Reincarnator – Chapter 119: Tiradus (3)

Forest of Horns.
Trees that grew hundreds of meters tall between the two horns.
There were giant lifeforms that moved past these trees as they broke them down.
The giant Margoth Du Gracioses smashed their head down onto the ground and bit off the skin of the Gragos as they always had.
In order to drink up the body fluids.
The Gracioses made a confused expression while they were biting the ground.
Since the liquids that should have been gurgling out didn’t come out at all.
The Margoths frowned as they growled.
They knew why this was the case.
This was when the body fluids of the being that they lived upon was lacking.
Something like this would happen because of that.
The biggest Margoth Du Gracios that acted as the leader raised its head and shouted.
They just needed to move towards a location where there was more fluid if it wasn’t enough.
Though it was empty here, a more plentiful location would come out once they head towards the tail.
At that moment a cry that resonated throughout the forest rang out.
Soon hundreds of Gracioses started to move.
In order to find a location where the body fluids will appear.
In order to find a location where their group could survive.
And the location they were headed to had humans located on it.


Gwanje clicked his tongue at the giant silver container where the work would be progressing.
The three who were prepared to jump out the moment anything suspicious happened.
The three had accounted for one of them finishing first and causing harm to the other two so they had decided to go in at the same time.
Since they just needed to suppress Gwanje if he tried to do something weird.
But that didn’t matter.
Since the controlling method was progressing the same time the Body Enhancement Surgery was.
As proof of that their wide open eyes were slowly closing.
Your excessive greed is going to strangle you in the future.’
Gwanje ignored the three as he looked at Hansoo who was pretending to be stuck on the ground without being able to move.
And then thought of Hansoo’s proposition.
“Tiradus. Tiradus huh… I’ve only heard about it, for such a thing to exist.”
Gwanje mumbled as he looked at Hansoo.
He had never actually seen a Tiradus himself.
The reason why he knew about the Tiradus was because of a line from a piece of literature.
That one of their seniors, Kangtae, had left behind as a form of a book.
<If you go deep within the Forest of Horns then… You will see a true monster. Something that ripped apart the heart of the Margoth and drank the blood of the Gragos. Nobody should ever approach this deep within that place.>

Even if you say it like that… Who could actually go that deep into the Forest of Horns?’
Since there were a large amount of strong beasts within the Forest of Horns, it was often used as a hunting ground for high level clans.
There were three immediate outposts from the Rerorerore clans near the forest and another outpost from the strongest clan, <Cross>, also existed nearby.
And 12 other different outposts for hunting were spread around the Forest of Horns and there were also locations where high level adventurers who weren’t in clans visited often.
The location where the biggest amount of human forces were concentrated.
There were enormous amounts of people as well.
But no one would go deep within the Forest of Horns.
Since the Forest of Horns was infamous for its swarming numbers of Margoths.
There were a lot of food for the Margoths since there were more veins/arteries containing body fluids around the head and if you wanted to exaggerate a little bit, there were so many Margoths here that while you’re trying to catch one, another one would be running towards you.
If that thing eats these Margoths then… It should be humongous right?’
He was told that it ate these Margoths that towered multiple kilometers in length.
It was probably as large as a small mountain.
I don’t know how we’re supposed to catch such a thing.’
While Gwanje was clicking his tongue, Hansoo dusted himself off the ground.
Which meant that the three people receiving the body modification surgery inside the tanks had fallen asleep.
Gwanje asked Hansoo.
“What are you going to do? Is it ten now?”
Himself, the enhanced three, Hansoo and the five pillars of the Akaron.
Ten total.
Hansoo nodded.
“If we look at a single Tiradus itself then… It’s a possible feat.”
“Which means it’s impossible.”

