Reincarnator – Chapter 112: Gragos (2)

Gwanje smiled as he looked at the scene happening in front of him.
It’s almost complete.’
Soon he will be able to fulfill his objective.
Then nobody would be able to stand above him.
Good good. Very good.’
Gwanje, who had been checking the numerous carrier pigeons flying in from all around, saw one of them as he smiled and spoke to Jongsang standing next to him.
“The Seven Departed Souls aren’t really befitting of their title huh. Mister.”
“Mmm? Did something happen?”
Gwanje explained the details of the carrier pigeon.
“Following an unknown power who infiltrated the central area. Four of them seem to be part of the Seven Departed Souls… Is what’s written here.”
“How is that not befitting of their title? It’s actually quite amazing. They ransacked your central area and ran away.”
The central area, where their plans were setting out, had 4 of the 7 Margoth levels of the Rerorerore clan in order to protect it from the other clans.
But for that central area to be ransacked by the Seven Departed Souls, who hadn’t been in this place for long, was quite a blow to their reputation.
And even more so if they were successfully running around.
Is Arc Mariangt the captain? Well, that one was indeed the strongest. She’s better than me.’
It was much better than just seeing the time pass by while being tied down by that brat from before.
Since it meant that she had gathered a power that was strong enough to charge into the central area.

Gwanje laughed as he spoke.
“Mister. Listen till the end. Apparently the four of them became somebody’s bitches, they’re having it real hard.”
“…Well what can they do. They’re just like me.”
Jongsang shrugged his shoulders.
If they were to charge at them and fight them then what kind of strength would they be able to resist,
They can only get caught.
Gwanje made a frustrated expression.
“Would I be like this if it was like that? The one acting as the captain is also someone who just came up apparently.”
It wasn’t Hansoo.
Since that guy had gone off the grid the moment he came up.
So who could it be?
Jongsang made an expression of disbelief and then asked Gwanje.
“Did that guy receive the body enhancement surgery like you?”
Jongsang looked towards the giant tower-like Gwanje and asked.
Since he couldn’t think of other factors that could make one that strong other than that.
This was the most surprising thing when he saw Gwanje.
A normal Korean guy who was 175 cm tall had become a 2m muscle powerhouse.
He knew then.
That there were strange races other than them in this world and that one would be able to receive the body enhancement surgery if one is lucky.
And Gwanje was the one who had spread the news about the body enhancement surgery as well.
He had saved a few Akarons who were in a deadly crisis and received the body enhancement surgery, this news was a great shock to the humans.

Well. This guy did say that the surgery helped him a lot when he first started gathering up his power.’
The clan was being sustained with complex methods now but the first reason for the creation of the clan was to find the Temple and have everyone receive the body enhancement surgery.
Gwanje rose from the Baladi level to the Margoth level.
Of course this was the reason why many strong people had flocked to Gwanje who showed them the vision and the possibility of this strength.
Well. Though we haven’t been able to find the temple yet… If the plan he has in mind sets off properly then we may really be able to find the Temple.’
Gwanje said he had lost his memory after he made the trip to the temple so he couldn’t remember the location of the temple.
The objective of finding the temple was part of the plan he had in motion right now.
If the plan succeeded then they would be able to find the temple and maybe even kill the Gragos.
But wouldn’t they be able to ask someone who had received the body enhancement surgery after catching him?
Gwanje flinched at Jongsang’s words and then shook his head.
“Don’t know. We’ll figure it out once we catch him Mister. Just wait. We’ll catch him soon. One of the Ursa Major went.”
Some real naming sense…’
Jongsang clicked his tongue.


Boom! Boom!
This rat-like bastard. Why did he have to come into the area I was assigned to.’
One of the Ursa Major of the Rerorerore clan, Gordon, frowned.
Ursa Major.
Though the name was quite corny, they were the seven strongest members of the giant Rerorerore clan who acted as the pillars of the clan.
Of course all of them could kill Margoths.
But Gordon really didn’t like the work he was doing currently.
‘Even though the final achievement is just before my eyes!’
Soon the plan will be finished.
Then the likelihood of him receiving that body enhancement surgery will skyrocket.
Then I will become stronger than that guy.’
The Patriach, Kim Gwanje, was a Margoth level due to the surgery.
But he, Gordon, was a Margoth level without it.
He had stuck beneath him in order to get the surgery.
Though one of the reasons why they had stayed under Gwanje was because Gwanje was quite resourceful but they had all gathered beneath him in order to gain something.
How could such a giant clan be created otherwise?
They stuck around since there was something to suck.
Actually his plan was on a whole another scale and it had been going well so they followed without complaint.
And the time to suck out that sweet fluid was right in front of their eyes but for a few mayflies to disturb them…

Tsk. I have to hurry and get back… But those guys are really cruel.’
Gordon swirled his tongue around as he saw the ones running away.
Sangjin, who had been running away from Gordon, was using the skill he had stolen from Miyamoto, the <Heavenly Window Path>, to run away as he checked the situation.
Though they had quite a large number the only people who were at the Baladi level were Sangjin himself and Arc Mariangt.
The others couldn’t quite get to that point.
So it was a bit hard for them to go against that guy who was a high ranker even out of the Margoth levels.
They could only run.
Sangjin spoke towards Wongyung next to him.
“Throw another one.”
“…You’re really going to hell after you die.”
“What are you saying, this is hell.”
Wongyung clenched his teeth at Sangjin’s orders as he laid down an order using the symbol.
Damn. Becoming a noble father is a no go.’
The moment he gave the order, one of the 150 clansman’s eyes spun around as he charged towards Gordon.
And used the skill, <Limit Breaker>, with an expressionless face.
The speed of the clansman charging at Gordon increased by several fold instantaneously.
Then the clansman blocked Gordon’s road when he had almost reached them and then started to buy time.
“These fucking flies!”
Gordon was enraged at these guys who would normally get flung off by a single kick of his instead just holding down onto his ankles.
This crazy guy! To make everyone who he can control learn the Limit Breaker!’
None of the clan lords would do such a thing.
Who would gather under their clan if such rumors were to be spread?

