Reincarnator – Chapter 114: Gragos (4)

Bali Roper looked at Gwanje who was personally leading the Margoths to his direction.
It’s been a while. Tsk. Some bad fate.’
Bali Roper thought of the incident in the past.
He had met that guy, his wife and his daughter 4 years ago.
There aren’t many who travel with their family in the Otherworld.
And those who came together in the beginning and had even climbed up to the Orange Zone could be counted on one’s fingers.
It was one of two incidents.
One of the family members was so abnormally strong that they could protect the other members despite them being weak.
Enbi Arin, a powerhouse of the Orange Zone, was like this.
Or that all of the members were decently strong.
Gwanje’s family were the latter.
And because of this they couldn’t win over Bali Roper.
Though Gwanje, his daughter and his wife were quite strong, they were just at the level of those who came up from the Red Zone.
Though Gwanje was almost at the Baladi level, he himself was one of the strongest out of the Baladi levels and these three mediocre ones couldn’t go against him.
He was extremely happy when he first found Gwanje and his family.
One of Bali Roper’s favorite actions was playing around with another family member in front of them.
Finding such a family was like plucking stars from the heavens but for him to bring both his wife and his daughter, how could Bali Roper not be excited?
And as if he’d married early, the fact that his wife was still attractive made him quite happy.

Damn. I should’ve killed him back then.’
Bali Roper frowned.
The place where he had lost him was this place.
Though Bali had caught the daughter, Gwanje had taken his wife and fell into this giant Reflux Organ.
I shouldn’t have killed his daughter as a mean of anger relief back then.’
Who would’ve known that the guy who had come back would’ve become such a monster?
The guy who was barely at the Baladi level came back as a Margoth level.
He then used that strength and the lure and hope of the body enhancement surgery in order to madly increase his influence and power.
Their growth was but instant.
Gwanje seemed like he didn’t care much about managing the clan, he just took people in as long as they were strong.
The reason why they had let in Kale Dawson, who was being chased by Enbi Arin, was a tactic as well.
Since the decision of taking Kale Dawson in while neglecting the possibility of clashing with Enbi Arin was very tempting to those in the Orange Zone who had created enemies everywhere.
In conclusion, all the people who were strong but couldn’t join a clan and receive their protection because they were such a mess of a character had been recruited into the Rerorerore clan.
This was the moment where a group consisting of the worst possible individuals had been created.
The Rerorerore clan, which had instantly caught up to the clan Eres and Keldian had created, the <Cross>, became an object of caution to other clans in a moment.
If he himself hadn’t become stronger, gotten to the Margoth level and hadn’t gone into the Crown Clan who were against the Rerorerore clan quickly expanding and recruiting in strong people then he would’ve been ripped apart.

Tsk. To meet in a place like this.’
Margoths were charging in from all directions.
But there was no need to fight with the Margoths here.
Though Gwanje had brought the Margoths here, they could also just back off.
They might receive some damage while backing off but those who should worry about this were the weaker ones and not himself.
If Hansoo has some sense then he wouldn’t throw me away here either.’
Bali Roper frowned after looking around his surroundings with leisure.
…But wouldn’t be we able to kill that guy this time?’
As he’d been penetrated by the horn upon the Margoth’s head, Bali roper looked at Gwanje who had a giant hole on his side and muttered inwardly.
Actually Gwanje was like fear itself even in Bali Roper’s perspective.
That strength, that tenacity and that resourcefulness.
If such a guy was alive then he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night in peace.
He had to kill the guy who was always looking for a chance to kill him instead no matter what so he had targeted the Akarons.
Since combining the strength of the Akarons along with their clan would mean that they would have the strength to smash apart the Rerorerore clan.
Though everything went to shit… Isn’t this a chance?’
Bali Roper stole a glance at Hansoo.
The best instance would be the guy next to him and Gwanje in the distance all dying together.
At this rate he will eventually be killed under Gwanje’s hands.
Since Gwanje had been slowly getting to him for the past 4 years.
Though he wanted to get to the Yellow Zone but once he tried to do this Gwanje would block his path even if he had to go on a war against him.
It was a crazy act in Bali Roper’s perspective since he had to cross over the Rerorerore clan’s territory in order to get to the portal to the Yellow Zone.
But this is quite worth risking a bit of danger.’
Bali Roper took out and grasped the small necklace that he had saved for an unknown situation after finishing off his thoughts.


Hansoo looked at the guy in the distance while preparing to back off.
It seems like that guy is the leader of the Rerorerore clan. Did he lure them over here himself?’
Kim Gwanje.
Though it seemed like he had received quite a large injury, that injury was healing at a visible pace.
So he received the body enhancement surgery as well. I wasn’t the first huh.’
The Margoth’s eyes were not targeted on Gwanje who had lured them but at Hansoo and his group who were swarming around in the distance.
Margoth Du Capucio.
They were smaller than the giant Margoths with a herbivore’s physique, the Margoth Du Graesios.
Just about 1km.
Since they were a bit weaker than the Graesios, a normal Margoth level adventurer could kill around two of them.
But they were much more dangerous to humans since they had a much worse temper and will kill even if they couldn’t eat them if they felt danger.
Actually around one Margoth level person would get shredded apart after going into their territory without realizing it and get hunted down by their group hunts.
Tsk. To bring 20 of them.’
Though he might be able to beat them with the new power of the Nurmaha’s ring he had obtained on the way up to the Orange Zone and the power of those behind him but the damage will be substantial.
But if he doesn’t bother to plug this place up then there’s no reason to fight.’
Then he didn’t have anything to do with that guy.
Though there wasn’t anything bad about killing him but it’ll be dangerous if they go too far while the Margoths are on a rampage.

