Reincarnator – Chapter 110: Akaron (5)

Dumbass. To call humans in here.’
Hansoo prioritized things quickly as he looked over the battlefield and calculated what he had heard from Tares.
First save the children which the Priestess should be protecting then save the others as much as I can.’
The other Akarons were different but he had to save the priestess no matter what.
Since only then would the priestess be able to use her holy power.
Then the children she was protecting.
Only if the children were alive would the Akarons stay hopeful and help him.
But sadly the five pillars and the Akaron warriors were quite low on the priority list.
But… I trust them.’
He didn’t think that such strong guys would die that easily.
And keeping them alive would only make things easier for him in the future.
Since his job will become easier the more of the strong warriors survived.
Though an incident blew up… It won’t be that bad if we hide this current problem.’
Actually, it wasn’t that bad in one perspective.
There is a saying which says that danger is a chance.
A debt shines brighter in times of danger.
If he were to finish this problem well?
Then he would be able to get the Akarons heavily indebted to him.
Since the fact that he risked his life and helped the Akarons when they fought against humans could only bring him benefits.
And moreover while coming out mid-surgery.’
Hansoo frowned at the silver liquid that was rolling around from within his body.

He had succeeded in absorbing all of the liquid.
But the problem was attaching it.
The liquid metal which he had absorbed needed to be attached onto every corner of his body but was instead just sloshing around his body.
And his body had judged the liquid metal as an enemy and had activated the defense system and was attacking the liquid metal.
I understand now why they told me not to come out in the middle…Hnng.’
Hansoo frowned at the pain that shook his consciousness.
Hansoo calculated what he had lost and gained.
He had gained an extremely powerful body.
The pain was alright but he had definitely obtained a power up that he had as a goal.
He could now go against the first pillar, Taruhol, or the unknown Margoth-level person who had flown to them while he was killing Kale Dawson.
No, he was a bit above them actually.
The thing he had lost was a bit of battle prowess from the intense amount of pain.
There was a limit to what one can withstand with just sheer will.
If it was somebody other than Hansoo then they would be rolling around the floor in pain the moment they came out.
The bit of advantage he would’ve had had been cut down by the pain.
I would be even-matched if I fought with Taruhol.’
Hansoo hadn’t come out from the liquid tank without calculating anything.
Since there was a method of getting rid of this side effect in Elkadion’s memory crystal.
But the pain was one thing, there was another problem.
If I use the Racial Metamorphosis then the burden on my body will get bigger instead.’
He had to solve this battle without the Racial Metamorphosis.
‘I should do as much as I can.’
Frankly, he would’ve received everything he needed to once he saved the Priestess.
…Anyways, how should I deal with the guys who invaded?’
Hansoo found the priestess who was heading somewhere with the children and quickly rushed up to her.


<Don’t kill and instead try to capture! But kill a few as an example so they don’t notice.>
Bart Rien, one of the shock troopers from the Crown Clan, nodded as he received the carrier pigeon.
If these guys found out that they weren’t going to kill them then they’ll fight with their lives on the line.
That’ll become troublesome.’
Bart Rien shook his head as he looked at the children who were being escorted away.
They reached 2m tall even if they were children.
A healthy man’s height.
It seems god is really unfair.’
If they didn’t have the runes, skills or artifacts then it wouldn’t even be a fight.
Should I be thankful to the fairies or something? Since they opened a path for us to get strong.’
But Bart Rien quickly receded his thoughts.
To thank those bastards who had thrown them into this damnable land.
Damn… I’m getting pissed off. I should finish this up quickly.’
Bart Rien then looked at the Akaron in the distance.
Though she had thrown away everything that would tell that she was a high ranker, a strange aura was coming off from her.
It was seen that she was a special person with just a simple glance.
Is that the priestess? I guess it’s all over once we catch her.’

