Reincarnator – Chapter 117: Tiradus (1)

<Get over here quickly! Hurry! The guy called Hansoo is over here!>
Gwanje freaked out at the sudden voice of the priest that resonated throughout his head.
The priest cannot die!’
Actually the priest’s death didn’t really matter much to him but his wife might get swept up in that chaos.
The moment Gwanje was about to move out, a marble that shone with extremely bright light flew through the ant tunnels and into Gwanje and the Ursa Majors.
The marble that traveled over hundreds of meters in an instant tried to smash into Gwanje’s head as he was about to set off.
Gwanje clenched down his teeth and punched towards the Marble.
He was in a rush.
He would’ve ignored most attacks but if he ignored this then his head might fall off.
Gwanje clenched his teeth and looked at the Margoth levels from the Crown clan who were rushing towards him after smashing away the bright marble.
Bali Roper.’
“Damnit! Damnit!!”
Bali Roper was rushing towards him with a extremely scrunched up expression.
Of course the true meaning behind it was not rage but rather closer to fear.
Since he really didn’t want to go against Gwanje.
This damned scent!’
Gwanje’s rage finally exploded out after seeing Bali Roper rushing towards him with the dangling necklace in order to disturb with his work.
“This bastard, until the very end!!!”
Soon Gwanje, who was trying to penetrate through no matter what, and Bali Roper, who was blocking with his life on the line, clashed in the middle of the ant tunnels.


Hansoo mumbled as he looked at the Akaron in front of his eyes after smashing him lightly with the Forked Lightning.
I think I know who it is.’
Elkadion’s memory crystal.
Though he could read Elkadion’s memories, he couldn’t know of every single Akaron that was in there.
And there was also the fact that most Akarons looked similar from a human’s perspective.
But the great priest in front of his eyes, Karbana, had quite a deep impression within the memory crystal.
A bastard who threw all the responsibilities of the Calamity of Death to the patriarch and tried to take over his position during the chaos.
The people didn’t know but the likelihood of the great calamity a year after that having been caused by this guy was very high.
I don’t know what you were trying to do but let me cut you off here.’
Hansoo finished off this thoughts as he pierced with his spear.
The location that the Forked Lightning struck had spores starting to grow on them.
Most of the artifacts on Karbana’s body were destroyed and his body was in a mess.
It seemed like his beast-like instincts still remained whilst his perception was in chaos from the Perception Destruction skill.

The great priest roared as he smashed Hansoo the way his body told him to.
The king’s armor, Thousand Soldiers Armor, made crackling noises as a crack appeared upon it.
At the same time the arm that had been enhanced by the body enhancement surgery creaked.
Hansoo frowned slightly.
The great priest’s battle strength was extremely high.
At the same time the liquid metal inside his body, that hadn’t quite settled, bubbled up from inside his body.
Tsk. I have to hurry and solve this problem as well.’
Hansoo frowned at the pain which felt like his whole body was being skewered.
But it didn’t matter.
While Hansoo was about to slowly pinch down on him, the priest quickly backed off tens of meters as he grasped the unconscious woman.
And then shouted out loudly.
“You’re here! Kill him quickly!”
Did he come already… Though he came alone.’
As Hansoo turned around, he saw Gwanje who was covered in blood from head to toe.
Gwanje, who was panting despite his superhuman body due to having rushed so quickly, looked at the female within the priest’s hands and clenched onto his teeth.
Hansoo looked back and forth between these two people as he nodded.
It seems like she’s a hostage.’

Hansoo looked at the priest and then nodded.
One couldn’t give out detailed orders with the scent.
And how hard one worked in order to fulfill the order was still in the control of the one being controlled.
Well. At least the hostage will make him work hard.’
And as Hansoo guessed, Gwanje clenched onto his teeth and charged towards him as the priest laughed coldly towards that Gwanje and then sighed.
Good. The scents work well but it’s a bit problematic.’
He needed to spread the scent again in order to change the orders of telling him to rush here to killing Hansoo but there was no time.
Using a hostage was much quicker.
Keep fighting. Kuhuu.’
It seemed like Gwanje had been injured slightly but that didn’t matter.
Since slaves existed for their owners in the first place.
Since he just needed to change the orders while he fought, rest up and then join with him later.
While the priest was laughing coldly, Hansoo took a glance at Gwanje who was rushing up to him and just ignored him.
And then he gathered up all the strength in his body and struck the spear towards the heart of the priest.