Gwanje frowned.
If they consider only a single Tiradus then it was possible.
Which meant that there was no way to deal with the Margoths they would meet on the way.
Since the Tiradus resided within the deepest parts of the forest.
“How are you going to deal with the other forces we have then?”
In Gwanje’s head, they needed at least 15 to 20 more Margoth level people in order to get through the Margoths on the way.
Of course it might be enough if they collected everyone in the top 6 as well as the ones that roamed around separately.
But he was sure that it would still be impossible to kill the Tiradus even if they filled the numbers of 20 after catching those people.
“Are you trying to go on a conquest or something? If you want to gather that many Margoth level people then you would at least need to unify everything under the heavens.”
Such a dream team wouldn’t be possible unless they were to smash down every clan beneath their feet.
Hansoo sighed at those words.
He then spoke towards Gwanje.
“It… would probably be possible thanks to you. Sadly.”
“You ate too many Graphites.”
“What are you saying?”


The captain of the shock troopers of the Rerorerore clan, Kanch, sighed and wiped his sword while he was resting in the middle of the Forest of Horns.
“Where did all those guys from the Ursa Major go? After leaving us behind here.”
“Heh. If you get caught saying something like that you will die.”
As his comrade next to him rebuked him, he replied in a depressing manner.
“They might be so incredible but how could they have a skill to hear things thousands of kilometers away. Anyways, don’t we have no way of dealing with the Akarons without them?”
Kanch finished speaking and then gazed through the trees across the forest to look at the Akarons who were glaring at him and his group.
Though he was at the peak of the Baladi level, those Akarons there were Margoth levels.
It was too much for them.
Where did Akaella and Gwanje run off to?
Only after killing those guys would I be able to receive the body enhancement surgery or something and then go up. Where the hell did these guys go?’
While Kanch was frowning and glaring at the Akarons, a ruckus was created in the midst of the Akarons.
“Hurry and away … Gragos…There…”
Loud voices that could be heard all the way here.
The Akarons shouted at each other and then started to quickly run away in numerous directions.
Not towards this cliff, which was their location, but through a completely different path.

Kanch freaked out as he saw this as he also got up.
If those guys run away and hide then what would happen to everything they have done so far?
Kim Gwanje this bastard. Not even finishing them off and doing your job properly as a clan leader!’
Kanch quickly rose up and then shouted.
“They’re trying to get out from the Forest of Horns! Create tracking teams, 2nd, 4th, 7th divisions block the way towards area 20 and the 1st division come with me!”
I need to find out the reason why they’re running away.’
Though Kanch grumbled a lot, he had grown quite a lot while roaming around the Otherworld for 7 years.
The Rerorerore clan quickly formed tracking teams and then prepared themselves.
Good. They’re all ready.’
Kanch made a content expression as he looked at the 1st division that was completely armed from head to toe and were standing behind him.
A 30-man team only made of Baladi levels.
People who he had dragged under him in order to have some strength within the clan.
He would even be able to kill a Margoth-level person with this much power.
Though all of them were a bit insane, this was actually better.
‘Since the crazier they are, the better they fight.’
“Let’s go! Just scout their trails lightly and then group with the tracking teams.”
Kanch then flew into the sky.
He was going to scout them from high up.
Though he didn’t do this often since he would be exposing his location to the other clansmen but that didn’t matter right now.

Kanch raised his body 500m into the air and then looked at the trails of the Akarons.
And then quickly shouted beneath him.
“Run away! Get to the 2nd outpost! 2nd outpost! The Gracios are on a stampede!”
Akol, the vice leader of the 1st division, frowned as he heard Kanch’s shouts.
The 2nd outpost was in the complete opposite direction of the direction the Akarons were running in.
Which means that he had completely given up the Akarons.
What the hell. Why is the Gracios coming towards us a problem?’
Akol made a confused expression.
The Margoths Du Gracios which were the most numerous in numbers were quite big but they were slow so they didn’t move that fast.
And they didn’t really like to chew on humans so they weren’t that threatening.
A joke. To kill such things and to call themselves a Margoth level.’
Others freaked out at Margoth levels but he was never afraid.
And his actual hobby was sliding down the backs of Gracioses.
The moment Akol snorted at this the ground started to rumble and shake.
Akol suddenly freaked out.
Since this wasn’t a vibration that happened when the Margoths moved slowly.
At that moment large roars were heard in the distance.
From hundreds of locations at the same time.
Then the cliff the Akarons were hiding behind instantly got destroyed.
Akol freaked out as he started to run away.
Hundreds of beasts that towered multiple kilometers high were on a mad stampede.
Akol finally realized why the others were afraid of Margoth levels.
Those guys killed things like this?!?!’