Bart Rien raised his reinforcement and cut off the arm of one of the Akaron warriors in front of him.
Though that guy was strong he was far from dealing with himself, a Baladi level.
Bart Rien was just about to charge at the priestess after freezing up the warrior’s whole body and kicking him away.
At that moment he felt all of the hairs on his back stand up.
Something was approaching from behind him.
Without even hiding its aura a single bit.
Everyone who had felt this stopped charging and instinctively wrapped themselves in skills as they escaped outwards.
Since it was that vicious.
These retards!’
Bart Rien swallowed down the curses that came up to his throat.
Since he understood.
He was barely holding on since he was a Baladi level, if he was at their level then he would’ve ran away instantly too.
Bart Rien rolled his head at the same time.
It’s too late to run.’
The ones who came here who had enmity against them were only Akarons.
It was too late to run anyway.
He needed a hostage.
Someone important.

That one.’
Bart Rien started to madly rush towards the Priestess in between the childrens in the distance.
Though the aura was vicious, there was quite a distance between the unknown Akaron and the holder of the aura.
It would be his win if he caught the Priestess as a hostage before that.
I won!’
Bart Rien’s thoughts ended right there as he arrived in front of the Priestess.
Something flew in from the distance, punctured through Bart Rien’s stomach and this caused Bart to lose consciousness and slam into a corner in the distance.
At that time a green spore that came with the spear exploded out as it spread all around.
The Crown clansmen who had smelled the spore couldn’t handle the smell as they swirled around a bit and then fell down.
‘The sleep spores work well too.’
Though it wasn’t easy to get them down, this result was possible because the strong ones had already run away and the weaker ones had already been exhausted from the resistance of the Akaron.
Hansoo, after seeing the effects of the green spore that he had used in the jail to free Ailen, landed on the ground.
The Priestess looked at the suddenly appeared Hansoo with an expression of disbelief.
“Two days haven’t…”
“Don’t talk about it, it feels like I’m about to die.”
Oteon looked at Hansoo, who was cracking various parts of his body, with a surprised expression and then spoke out after a moment of thinking.
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart first of all. It seems like we will be able to have a good relationship from now on.”

She couldn’t figure out Hansoo’s real intentions just from this.
But this was the perfect chance to use them or take them.
There was no reason to help them.
I would need to repay this debt no matter what.’
But the situation wasn’t going to change just because Hansoo appeared.
Since their warriors were being sacrificed all around them even if this place was solved.
“Can you solve this problem completely?”
Hansoo pondered for a moment and then shook his head.
“That’s a bit too much.”
Margoth levels weren’t invincible.
Though it seemed like the problem here had been solved easily, the other side would have found out about him and act accordingly.
Their side had more power overall.
Well there’s a reason why I came to save these guys at least.’
Hansoo focused his Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement and then smashed the petrified flesh of the Gragos that was blocking the emergency exit.
A huge hole opened up as the path to the emergency exit the Akarons had prepared opened up.
Hansoo pointed to the hole as he spoke.
“Run. I will try to solve as much as I can here.”
The Priestess had to live no matter what.
He would be able to fight at ease if this Akaron were to go away.
But the Priestess didn’t leave as she looked at the people laying around in the distance and then spoke.
“How about this. Help us a bit more. On the other hand… I will create soldiers for you.”
While Hansoo was frowning at the unexpected outcome, the Priestess started to pour something into the unconscious people’s mouths.


The four Margoth-level people the Crown clan had dispatched for this mission.
One of them, Bali Roper, shouted out from the attack the Akaron smashed at him.
Since the force could be felt through his bones despite the high quality defensive artifacts one could only obtain at the <Horn Forest> and various other defensive skills.
They’re really strong.’
Roper swirled his tongue around.
A super strong body.
They were strong even without skills and artifacts.
If Baladi level guys had gone up against them then their bodies would have been ripped apart.
This made it more joyous for him.
We can now get that strength.’
Actually victory was slowly being wrestled towards them.
Though the other side had one more person, those guys were just strong tankers compared to themselves who combined various kinds of skills.
And one more thing.
They just needed to sustain this.
The ones who were restless were the ones in front of them.
Hurry and catch them.’
Once the people they had sent catched the young ones then their victory would be guaranteed.
He didn’t know about the guys in front of his eyes but there will definitely be ones who give up.

