, who had added another person to his blacklist other than Sofía, looked at the Crimson Metal Dimension surrounding him and made a content smile.
I guess this is still helpful.’
It was a skill which he called the stupid box because it only had a high defense, it didn’t allow one to run and also reduced one’s perception within it but for it to save his life like this.
But Kale Dawson suddenly felt something weird after laughing for a while.
The Rerorerore clansmen who had gathered in order to catch the intruder had started to run away in all directions.
Kale Dawson was flabbergasted as he looked towards the direction the ones running away were looking at.
And then his expression turned around 180 degrees as he looked up into the sky.
“Uwa.. Uwaaaa….”
Kale Dawson started to subconsciously smash onto the red colored wall surrounding him.
But of course that didn’t do anything to the Crimson Metallic Dimension.

At that moment something landed in front of Kale Dawson like a missile.
Kale Dawson tried to stick out his tongue and bite it off after seeing the person who had walked out from the dust cloud.
Since it was better to just suicide.
At that time the person who had landed struck their hand out like lightning.
The Crimson Metallic Dimension that even Hansoo had given up on and ran away from broke apart like glass.
Kale Dawson trembled in fear as his chin was grasped even before he could bite down onto his tongue.
Then the female, Enbi Arin, looked at Kale and mumbled with a calm expression.
“I’ve heard well of what you’ve done to my younger sibling.”
Kale Dawson wanted to shout out.
That he wouldn’t have done it if he knew that it was her sibling.
Enbi Arin looked at Kale Dawson who was covered in germs and then clicked her tongue.
“Let’s see. Why are you so hurt. There’s a lot to do, let’s heal you up and start afterwards.”
Kale Dawson realized the moment he saw the soft healing light on Enbi Arin’s left hand.
That he would not be able to die easily.
Kale made an expression of despair.

Hmm. Something’s bugging me.’
Hansoo had a nagging feeling while following the carrier pigeon throughout the complex ant tunnels but shook it off by shaking his head.
Since the person who had sent the carrier pigeon appeared in front of his eyes.
…They don’t look hostile.’
“Who are you guys?”
Hansoo looked at the 3 males and 3 females who were hiding in the corner of the extremely complex ant tunnels.
At that time the man who was standing in the front pointed towards Ken within Hansoo’s hands as he spoke.
“Give us that guy.”
Hansoo squinted his eyes as he heard the man’s words that told him to let go of his guide.

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