Hansoo made the decision to back off here and help the Akarons as he spread the scent behind him and tried to back off.
It doesn’t seem like he brought them here to massacre us anyway.’
Though the Margoths were madly charging at them, there was a limit to how many can come in at a time due to the structure of the ant tunnels.
Though there might be small amounts of damage, they would be able to back off.
Hansoo looked at the Margoth Du Capucios making huge noises as they ran towards the cave that housed the Reflux Organ and gathered mana onto his hands.
At the same time the most fatal pore of the Pandemic Blade started to gather up at the end of Forked Lightning.
Hansoo then used the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement onto the already enhanced body and whipped the spear out.
The Capucio that was charging at them started to shake its head.
The Capucio shook its head from the pain of the skin around its head burning up and then fell, smashed down to the side of the inner walls of the Gragos as if it had become dizzy.
It’s working.’
He hadn’t put in that much mana onto the Pandemic Blade.
The thing he had put more mana into was something else.
Nurmaha’s ring.
The third power after Power Destruction and Hemorrhage.
.<Sense Destruction>
The giant Margoth Du Capucio smashed its head against the wall as if it was feeling extremely stuffy.
No, it even staggered as it crashed onto the other Margoth Du Capucio running next to it.

As he saw the row of Margoth instantly being smashed apart, Bali Roper made an annoyed expression.
That’s really unfair. Where the hell did he get something like that?’
Bali Roper thought of when he had been caught by Hansoo.
It wasn’t that one got blind or turned deaf after getting hit by it.
But it was much more annoying.
Their eyesight which allowed them to see objects that were kilometers away.
It suppressed their perception rune that was the basis of that and even messed with their balance.
And of course such a thing was fatal in a battle where they had to fight madly with all five of the senses being honed on the battle.
The things over there would feel the same thing at this moment.
“What are you doing? Let’s hurry and get out.”
Hansoo spoke as he looked to the side.
It wasn’t that they would turn into half of a retard after getting hit once.
It took more mana the more effective it was and the duration wasn’t that long.
Bali Roper made a sad expression at those words and then shook his necklace a few more times.
Did he not see it?’
This was all he could do since he couldn’t provoke Gwanje openly when Hansoo was looking at him.
Bali Roper looked at Gwanje who was looking at his direction with a glare.


To have to send him off. Hoo…’
Gwanje looked at Bali Roper in the distance with a neutral expression.
Though he wanted to rip that guy apart, he had no way of killing him since he had hidden deep within the Crown Clan.
Though he didn’t know why that guy had come here today but this was a great chance to kill a guy who had climbed up after hiding in the clan for so long.
But Gwanje shook his head.
It’s too much.’
He could probably do it.
But in order to kill that guy he would need to charge in, hold them down and lure the Margoths to crash into them.
The next stage was too important for him to risk so much danger.
Since the guys, who already didn’t listen to him, would be impossible to control if he didn’t exist.
He had to quickly finish off here, regroup with the Ursa Major members he had already sent off and focus on the work at the next location.
Since these guys don’t even listen to the leader that well already.’

Rerorerore clan.
A chaotic clan full of screwed up people.
The pinnacle of this example was the Ursa Major.
The Ursa Major members had only joined under Gwanje for profit.
Of course they wouldn’t participate in such a dangerous work like this.
There was a reason why Gwanje, the clan leader, had to lure the Margoths himself.
Though I wanted to give them a small gift but… Is the guy next to him Hansoo? Damn. It wouldn’t even count as a small gift.’
He thought that he would be able to kill at least a third of them but the Crown clan was safely backing off due to the guy who threw the booming golden spear in the distance.
I’ll let you live a bit longer.’
If things go according to his plan, that guy wouldn’t be able to survive anyway.
The moment Gwanje looked back at Bali Roper with a regretful expression, something got caught in his eyes.
His eyes which had been enhanced to supernatural levels allowed him to identify the thing that was shaking back and forth on his neck.
Gwanje made an expression of despair as he saw this.
Huh… My daughter’s necklace? He had it.’
The necklace which he couldn’t find despite searching for hours from the corpse of his daughter.
At that moment Gwanje felt something snap within his head.


He saw it.’
Bali Roper made a content expression as he saw Gwanje’s expression.
But Roper couldn’t see it because he was focused on Gwanje.
That Hansoo was glaring at him from his back.
I wondered who had sinned against that guy, it was this guy huh.’
Hansoo laughed coldly.

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Regular chapter 2/3.

Twists and turns… Gwanje doesn’t seem like this really bad guy anymore, although he’s causing a lot of trouble for the Akarons who had helped him with the body enhancement surgery before. I wonder how he will end up.

Has anyobody ever thought of starting a Wikia for Reincarnator?

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    And of course such a thing was fatal in a battle where they to fight madly with all five of the senses being honed on the battle.
    And of course such a thing was fatal in a battle where they had to fight madly with all five of the senses being honed on the battle.

    And as if he’d married early, the fact that his wife was still attractive made him quite happy.
    And as he’d married early, the fact that his wife was still attractive made him quite happy.

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