Reincarnator – Chapter 109: Akaron (4)

Hansoo, who had his body submerged in a silver liquid, felt the change coming through the liquids as he praised it.
The silvery metal was changing his entire body step by step.
The metal filled up the holes in the bones as it changed them.
At the same time the silvery liquid which had gone out through the walls of the arteries and veins rotated around his body as it started to change up his entire body.
The muscle which was made of protein started to get replaced by metals.
Hansoo poured strength onto his fist as he saw his biceps turn into an artificial muscle of a robot.
He felt a strength which he would only feel after collecting many more runes and reinforcing himself with mana.
Taruhol, the first pillar, spoke with a huge voice as he saw Hansoo.
“Huhuu. It’s good right? You’ll become a nice opponent after you come out from there. Let’s have a go at it after.”
The liquid shut out most perception from the outside.
But Taruhol’s shout which was filled with a crushing aura was so loud to the point where it could be heard from the inside.
Hansoo smiled faintly at Taruhol’s shouting as he opened and closed his mouth,
Alright. But only after I do what I need to.’
Hansoo felt the currents roaring up and down his body as he quietly closed his eyes.


Mirian looked at the red gem they had hidden deep within their living quarters with a complex expression but then quickly hid it as she felt someone nearing them.
<This is something that goes very well along with the body of a human. Make sure you take good care of it since it was extremely hard to make it.>
Mirian remembered the words they had left behind as she made herself more resolute.
Soon Ailen appeared and then spoke to them.
“Living. Is it okay?”
Tares made a complex expression as he replied.
“It’s good. Anyways, is your body alright?”
Ailen nodded as she spoke.
“Thank you. Once you get strong. Blessing. I will make them. Debt. Must repay.”
Tares felt like his chest was being stabbed apart but he stayed resolute.
The priestess who seemed like their boss seemed to hate them extremely.
No, it seemed like she despised all humans.
They wouldn’t be able to flip the Priestess’s decision even if Ailen were to be on their side.
In the end… You can’t do anything without strength.’
Tares made a bitter expression.
He wanted to go past the differences in races but this was not something that could be done by himself.
It didn’t matter since Hansoo seemed to be of importance to them but people like them were useless to the Priestess.
If the priestess decided to keep their mouths shut then they will end their lives in this place without being able to leave.

Yeah. The only thing we can trust… is humans.’
And they had said it too.
That they won’t kill.
<All we want is the secret to the body enhancement. It doesn’t matter what their race is. We just need to chase them off.>
‘…These guys will run away too.’
The things here were strong.
Since one could see just from the five next to the Priestess.
But their numbers were too small and it seemed like the people who could actually fight seemed to be limited, on the other hand the people who would be invading are people who had gotten strong over 5 to 6 years while murdering like it was their job.
Just from the fact that the Akarons didn’t act around in the Gragos showed which side had more strength.
If they sense the difference in strength then they will run away.
During this time when Tares and the others were comforting themselves.
A huge shockwave was heard as it shook the entire cave
They’re here.’
Tares and the other people followed the surprised Ailen as they looked at the celing.
And they could see.
The scene of the ceiling, where countless gems were embedded like stars, falling down.
And thousands of people started to pour down from that spot.
“You guys…”
Tares and the others attacked Ailen from behind and got her unconscious when she tried to look behind her.
Since the Akarons would definitely figure out who had caused this.
They needed to join up with the people up there before that.
They didn’t kill off Ailen as they left her unconscious and started to run towards them.


“What is it!”
Oteon shouted towards the suddenly exploded ceiling.
Taruhol and the four quickly checked upon the situation at those words.
Their extremely honed perception started to gather up the information from all around the cave.
But this current situation wasn’t hard to figure out even without amazing perceptions.
They’re pouring in like crazy.’
The first pillar, Taruhol, clenched his teeth.
The people he sensed were easily over 3000.
The problem was that they didn’t have anyone useless.
…There’s at least four or more people who are at our level.’
“Those bastard! To hit us from the back! I’m going to rip these guys apart!”
The fourth pillar cried out loudly.
Their cave, which hadn’t been found out yet, had been found out.
The moment the humans came in.
The four pillar’s movements of running up to the temple to rip the two humans receiving the body enhancement surgery had been blocked by Taruhol’s suppression.
“Stop. Why would they ask for the surgery if they weren’t retards in such a situation?”
“It’s the other ones.”
The fourth pillar growled and then looked towards Oteon and asked.
“Priestess. What are you going to do?”
Oteon made a cold expression from those words.
“We need to escape. Please buy some time with the high and mid level warriors. I will try to get the seeds, escape this place and prepare for the movement.”
“…We shall.”

The strong had the responsibility to protect their race and the priestess in times of danger.
And the priestess had the responsibility to lead their clan and sustain their survival.
The moment they started to move after finishing off their strategy, the walls of the cave started to petrify.
Though it was called a cave, it was still the insides of the Gragos.
Oteon’s expression hardened up as she saw the emergency exit he wanted to escape through the currents in it turned into rocks.
“What is this…”
Oteon clenched her teeth as she saw the yellow metal, <Nadium>, that the people dropping down were throwing.
One of the four substances that could influence the Gragos.
The moment the flesh of the Gragos touched that metal, the flesh would instantly petrify and turn stiff.
The Defensive Stones were rushing over from all around but they couldn’t come in as if it was hard to get through the petrified walls.
“…They prepared well huh.”
Taruhol froze his expression as he saw the four people slowly walking towards them from the distance.


