Reincarnator – Chapter 118: Tiradus (2)

Hansoo quickly rushed towards where the noise came from after hearing the strange shouts of Gwanje.
Three people could be seen inside the priest’s living quaters.
The most unique looking one out of those was the woman who was the hostage previously.
“Aaak! Aaaak! Kyaaaak!”
“Please do something about this!”
The female who looked to be korean squirmed her whole body and made an expression full of pain.
She couldn’t even scream as if it was extremely painful.
The one screaming was of course Gwanje who had been looking next to him.
Damnit! What is this! Why is this happening! Why!’
Gwanje was flustered.
The moment he realized that the controlling method had been broken apart he broke out of the ice and woke up his wife, Mihyang.
It was good up to this point.
But why was his wife wringing around in pain like this?
Sofia frowned at the sight of these two and then pushed back Gwanje.
Sofia applied a few more skills onto her freezing jade skill and then froze Gwanje’s wife whole.
Though she was a hostage, her body should still be at the level of a newcomer to the Orange Zone.
Though her bodily metabolism would decrease, she wouldn’t die from this.
Gwanje made a dejected expression at the sight of his wife who seemed to have fallen asleep again within the ice and then fell down.
Will she be in pain like this from now on?’
Then letting his wife sleep like this for eternity was the best option for her.

Hansoo approached behind Gwanje and then swept the woman with mana.
And then realized the reason for her pain.
He used this woman as a storage device.’
Liquid metal.
He had stored the few remaining silvery liquids that were leftover after forming Gwanje’s body inside the woman’s body.
It wouldn’t’ve mattered if she was asleep but the moment she was awake the liquid had gone on a rampage.
“It’s a side effect of the bodily enhancement surgery. She would be in a huge amount of pain.”
She wouldn’t die since the amount of the liquid was much less than what was in his body but that was probably the limit.
She will suffer from intense pain the moment she wakes up again.
While Gwanje was making a pained expression from the explanation, Hansoo spoke out.
“This is good.”
“What? This bastard!”
Hansoo shook his head as he saw Gwanje who was trying to punch him.
“I don’t mean that it’s good for me but I’m saying that it’s good for you.”
Gwanje growled as he stared at Hansoo’s mouth.
Hansoo didn’t speak anything as he showed Gwanje his own injury.
Gwanje made an expression of disbelief at something silvery that was bubbling like squirming like bugs within the injury on his arm.
“My situation is very similar as well.”
Gwanje’s expression of disbelief turned even more exaggerated.
No way. He withstood through the pain all along?’
He knew that pain as well.
Since that great priest had showed him what happened to his body once it failed.
Actually the pain was not something that humans can withstand.
And his wife had also screamed out to the point of ripping apart her throat.
No, this guy’s pain was probably not even comparable to his wife’s.
Though his enhancement surgery had gone well, he was filled up with the silvery liquid all over his body.

What the hell are you?’
Hansoo spoke as he looked at that Gwanje.
“Work for me.”
Though the cure for the body enhancement surgery and the cure for the calamity of death were completely different, their core materials were the same.
<Margoth Du Tiradus>.
The most powerful Margoth of all.
A thing that ate Margoth Du Gracioses as their main diet and Margoth Du Capucios as dessert.
Though it would be hard to acquire it, it’ll be like catching two birds with one stone. Anyways, there’s a lot of places to use it.’
Befitting of the great priest title, there were plenty of rare elixirs that Oteon the priestess didn’t have.
Items of the temple that could all impact the Gragos and the Margoths.
Gwanje pondered for a moment while Hansoo was searching around the living quarters of the Great Priest but he made a decision.
‘There’s no reason to not hear it out if there indeed is a method to solve this. Hoo… My blood sugar level is dropping.’
Gwanje took out a graphite candy, Greenlight, and then spoke towards Hansoo as he threw it.
“You eat one too. Anyways, what do I have to do?”
“We need more Margoth levels. I hope I could receive the help of those in your clan…”
Weaklings weren’t needed in catching the Tiradus.
Since they wouldn’t even be able to catch up.
Gwanje made a helpless expression.
The four including Bali Roper had died by his hands.
And two of the Ursa Major had died during the process as well.
Well they deserved those deaths.’
If those guys were thrown in Korea then they’ll be convicted with at least 2000 charges.
And only on rape and murder cases.
Anyways, there were only three left in the Rerorerore clan.
“Those three probably won’t listen as well. They don’t really listen to my orders that well.”
“Don’t worry. You just need to follow my orders.”
Hansoo laughed after sending a red carrier pigeon into a direction as he chewed down upon the Greenlight.


