Reincarnator – Chapter 116: Gragos (6)

A man was running through the ant tunnels.
Gwanje finally found his clansmen and the Ursa Major at the Rerorerore clan’s main meeting location after a long run.
Jongsang, who had been waiting there, looked at Gwanje with a worried expression.
“Are you okay brat? How’s your side?”
“What do you mean brat? I’m much stronger than you mister. This body is amazing. Don’t worry around and let’s proceed.”
Jongsang was probably the only person who called him, the clan leader of the 2nd strongest clan in this place, a brat.
Well. We were probably just brats when he rescued us back then.’
Gwanje looked at Jongsang and then clenched his teeth.
Don’t worry mister. The time for me to repay my debt to you has come.’
Jongsang rescued his wife and daughter without much thought.
Such actions probably didn’t excite him or gave him any sort of amusement in the slightest.
But Gwanje had never forgotten about it.
I will take you up with me Mister.’
He didn’t know what that crazy guy who called himself the priest would do.
Since a hint of madness could be seen in his eyes from time to time.
And Gwanje knew what that meant.
His hurt pride, want for revenge and resentment.
The perfect emotions to drive somebody to the extremes.
How would a guy who didn’t even care for the lives of his own race deal with the humans?
He couldn’t leave mister in such a place like this.

Well. Mister will probably argue that he’s being kidnapped but there’s no time to explain all of this thoroughly.’
He had prepared all the runes necessary anyway.
But there’s something I must do before that.’
Gwanje sent messages to the numerous scout teams of the Rerorerore clans who were spread all around and then shouted out to the people nearby.
“Gather up! There are some guys we need to capture first! There are people who are trying to interfere with our final project!”
The eyes of those who had been gathered here shined at those words.
They knew as well.
That the other guys were fighting with the Akarons at the place they were going to go to.
If they catch those guys then they can finish off the work for the Body Enhancement Surgery.
Who would dare to mess up their meal that has been completed already?
Jongsang asked with a confused expression.
“Who are you trying to catch?”
Gwanje shrugged his shoulders.
“Those Crown clansmen. This is the perfect time since they would be weakened.”
“Huh? You’re going to attack them first?”
Jongsang made a confused expression.
Gwanje looked at Jongsang and then smiled bitterly inwards.
Damn. I know, mister.’
There was no real reason to fight them.
But the reason why Gwanje was hurrying was because of the final order of the priest.
<You grouped with your underlings. Good job. Now quickly go catch that Hansoo guy.>
Gwanje grinded his teeth at the voice that resonated throughout his head.
He could indeed win if they fought.
Though they only had 3 Margoth levels and the Crown clan had 5, there was a huge difference between the Margoth levels of the Crown clan and the Ursa Major.
So much that one Ursa Major can go up against two from the Crown Clan.
They might get pushed back by numbers but they would still be in an advantage.
And their forces had been screwed up by the assault of the Margoths.

But it’s still a useless fight.’
There was no need for a head-on collision.
It would be much more simple if they grouped up at the Forest of Horns but why did the priest make such decisions?
There was only one reason.
Gwanje thought of the words the priest had spoken to him.
<I smell a scent on him similar to the method that is used to control you. The people you called the Crown clan are all held captive right now. It seems things will be really easy. Just go and catch him only. For such a useful thing to appear. The divine beast has given me blessings.>
The priest looked extremely delighted as it was talking to him.
Of course he would be.’
Gwanje mumbled.
The priest had long been regretting the fact that he didn’t have enough materials to control more people than himself only.
If he could then Gwanje wouldn’t be the only one under his control.
He would’ve dragged them one by one and turned them into slaves.
How could he not be happy in a situation like this after finding Hansoo?
Well. He would indeed have more of a use than me.’
Though he was strong, he had the Rerorerore clan that even he couldn’t control.
Hansoo could control the giant Crown clan with the scents.
He asked the priest if he couldn’t just use those scents to control the Crown clan but the priest just shook his head.
The scents were the same but the main part was the divine powers of each priest.
It seems that they couldn’t control the divine powers of other priests.

Well. It would really become chaotic if that was possible.’
What would happen if there were numerous owners for a single slave?
From what he saw, it seemed like the priests bickered with each other in the past for such a thing to have been invented.
Gwanje made an unsightly expression as he thought of Hansoo.
Though he himself might get released, he knew what would happen to Hansoo.
It seemed like the priest was going to take out the materials for controlling him and put them into Hansoo but then it was obvious that Hansoo would work even harder than himself.
…It’s not really befitting of the hero that saved the Red zone.’
Gwanje thought of Hansoo who was accomplishing the feats that he himself dreamt of and made a bitter expression.
If Gwanje left Hansoo alive then he might do something amazing in the Orange Zone again and save millions of more people.
I can be a hero too.’
Gwanje chuckled.
If he committed suicide at this moment then he would also become a hero of the Orange Zone.
Since the things that mad priest wanted to do would end and that could cause millions if not tens of millions of people to die.
But Gwanje shook his head.
To him, becoming someone who can protect one person was better than being a hero to tens of millions of people.
He didn’t know in the Red Zone but he realized it now.
Capture him.’

The story was simple.
Use all their forces to catch Hansoo who would be heading to the Forest of Horns in a hurry.
Then it would be game over.
If it was like chess then it would basically be catching the King.
If it was like chess where you only needed to catch the King then it was clear which side had the advantage.
<Hurry. If they have given the body enhancement surgery and the scents to him, a human, they would be extremely close to each other. He would definitely be going to help the Akarons and it would be better to catch him before he groups up with them.>
The priest reminded him again.
Gwanje received the reports from the scouts as he quickly moved.