Gwanje, who was charging at Hansoo, freaked out as he screamed.
His wife would die before the priest at this rate.
But Hansoo’s thoughts were quite laid back.
Since he knew that the priest had no room for leisure.
He wouldn’t be able to even use her as a shield, would be still hold onto her?’
It seemed like he forgot during the chaos but that woman had no effect as a hostage against Hansoo.
The priest seemed to have realized this as he made a demonic expression, threw away the female that he was holding onto and then shouted out loudly.
“Block! Block him!”
He then threw the scents towards Gwanje and tried to escape somewhere.
Damn. I’ll have to look for another chance in the future.’
Folding after accomplishing the things to this point was quite regrettable but he had at least succeeded in dragging out the Akarons.
Then it was okay.
He needed to get out of this place first.
At that moment Hansoo shouted out.
“Sofía !”
At that moment Sofía , who was in the corner in order to not get swept up in the battle, threw her jade marbles towards Gwanje.
At that moment Gwanje’s entire body froze up.
Of course this much wasn’t even close to giving Gwanje a large amount of damage.
Gwanje seemed to have realized this as he broke the ice around his body and tried to smash Hansoo.
If a line of words from Hansoo hadn’t been heard.
“Stay still right there. Isn’t that enough? You didn’t receive an order that said <Come all the way here>.”
Hansoo knew of the weakness of the scent more than anybody since he used it himself.

Gwanje flinched at those words.
Oh yeah…’
The scents that had been thrown to him couldn’t get to him due to the ice prison around him.
He had indeed accomplished the <Come here> order per the scents.
Gwanje tried to pour strength into his body as a test.
And his body, which had accomplished the orders, wasn’t being controlled by the scents as he was allowed to move his body.
“Stay there.”
Hansoo left behind Gwanje who was making a strange expression as he chased the priest through the ant tunnels.
Like a hunter chasing a wounded beast.
Sofía slowly walked as she approached Gwanje who was standing there frozen as an ice statue.
“This woman is your wife? Girlfriend?”
Gwanje cautiously moved his body in order to not break the ice.
Sofía  shook her head as she saw Gwanje coming to save his wife despite becoming covered in blood.
“I don’t really like you but… This woman has no sins. I’ll look after her so just stay there for a bit. Since the scents will rush up to you if you break the ice.”
The moment he came outside the ice the scents will order him to attack Hansoo.
Then Hansoo may lose the priest.
Gwanje stood in within the ice prison and looked at his wife in a daze.
…Could we go back to how we were in the past even if she woke up.’
Gwanje, who finally had the leisure to look around, sighed deeply.


The priest clenched his teeth after a long run.
The situation behind him was clear.
A failure.
And soon he will be caught.
Karbana, who had smashed off the spear that had flown towards him once more, pondered for a bit.
What to do.
Is this it?’
Was achieving the Crown of Thorns after reaching the top of the Akarons and acquiring the old territory really not possible anymore?
The priest realized it quickly.
Yeah it’s impossible.’
This was the end.
The guy behind him had no reason to keep him alive and even if he were to get out from here, there was no point.
What would he be able to do alone?
Then… There’s no point in dying alone.’
He couldn’t acquire the glory.
Then the best method at this point was erasing all of history.
The entire history of the fallen Akaron.
And that was simple.
As long as there was nobody to remember it.

I’d rather not be remembered by anybody than being remembered as a failed race.’
The priest laughed coldly as he started to run towards the Reflux Organ.
Dumbass. Is there a necessity to go that far just to call out the Akarons?’
His plans were quite simple.
Go above the white lion, Lazar after taking control of the Akaron.
And then sink the dirty humans.
The priest looked at the giant Reflux Organ in front of his eyes.
The Graphite was slowly being cracked apart by the flowing liquids in the organ.
I remember burying the rest of the Graphites around here somewhere.’
The priest looked around for a moment and then soon found the Graphites that were buried deep within the ground.
Tens of tons of Graphites were buried deep within the ground of the ant tunnels.
This is more than enough for the Gragos to take a bath.’
This was the final chance.
The humans weren’t stupid, after this chaos they will guard this location like a fortress.
As the priest shoved his hands down, tons of Graphites were lifted up by the priest.
The moment the priest tried to throw the boulder into the Reflux Organ, he flinched for a moment.
…Why are there no spears coming this way?’
That damned spear should’ve flown towards him and attacked him already.