“What is this. Why is he telling us to stop fighting.”
Akaella, one of the Ursa Major who had gone into the Forest of Horns in order to chase the Akarons, frowned as she read the carrier pigeon that had flown in.
Akaella made an uncomfortable expression as she looked at the two giant horns in the distance.
I don’t wanna be here that long.’
Though Akaella ran around the Gragos as if it was a small playground, if she could pick out a place she didn’t want to go to then it would be this Forest of Horns.
Since both the things that she hated were located here.
I don’t know when that crazy bitch, Enbi Arin, is going to get here.’
Akaella looked towards the other two Ursa Majors and spoke.
“What shall we do?”
Altarim and Starring pondered for a moment and then shook their heads.
Though they had sent them in, it would be quite burdensome for them to fight as them three.
Since five of the Akarons were quite powerful.
It was better to regroup to finish them off than overexerting themselves.
“Standby. We would only receive more casualties if we fight by ourselves. That person should have some form of a plan.”
“…Hmm. He shouldn’t be thinking of anything different.”
Akaella’s pretty eyes frowned once more.
Since it was a bit regretful.
I can’t always stay in this lower zone and clean around.’
Body enhancement surgery.
She had been enticed by that strength and stayed around Gwanje.
The vitality of his body which mended broken bones in an instant and survived through drinking poison was too tempting.
He could also stay underneath the water without breathing for greatly extended periods of time.
This was the reason why she had stayed here and not gone up to the Yellow Zone despite having attained the Margoth level for 4 years.
Waiting here while the goal was right in front of her eyes was making her jittery.

There’s nothing I can do about this.’
“Hey. My foot. While we rest.”
“Hyuro. Puppy.”
Akaella extended her foot towards a pretty man whom she had picked out personally.
Though his strength was just at the level of a 5th year, she had picked him out because of his looks.
Well. I would be quite busy if I was in the other zone, I should enjoy this for a bit.’
She felt good as a man who looked like a handsome actor was licking her foot.
Altarim and Starring looked at this scene as they clicked their tongues but then started to polish their weapons, the axe and the nunchucks.
Since they needed to due to the excessive amounts of blood.
“Anyways, we’re all grouping here? How long do we have to stay here?”
The moment Altarim finished speaking, something charged towards them at an extreme speed.
Akaella frowned as she looked at the distance.
‘…One’s the clan patriarch. Who’s that person next to him?’
Gwanje had something dangling upon his side as he was flying.
A dust cloud was created as Gwanje landed.
The moment Akaella looked at the person on his side that seemed to have become a hostage to him.
Hansoo who had come in with a look of being suppressed by Gwanje also looked over those guys.
An expression that wasn’t nervous at all.
Gwanje was covered in blood and their numbers were two.
But they had three.
It was true that they didn’t treat him much like a patriarch.’
Their attitudes told him immediately.
Since one woman didn’t even bother to get up as she just received her foot massage.
Well. Anyways, I gotta let Gwanje take care of this from here. Why did he throw me so hard though.’

Hansoo rolled about on the ground after getting thrown while being tied up by metal chains.
Akaella looked at Hansoo who had been thrown on the ground while being completely tied up and then remembered something.
‘Is that the guy that old man Jongsang was speaking about? That rookie from the Red Zone. It seems that he wasn’t that much.’
She could have these thoughts as she saw Hansoo rolling around the floor.
Akaella coldly laughed at Hansoo as she spoke towards Gwanje.
“Our Patriarch seems to know alchemy as well. Trading away those three crazy guys for a single weakling.”
Where did he send off those three maniacs from the Ursa Majors including Gorden and bring a guy like this?
Gwanje coughed out blood as he spoke.
“Hoo… They’re all dead. The three from the Ursa Major. They got ambushed by this guy.”
Akaella freaked out.
Was this guy strong enough to the point where he could smash apart the three from the Ursa Major and even injure Gwanje to this extent?
Gwanje added more words in order to clarify.
“This brat allied with the Crown Clan. He had brought four Margoth levels including Bali Roper. Hoo…”
Akaella finally nodded as if she had understood.
Since the guys from the Crown Clan were quite formidable.
They weren’t 3rd just for show.
It seems they had ambushed them perfectly when we had split our forces in two. Quite formidable. Well, though we won anyway.’