<Limit Breaker>
It was easy to get and was quite strong even without raising the mastery of it.
It was a skill that only had good points.
But nobody tried to learn this skill.
The moment one activated this skill, they would gain a tremendous amount of strength by burning all the runes they have.
Skills which had masteries around 10% would skyrocket up to 50% and their physique which lost the limit of the brain showed a battle prowess that couldn’t even be compared to that of before.
This was quite good enough to use as a lifesaver.
Since it was better to lose some runes to live instead of dying.
But the problem was that if this skill was used while having great amounts of mastery then they wouldn’t be able to stop it at will.
The mastery would only rise if they use it but if they use it at high mastery levels then they can’t stop it.
Of course once they use it all the runes in their body will be burnt up and eventually it will burn their life as well.
The first thing Sangjin had done after coming up was catching weaklings, teaching them this and then increasing the mastery to the limit of control.
The reason why Sangjin and his crew had been able to come here without Margoth levels and with only Baladi levels was because of this.
Because their underlings ignited their bodies and madly charged against their enemies like suicide soldiers in times of danger under Wongyung’s control.
It was something only used at the right place at the right time but they could only reach this place with 30 sacrifices.
And 20 had already died while they were escaping.

Something strange.
Sangjin was always killing off the clansmen the moment before they died.
The image of him killing them off even while he was running with a skill or a flying dagger was nothing more and nothing less than that of somebody crazy.
Sangjin spoke towards Wongyung who was grinding his teeth endlessly.
“Run well. There’s no time to fight. If we stay here in order to fight then others will get here. This is the best choice.”
“…You bastard.”
“What do you mean, I said let’s get along.”
Sangjin shrugged his shoulders as he replied to Wongyung in a sweet voice.
Though he had spoken leisurely, this was not a leisurely situation.
This was still part of the Rerorerore clan area and they would be charging at them from all around like ants.
They would instantly get surrounded the moment their feet get tied for a moment.
Damnit. When are you coming, when?’
Sangjing gasped for breath as he looked into the sky.


“Let’s go.”
Boom! Boboom!
Hansoo quickly moved his feet as he heard the explosive sounds in the distance.
And Sofía, Tekilon and the Crown clansmen were flying besides Hansoo.
Tekilon made a worried expression.
“…If there are other Akaron tribes then they need to escape before the Gragos spins.”
“Other tribes?”
Tekilon nodded.
“Though they might build only one temple… Other tribes might live inside the Gragos. Since the inside of the Gragos is quite vast.”
From what they had heard from the priestess, their move had been made in a huge hurry.
The process of getting to this cow shaped Gragos which had been next to the White Lion, Lazar, was not a properly prepared move and because of this they had not been able to move united and had instead crossed with their lives on the line.
Though the tribe with the priestess had found the location where a thick amount of essence was flowing and had created a temple but there were probably a few tribes who were hiding in the corners of the Gragos.
Hansoo pondered for a moment and then shook his head,
This isn’t the time for that.’
If his work to stop the Gragos from spinning went well then they would all live anyway.
There wasn’t time for him to find them and deal with them.
Hansoo, who had been reading the mana wave from the carrier pigeon, turned his body and then headed towards a different location from the explosion.

Sofía made a confused expression from those words.
“Where are you going? Weren’t you receiving the guidance of someone?”
She had thought that he was going to aid someone since he was following the carrier pigeon.
Wasn’t he going to save them because that person was in danger?
Hansoo shook his head.
“No, our destination is somewhere else so let’s go.”
The location had been clearly written on the carrier pigeon Sangjin sent.
And an additional word.
<Soon the night will come so steal the things from the empty house while I distract them. I’ll drag them around as much as I can.>
Hansoo laughed as he increased his speed another level.


Wow. I haven’t been able to catch that guy for a whole 40 minutes?’
Gordon was flabbergasted.
For it to be night already.
This meant that his plans of catching this guy, smashing him apart and then returning for a good rest had been broken apart.
At that time he could hear that guy muttering while he was running.
“Hooh. It’s night you bastard.”
The moment Sangjin mumbled ‘I’m suffering this hard for you, you better treat me well…’ quietly, something started to wriggle and climb out of the ground in the shadows.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 1/3.

Those who paid attention in the Red Zone arc should know why Sangjin is happy night came.

I’m starting to wonder where Wongyung’s son is? He should be a 5th year, so in the Orange Zone. Does that mean that it will be hard for Sangjin to control him later on?

I really hope there’s no stupid stuff like Kim Gwanje being that son.

Translator : Ekdud
Proofreader : coyotte508

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