Karbana looked towards the ant tunnels due to his confusion but then he could see Hansoo who was looking towards the Reflux Organ in a troubled manner.
And realized why he hadn’t thrown the spear.
Margoth Du Capucio.
The ones who had been lured here due to Gwanje had remained behind at the Reflux Organ and were gulping down the body fluids.
These things seemed to still be angered as they were still growling out in a rough manner even whilst drinking the fluids.
The Divine Beast is helping me.’
And as if he had come out from a different ant tunnel, there was quite a distance from him and Hansoo.
If those things roamed around then it was obvious that even Hansoo couldn’t throw his spear around any way he wanted.
Since he will attract their attention in an instant.
The priest’s head started to quickly set out a plan.
This… I might be able to survive if I’m lucky.’
He knew of a secret place where he would live even if the Gragos were to take a turn.
Except that he would’ve been caught by that guy before he even reached that location.
But if the Margoths were there like that and Hansoo needed to work quickly in order to solve the Graphite problem then he might be able to live.
Someone at your level would survive if the Gragos took a turn but let’s see if you really can.’

The priest laughed coldly as he threw the Graphite boulder.
The giant green boulder cut across the air as it flew into the Reflux Organ.
The Margoths looked at that boulder and then ignored it as it didn’t pose much threat to them.
Since their stomachs were quite full for them to get angry at that.
Try blocking it.’
At that moment Hansoo looked towards him and then mumbled something.
You… can’t live?’
Karbana snorted.
What would that guy be able to do?
At that moment Hansoo applied something onto the spear as he ignored the Graphite and then threw the Forked Lightning.
The priest looked at the spear and then smiled.
Aiming for me?’
The Forked Lightning smashed into his body.
The pain made his whole body squirm and scrunch up but the priest just smiled in leisure.
Good. Very good.’
The Margoths who were drinking at the organ reacted to the golden spear that flew through the air.
They all felt how the spear made them feel earlier.
Soon the Margoths smelled an unknown scent that pierced through their noses and then turned around.

Same for Karbana.
Karbana could only freak out at the scent that permeated out from the spear that smashed into him.
Scent! Stimulant Scent! Damn! What did he do in order for them to give him a thing like this!’
The Stimulant scent that he had given Gwanje was extremely dangerous so it was only allowed to be held by the Garde-Barong who protected the temple or the priest themselves.
How could they give such a thing to an outsider?
What is this… Did he save the entire race or something?’
The Margoth’s eyes soon turned red as they started to madly charge towards Karbana.
Karbana clenched his teeth and tried to run as he saw the scene of over 20 of the 1km tall lifeforms rushing towards him.
Since the distance between him and them were getting short at a rapid pace.
At that moment something started to puff up from his body.
This is!’
What were these sticky mucus that were covering his entire body?
He could see Hansoo who had sat down on the ground as if he had exhausted all his mana.
Karbana clenched his teeth and quickly tried to rip apart the bundles of spores that were around his body.
Though it wasn’t easy to rip apart the binds on his body that were created from a large amount of mana but he still had a Margoth-level body.
Though his muscles were in a mess and there were cracks in his bones, it could still show off a mighty strength.
But the moment the priest escaped the mucus that held down his body, he felt his surroundings get darker.
At that moment.
Karbana got ripped apart along with the Graphite that he was standing upon.


Hansoo, who had been looking at the Margoth Du Capucios who were in a frenzy in order to rip apart a small object even whilst fighting with each other, retrieved the Forked Lightning as he started to walk back towards the tunnel.
Tsk. I wanted to keep him alive and use him. Well he dropped quite a bit.’
There were many artifacts that he had dropped on the way.
And quite a lot of them were useful as well.
Hansoo made a confused expression after returning back while picking up the artifacts like Hansel and Gretel.
“Uwaaa! What is this!”
Hansoo frowned as he looked at Gwanje who had broken through the ice and was making a ruckus.

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