Akaella clicked her tongue for a bit, kicked away the guy who was licking her foot and then got ready.
“Anyways why did you bring that guy? And why did you tell us to stop fighting?”
Gwanje smiled confidently at those words.
“Don’t be surprised. It seems that this guy knows the location of the Temple. I heard it personally.”
“Uh? Without catching an Akaron?”
“Look at his body.”
Akaella and the other two from the Ursa Major looked over Hansoo’s body at that moment.
And then exclaimed out.
“As expected…”
There were clear signs of the body enhancement surgery on this guy’s body.
Which meant that this guy clearly had a connection with the Akarons and the Temple.
And even to the point of remembering the Temple unlike Gwanje.
Then there’s not really a need to fight with the Akarons.’
Their goal was the Body Enhancement Surgery, not war.
Gwanje smiled at those three as he spoke.
“You understand right? You’ve done well so far. Isn’t it about time for you to receive your reward?”
Gwanje then whispered very quietly to the three.
“Actually there’s only one thing I ask of you. After you get this, just go up.”
Gwanje shrugged at the confused expressions.
“The moment I learned of the location of the Temple from this guy I wanted to just go and destroy it instantly. Since all the other clans will crowd up in order to receive the surgery if they hear about it. But then there’s no way you guys would agree.”
Akaella nodded.
There were a lot of Baladi levels.
For all of them to become a Margoth level.
The factor of strength that played a huge role in control would get smashed apart in an instant.
“And I can’t ignore the fact that I found the temple forever. Since you guys won’t stay still. But then once you guys get this you will become much more stronger than I am.”

Akaella nodded at these words.
Since he was perfectly correct.
To push back finding the temple while not fighting with the Akarons despite being right in front of them?
They themselves would not stand still.
“So let’s make a contract. I want to stay here a bit more. You know my plan. I want to tame the Gragos. But if strong people like you exist then it’ll be hard to control others. Please just quietly go up.”
Akaella finally knew of Gwanje’s thoughts.
If they go up then all the Ursa Majors will disappear and only Gwanje will remain.
Then since they can’t attack the Akarons, pushing back the search for the Temple would be a viable excuse and he would be able to lead the clan the way he wanted to during that time.
This guy wants to control the Gragos to that extent? This crazy guy. There are plenty of other things if you wanted a pet.’
Akaella clicked her tongue but nodded as there was nothing bad about this.
They wouldn’t have any reason to stick around anyway after they received the surgery.
And it was burdensome for them to fight after their forces had been dwindled.
“Good. Let’s get out by ourselves first.”
They all knew that the Ursa Major’s personalities were quite bad so nobody approached them while they rested anyway.
So the only people here were the four of them and Hansoo who had been caught as a hostage.

“Why is this guy trembling so much anyway?”
Gwanje coldly laughed as Akaella saw Hansoo who was trembling since a while ago without a single word.
“Look well. This guy tried to fight me not long after the Body Enhancement Surgery took place. Because of this the metals didn’t stick and turned him into a mess.”
Akaella made an expression full of fear after scanning Hansoo’s body.
Oh my god… His whole innards should be destroyed at this level.’
Akaella instantly dropped a large amount of her guard against this guy.
Since she didn’t think that he would be able to move with so much pain running through his body.
We should be careful after we receive the enhanced body as well.’
“Let’s go.”
The five moved the clan into a safe place and then started to fly towards a direction.
And Hansoo slightly smiled while being held hostage under them.
Well I didn’t really lie. Since they will indeed be successful in enhancing their body.’
Of course they would fall under his control at the same time since they would receive the controlling treatment.
Hansoo closed his eyes as he thought of the priestess, Oteon, who would be following them from a distance.

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