Reincarnator – Chapter 12: Otherworld’s Moon (2)

“It’s Hansoo!”
Mihee shouted in glee as she saw Hansoo walking slowly from the station below.
Since they were dealing with the large group over there they could only feel not at ease but as Hansoo came all the pressure seemed to have been lifted.
It’s like some sort of superhero making an entrance’
Mihee felt her heart thumping as Hansoo approached but there was somebody else who’s heart was thumping.
Fuck. I don’t know if it will work out well.’

He had spilled the milk but where was a problem.
The situation where Hansoo beats down everyone including the sixty over there and the seven of them.
Then he would have basically poked the beast that was sleeping soundly.
It could become a situation where he stole the sleeping lion’s food bowl.
Well whatever. Since nobody knows that it was me who did it.’
Since he spilled it very softly while beating up a guy who had charged at him.
<Since I feel good because I found a convenience store I will let it slide.>
Yea. I could just fake it and pretend I don’t know.’
Who would know that he did it?

Taesoon calmed down and stared at Hansoo who was walking from afar.
And Mihee ran towards Hansoo first as he returned.
“You’re back! But there’s a problem! The guys over there took everything from the store!”
Hansoo chuckled at those words and patted Mihee’s head.
“I know. I saw as I came up. Did you gather the food for us?”
At those words Mihee looked back and mumbled.
“We did but… there isn’t much.”
Since they prepared anticipating they would bring more from the store they didn’t have a lot of food or equipment.
Since there was a limit to the size of the backpack.
And even more so since they gathered up female supplies and weapons.
But Hansoo didn’t add anything extra.

“Well that could happen.”
And then Hansoo started looked around to everyone.
And his eyes stopped at Taesoon.
Taesoon replied as if nothing happened.
“But it’s good since you’re here we can just take it back from them. It would be hard by yourself but if we go together and force them they would give it back.”

Hansoo chuckled.
‘Aigoo. This guy.’
But Hansoo didn’t really say much.
“Well. Let’s eat first.”
At Hansoo’s words, Mihee, Jisun, Gangtae went up to the food they had collected.
Since it was set up in a half broken down cafe there were a lot of tables and it wasn’t comfortable to eat.
And soon the table was filled with canned foods and other edibles.
As Hansoo walked towards it slowly Taesoon threw out something jokingly.
“I mean we got these risking our lives, shouldn’t you eat after paying us something?”

And then the cafe turned silent.
“Hey. Why are you being like this…”
Mihee glanced at Taesoon then talked back.
But Taesoon had no plans to back down.
I can’t keep getting dragged around here.’
And he didn’t really say anything wrong.
Hansoo left the food he would eat at the store but if they didn’t bring it then it would’ve been taken by the gang over there.
In conclusion this was theirs.
And they had brought it with risk but despite him being Hansoo, shouldn’t he pay something up for it?

And as Hansoo made an amused expression and stayed silent, the nearby friends were in quite a turmoil.
“Hey if it wasn’t for Hansoo we don’t know where we could be right now.”
Taesoon replied to Mihee.
“But Hansoo told us before also. Liking free things is dangerous. We need to keep it in check here in order to stay together.”
And at those words Sangjin nodded at the back.
It seemed he had some pent up dissatisfaction from the payments for the poison and the skills.

“I don’t really have something to give for the food here.”
Taesoon spat out something instinctively at Hansoo’s words.
“Why not. You have that thing you earned in there, we could use it together.”
“What thing?”
The four who didn’t know the situation made a confused expression as Taesoon laughed and said.
“That guy. He went into an empty space alone. He probably got something from there. If we use that together our survival rates will increase. Let’s share it. We need to act together anyway. Don’t do such a trade like this.”
At those words everyone looked at Hansoo.
They didn’t say anything but with the eyes asking why.

Hansoo looked at those eyes and chuckled.
“You’ve learnt well.”
“…what do you mean learn. You talk in an unpleasant way.”
Hansoo clicked his tongue inwardly at that Taesoon.
He did learn but he learnt it in a flimsy way.
Well. Since he probably thinks are we’re equal because we’re friends then that should be normal.’
Basically if one thinks that they’re under then they can’t come out like that but if they think that they’re on equal grounds then its obvious that they would come out like that.

But the problem isn’t that.
Hansoo who had organized his thoughts for a moment landed a decision.
I guess it ends here.’
Why would Hansoo carry these guys around?
He didn’t really care for receiving runes.
If he killed a few more then they would come out so why would be rather receive them.
This wasn’t a game, a time where he went <HAHAH! I’ve got items and runes! I am strong! This is fun! I can step on others! Happiness!> was long gone.
Since he had fought too long to do that.
The only reason why he was keeping them was because of what Eres had said.
The reason why he asked for runes is because without doing that then they will make more and more requests that go too far.