“…It seems like those guys are heading this way.”
Bali Roper made a grim expression after running for a while.
Though they were the middle of nowhere in the ant tunnels, it was still within the Rerorerore clan’s territory.
There was no way such a large force like theirs would go unnoticed.
They could see countless carrier pigeons flying about around them and the speed at which they were being sent from each location was getting faster.
Which means that they were quickly heading towards them.
Hansoo laughed as he spoke.
“We fight here.”
“…This crazy bastard.”
Bali Roper shouted out in shock.
There wasn’t a high chance of winning if they fought here.
Though they had four Margoth levels their individual strength was much lower than that of the Ursa Major.
The problem was that the ones in danger were only themselves.
This bitch. Is he going to abandon us?’
But Bali Roper shook his head.
No, he wouldn’t throw us away that easily.’
He found out after a bit of observing.
This guy had a goal that he needed to accomplish by using them.
Hansoo himself might live if he runs away in this situation but the chances of him accomplishing that goal would become much much lower.

Did those guys who left earlier go to do something?’
Bali Roper mumbled.
Tekilon and Sofía disappeared with Hansoo for a moment a while ago.
And after that, Tekilon and Sofía were gone, nowhere to be seen.
What could those two guys do?’
Hansoo smiled at that Bali Roper and then threw the scent in all directions.
At that moment all of the Crown clansmen, who had been running at full speed, stopped in place.
While they were shocked, Hansoo laughed as he ran away.
“Stay well.”
“Uh…Uhhh? Hey you crazy bastard!”
The scents prepared their bodies for a battle without their consent and Hansoo laughed at them as he started to run away.


Gwanje flinched momentarily at the carrier pigeons that were flying in.
They want to have go at it?’
Why would they fight if they knew that they were going to lose?
But Gwanje made an extremely bitter expression at the extra carrier pigeons that flew in.
Hansoo had shoved all the Crown clansmen in place and was getting out through the side.
‘I’m a bit disappointed.’
He had thought that Hansoo might’ve acted differently.
But for him to throw away everyone who had been following him, though they were under his control, and run away.
He had asked the scouts who were hiding in the corners of the ant tunnels just in case but Hansoo was indeed running away.
…It’s a huge miscalculation if he thinks that I’ll fight with the remaining guys because of Bali Roper.’
Of course he wanted to rip apart Bali Roper.
But Hansoo sadly didn’t consider the decisive factor.
<What are you doing? Hurry up and catch him! All those guys will become my forces.>
This is the decisive factor. Though he might’ve bought some time.’
Gwanje sighed.
He just needed to catch Hansoo.
Why would they collide in such a situation?

Gwanje sighed and looked at the surroundings as he spoke.
“Only the Ursa Majors will go. The rest of you stay here on standby.”
In a situation like this these guys would only get in the way due to their slow speed.
In an instant the three from the Ursa Major quickly started to head into the ant tunnels.
I’ll catch up to you in just a moment.’
This was their territory.
Catching him would be instant if they went through the shortcuts.
The priest’s mumbles could be heard in his head after a long run.
<You dumbass. You left behind a tail.>
A tail?’
Gwanje thought of something that he had received as a report a while back.
Sofía and a normal-looking guy had escaped somewhere.
Are they… perhaps following my scent from behind?’
But Gwanje shook his head.
Though it wasn’t impossible, following them with just the scent was too hard.
And there was no reason that the priest would leave behind such trails.
So it’s Sofía’s ability huh.’
Sofía’s trait was too famous.
If they followed that then it wouldn’t be impossible.
But Gwanje sighed.
Only two? They’re looking down on the great priest too much.’


The great priest smiled as he looked at the male and female that were approaching him.
I don’t know how you did it but… Amazing.’
The great priest actually worried about such a thing.
Since there were a lot of amazing abilities out of those traits the humans had.
But there was a reason why he didn’t run away.
“Good job getting all the way here. But you can’t think of me as just a priest.”
The Great Priest, Karbana, stood up as the artifacts on his body dangled and clanked against each other.
He wasn’t any priest.
Great Priest.
His body’s abilties were also at its peak.
As he poured strength into his body the surrounding air trembled.
A body that was comparable to the warriors that protected the Temple, the Garde-Barongs.
Dumbasses. Huhu.’
If that Hansoo guy had disappeared then he would’ve prepared for it.
But he had constantly received reports through Gwanje.
It would barely be enough if a Margoth level came but for him to send these guys?’

Sofía shrugged as she looked at the Great Priest who was making a confident expression as she spoke.
“I’m gonna back off now. Oh yeah. Give back the earring. There’s no reason to hide it after you’ve gotten all the way here.”
Tekilon, who had been standing next to Sofía, took off his earring.
“Thank you. I’ll handle it from here. Stand back.”
Suddenly Tekilon’s body started to change.
And the power of the runes that couldn’t be seen due to the suppression got released.
At the same time the powerful aura of mana came out from Hansoo’s body as it started to fill up the priest’s residence.
This is much more easier to catch the King.’
Hansoo loosened up his body and laughed as he looked at the Great Priest who had a shocked expression on him.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 1/3.

So Hansoo got ahold of the Earring of the Seven Siblings. And Kim Gwanje is a good guy!!

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