There was a huge difference between them standing around calmly and when they were mad.
Since the mountains collapsed and the ground cracked apart.
The trees that got hit by the bodies of the Margoths flew out like meteors so the clansmen who were in the way of it turned into a mud of flesh.
Why are they in such a hurry!’
Akol dodged the wooden fragments as he clenched his teeth.
The hundreds of Gracioses were stealing glances behind their back as they were madly trying to get away from something.
In the same manner that they were trying to get away from the Gracioses.
What kind of existence did one need to be in order to make these things deathly afraid.
I’ve never seen such a creature before?’
The moment Akol made a confused expression and looked behind him.
Something appeared in the air while flapping its wings.
Akol squinted his eyes.
Since it was extremely small.
No, it wasn’t that small.
Since the 10m tall steel angel was much larger than humans and also looked much sturdier.
But this was as far as humans went.
Compared to the Gracios, they weren’t even comparable to the flies that sucked blood from the cows.
Is that?’

At that moment.
The steel angel in the air suddenly disappeared.
Akol’s eyes couldn’t even track it.
At that moment the giant male Gracios that was in the very back cried out in pain.
And then something smashed through the heart of the Gracios as it ran away.
The steel angel that had disappeared from Akol’s vision.
The Gracios that looked like the leader of them all fell down even without being able to scream.
And the thing that smashed through the giant heart laughed as it started to chew down on the thing in its hands.
Akol felt a chill run down his back as he ran in order to get away.
At that moment.
The angel frowned as it saw Akol run away.
It pulled out the thing it was eating from within its mouth and then threw it like a projectile.
“…Uk? Uwuhh…”
Akol made an expression of disbelief at the thing that had pierced through his heart.
A very small bone fragment that seemed to belong to the Gracios.
And in his blurring vision, he could see a beastly existence that was throwing things in all directions as if it was trying to catch everything.


“Once the Margoths move out the Tiradus will come out. Though it would become easier for me…”
Hansoo mumbled.
Margoth du Tiradus.
It would survive on a single Margoth for a whole year.
So this predator didn’t really run around much as it stayed asleep in the deepest part of the Forest.
But there is indeed a time when this guy goes on a rampage.
The great move of the Margoths.
Once the Margoths come out to the body of the Gragos in search for food, these guys would start killing. Not for food but as a <Hunt>.
The target of this hunt was every other Margoths other than the Tiradus.
“A lot will die. So we need to catch it fast. Focus and let’s go. Since their treatments finished up.”
Gwanje looked into the sky in a daze even while listening to Hansoo’s words.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 1/3.

Apparently, some people would appreciate it if there was a easy-to-follow summary for chapters.

Summing up this chapter:
– Massive charge of the Margoths out of the forest of horns because lack of body fluid, due to Gwanje’s recent actions
– The Tiradus likes to hunt Margoths when that happens, this saves Hansoo a lot of trouble and manpower going deep into the forest
– The Tiradus is a creepy metallic angel 10m tall
– The three already Margoth-level of the Rerorerore clan have finished their treatment. They’re going to be *a lot* stronger and under Hansoo’s control
– Hansoo is going to use the dream,team of himself, Gwanje, the three Ursa Majors of Rerorerore and the five pillars of the Akaron to hunt the Tiradus

Translator : Ekdud
Proofreader : coyotte508

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