But Roper felt something weird after a long while of clashing against the five pillars and buying time.
It’s taking too long.’
And there wasn’t any communication from the ones whom he had sent.
Though he thought it was because they were in a dire situation but it took too much time for that.
At that moment.
A huge warning rang through Bali Roper’s head.
A feeling similar to the past when he had gone into the Margoth’s Forest without knowing anything and almost had his body bit apart in two.
Bali Roper instantly used the skill he had the most pride in, <Gravitational Orb>.
A small black marble appeared in front of Bali Roper and started to suck in everything around him.
A skill which was related to the dimensional skill he had obtained, a small black hole formed using gravitational waves.
Of course it was a bit inferior in comparison to a real black hole but its might was not to be trifled with.
“Dumbass! Roper! What are you doing!”
Everything around them was getting sucked towards the Gravitational Orb.
Even their Crown clansmen and the skills that were flying towards the Akaron.
Damnit. Did those guys not figure it out yet?!’
There was a reason why he didn’t use this skill.
This skill destroyed teamplay too much and didn’t work well against the Akaron in front of him who were heavy and large.
And the Akarons were actually standing firm with their legs down in the earth.
A huge area of effect skill.
But this wasn’t the time to worry about such things.
Since the warnings inside his head were too strong for that.

At that moment.
A golden line flew in from the distance and curved as it smashed onto the Gravitational Orb.
The black marble had successfully blocked the golden line but gained cracks as a consequence and blew away all the energy it had been absorbing.
Bali Roper’s expression froze up as he barely escaped the range of the explosion.
There was still a guy like this left?’
There was no way.
Why would they have saved such a guy until now?
At that moment the owner of the golden spear ran up to them and landed.
“…A human?”
Roper made a helpless expression.
He knew about every Margoth-level adventurers.
Though the Orange Zone was large, there were barely 20 Margoth-level fighters.
But he had never even seen or heard of a guy like that.
At that time somebody ambushed the Crown clansmen who were setting up the formation below.
“This crazy bastards! Why are you attacking us!”
“Hey! Bart Rien! I’m Cole, it’s me Cole! Are you crazy?”

Roper saw the third force that was charging into their lines and then frowned.
Those guys are our clansmen?’
The ones whom he had sent had gone crazy and were attacking them instead.
And were integrated in the lines of the Akarons.
Their movements didn’t look normal either.
‘…What did they do?’
While countless unexplainable things were going on one after another, the one who had flown in suddenly spoke.
“Let’s end this. Since there’s a lot of things we need to do.”
Hansoo thought of the final words of the Priestess, Oteon.
<Just leave them breathing after dealing with them. Then I will turn them into your army. This is the repayment for saving us>.
He wondered what it was since it wasn’t in Elkadion’s memory crystal but it seemed like it had been created after Elkadion left.
It didn’t sound that wicked and didn’t seem like it’ll ruin his image.
Though there were a lot of limits, it seemed very useful for the moment.
But Hansoo shook his head at the added words of the Priestess.
<I will convert everyone else into your army but… Those six bastards. Not those six bastards. Those bastards… Will be sacrificed on the flaming altar.>.
Hansoo didn’t really have anything against Tares.
Since they probably acted in order to survive.
But it would be different in the Akaron’s perspectives.
Since all of this damage was due to them.
Even if it was an act of survival without any evil intentions… If that action brought resentment into the world then one needs to prepare to shoulder the consequences.’
If it was the flaming altar then there was only one solution for them to survive.
They had to solve it on their own.

Hansoo finished his thoughts and then looked at the four in front of them.
Organize this place… And then solve the Gragos problem.’
Bali Roper grinded his teeth as he looked at Hansoo.
The situation will change completely because of this.
“This damned bastard… A human sticks with the Akaron?”
Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.
“When were us humans that close to each other? Don’t worry, we’ll get close to each other pretty soon enough.”
“What the hell are you saying!”
The four started to throw skills at Hansoo after hearing the strange words while Hansoo just shrugged his shoulders, retreated behind the five pillars and placed himself in a safe spot.
It’s really comfortable when there are tankers.’
Hansoo gathered up all the mana in his body, including the portion he used for defense, as he started to pour it into the Pandemic Blade, latched it onto the Forked Lightning and threw it out.

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