Well. There’s no need to rush since we trapped them in.’
“We’ll take care of the ones over there! You guys go get the children first!”
One of the four Margoth-level adventurers smiled at Tares as he shouted towards the Baladi levels behind him.
“Hooo. Thank you. It’s all thanks to you. I’ll make sure I keep the promise.”
But Tares’ expression hardened as he heard the conversation.
The story was different.
“Didn’t you say you’ll let them run away! Why are you going this far! Isn’t this too much?”
Tares clenched his teeth.
Isn’t it enough to ask them with a few hostages for the body enhancement surgery?
Why were they pushing them to the corner and taking all the younger ones as hostage?
The man shrugged his shoulders.
“Sorry. I lied a bit since your personality wouldn’t allow us to do so. It’s too wasteful to kill them or let them run away.”
There was an Akaron warrior that they had caught before.
The Akaron warrior that they had around gave them information the moment they threatened the kids.
They couldn’t find out the location of the Temple due to the limitations but they learned about their race’s specialty.
The greatest catch was the fact that they cherished children extremely.
This was why they went for the children first.
Which means we can get these guys to fight instead of us.’
The man, who had been frowning at the crazy people of the Rerorerore clan, smiled as he looked at the beast-like man from the other race in the distance.
If they were to get these 5 in the front then they could grind apart the Rerorerore clan no matter what.
It didn’t matter even if they ignored the children and attacked them.
Since the fact that they had found the location of the Body Enhancement surgery alone was amazing.

As Tares made a dumbfounded expression of despair the female standing next to the man growled at him.
“You bastard. Why are you acting as if you’re the only kind person? You think we’re doing this because we want to?”
“A lion might seem invincible to a fox like you but it’s tiring for us too. You think you are the only one who has worries?”
No, the lions even have to keep their pride unlike the foxes.
So it was even harder.
“Actually we get scared every time we see it. Your gathering thing.”
“Look. You get rid of the strong people whenever you get the chance. We’re at least a different race. You bastards. Isn’t was you’re doing a racial cleansing?”
It was scary but there was a reason why the strong allowed the gatherings.
It was a stimulant.
If one gets strong and leisurely they will get lazy.
This was why they allowed gatherings in order for them to constantly polish and sharpen themselves.
While seeing the end of those who had lazed about below.
The female, who had gotten worked up from the sensation of battle, shook her head as she spoke towards Tares.
“I’ve gotten too worked up. Sorry. Just go hide in the corner until we finish.”
Though she spoke like this, the battle wouldn’t be easy.
But we will still win…’

The female got rid of her nervousness as she shouted loudly towards the 5 Akarons in the distance.
“Where are you trying to run off too? We’ve prepared quite well for you.”
Then the female spun around the necklace in her hand.
Taruhol’s expression froze up as he saw this.
The necklace of Kalum, a warrior who had gone missing while going out for a patrol 6 months ago.
And a few of them were purposely turning around and aiming for the children.
“These bastards!”
The moment the 5 pillars took a step forward, brilliant lights of skills exploded out from the female and the other four.
At the same time the countless amounts of Akarons and and clansmen started following the example of their leaders.
“Wipe them out!”
A crazy scene of massacre started.
The Akarons showed a tremendous battle prowess while fighting desperately in order to save their race and the humans forgot the idea of keeping them alive to use them as soldiers and instead also fought with all their strength.
It might’ve been different if one side was stronger but the injuries on both sides started to pile up quickly as the total strength of both sides were quite similar.
But it was clear as to which side was winning.
The physique of Akraons were basically like monsters but they had weak offensive powers.
Like only having a close ranged tanker in a game.
They were slowly getting pushed back by the humans who were assaulting them with various skills from a distance.
And the Akarons also had a fatal weakness, the children.
This… This isn’t how it should be.’
Tares made an expression of his soul escaping while looking at the massacre in front of him.
This was not what he had imagined.
Tares, who had been staring at the battlefield in a daze, clenched his teeth and started to madly rush somewhere.


Tares looked at the giant empty tower-like temple for a bit and then ran inside.
He then looked towards the giant silver tank on the insides of the temple and shouted.
“Hansoo! Please! We need you!”
Tares had reached the point where he couldn’t even understand himself.
The powers of those who had come in was something not a single person could change.
It would be hard to flip the tables even if Hansoo were to come out.
But the moment he thought of helping the Akarons, Hansoo came into his mind.
This was why he had ran here.
Tares slammed his fists onto the calm silvery tank as he shouted.
“Please! Please!”
But the tank only did what it was supposed to and stayed calm, nothing changed.
Tares made an expression of despair after smashing the wall as much as he could and then crumpled onto the sot.
Yeah. There’s no reason why he would come out.’
Hansoo could just stand on the side of the humans.
Why would be become the enemy of the humans.
At that moment the silver tank started to bubble as a human shape came up from it.
Tares looked at the man who had come up with an expression of disbelief and then shouted out in glee.
“You came out!”

Tares flinched the moment he saw Hansoo.
Though Hansoo had been strong before his body wasn’t top notch.
Since one’s body didn’t get stronger even if one worked out in this world.
Which meant that his body was that of a normal human being just like when he had come into this world.
No, it was worse than a normal human’s.
Since he was extremely scrawny.
But the Hansoo who had come out was completely different.
His height reached over 2m and his body was full of muscles that seemed like they would explode.
The moment Tares froze from the intense aura, Hansoo focused his perception to check the battlefield and then sighed.
There aren’t any calm ones left anymore’
“I’m going ahead.”
Hansoo, who had taken the gear which was next to the tank, started to run towards the battlefield at a speed which couldn’t even be compared to before.
Boom! Boom!
Tares looked at the ground which seemed like it went through an earthquake in a daze and then started to run towards the battlefield as if he thought of something.

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