Eres, I’ve done all I can.’
Hansoo shrugged his shoulders and stood up.
He wasn’t a stingy person, he wasn’t going to go <You pissed me off so I.WILL.DESTROY.YOU.> or something.
How did Kangtae manage to say things like this. It’s extremely embarrassing.’
Well these guys aren’t really enemies, if they separate then that’s the end of it.
“Well. It’s ok. Stay well. Be strong from now on.”

Everyone was startled at Hansoo’s words as he got up.
They knew that it would become instantaneously hard without Hansoo.
He only wanted to set the mood not make him leave.
And only then they started to make Taesoon stop.
“Why are you being like this? Don’t fight.”
The friends were talking around him but Taesoon landed a decision.
Yeah, get lost.’

They were seven. If they act the way he taught them then they could safely gather a lot of runes fast without moving around dangerously like him.
No, even if he got weaker he didn’t like the fact that somebody was above him.
And that attitude.
It was an attitude that showed someone like himself was not even necessary.
That really pissed him off.

As Taesoon saw Mihee slowly walk towards Hansoo, he got even angrier and then spat out.
“Go if you want to go. Principles and principles. If we really give this out for free there will be no end. I don’t know what you’re thinking but we don’t need him.”
Then there was somebody who followed his footsteps.
“Hey! Jin Mihee! Are you really going? And leaving us behind?”
Mihee clenched her teeth at Taesoon’s words.
I must live.’

The reason why the others didn’t move because they didn’t see Hansoo fighting below.
Mihee, who had seen that, knew instantly who was safer to go with.
“I’m going with Hansoo. Can you take me?”
Then Hansoo shook his head.
“I can’t take you.”
But Hansoo added at Mihee who was in despair.
“But I can’t really say anything about you following me.”

Taesoon talked coldly at Mihee who was sighing from relief.
“You can’t go. You didn’t pay back the rune. To Sangjin.”
Mihee can’t leave.
Since she has a precious skill.
And if she has a debt she can’t leave like that.
And… where will I send you.’
A girl that he had eyes upon since admission.
A situation like this was a great chance.
And then Mihee made a sad noise as she thought of borrowing runes from Sangjin.

Then Sangjin shook his head.
“It’s ok. I’m following too.”
At those words Taesoon clenched his teeth.
This guy who was always behind me…’
That guy’s dad works at his dad’s company.
And that was the reason why he couldn’t leave so far.
He had used him well so far but to suddenly come out like this.

Yeah. Get lost, you have nothing to do with me now huh?
Taesoon spat out while clenching his teeth.
“Yeah. Get lost then.”
The four who were looking at the bickering between Sangjin, Mihee, Hansoo and Taesoon seemed to be in a turmoil but then decided to stay next to Taesoon and moved next to him.
Since they didn’t feel right about leaving and since all the food was here.

Taesoon looked at the three leaving, clenched his teeth but then shook his head instead.
No, it turned out for the better’
Now the leadership position has came back to him.
They weren’t at the level of Mihee but the three girls here were pretty high quality and there was nobody stronger than him.
For hunts he could just watch Hansoo to somewhat figure out the weaknesses and then go hunt somewhere else.
And all the food was here too.
As long as there aren’t any more problems then there weren’t going to be situations where their lives would be in danger.
After I get strong enough, I can slowly make my way through.’
Taesoon breathed in and out then laughed as he saw the friends who were looking at his back and not Hansoo’s.


Sangjin looked at Hansoo with a dissatisfied expression and said.
“We don’t really have to do anything? All the food is with them.”
At Sangjin’s words there was some resentment.
If it’s Hansoo then he could probably take it all back.
And he stuck with Hansoo because he thought he would do that.
But Hansoo did not carry anything out.
What are his thoughts exactly?’
Sangjin did not understand Hansoo.
Since he didn’t bring out any food.
He had the strength to do whatever he felt but why was he like that.
Hansoo chuckled at those words.
Since he could tell what he was thinking.
Well. If they don’t know about the moon…’
The food they have is useless food already.
Why would he bicker around regarding things that were already useless.
It seems it’s almost midnight’
Hansoo looked at the sky.

At the sudden action, Sangjin and Mihee also looked at the sky.
In the middle of the dark sky there was a single round moon floating.
An extremely normal full moon.
And then something weird came into Mihee’s sight
…Did I see wrong?’
Mihee made a slit with her eyes and looked at the moon.
It was like something flickered on the moon.’

Mihee, who had been looking at the moon, suddenly got the chills all over her body and almost felt bad.
… The moon blinked its eyes.’
The surface of the moon split open with a crack and then a frightening eye appeared.
The iris on the center of the eye moved back and forth without stopping as it scanned every living organism around.


“Since everyone’s left, let’s just eat.”
Taesoon said energetically as he walked towards the table.
Jisun looked at Taesoon with a slightly anxious look.
“Shouldn’t least make up? I think we need Hansoo.”
At those words, flames rose up from within Taesoon.
That bitch has already gotten lost! Why are you looking for that bitch!’
But Taesoon managed to laugh on the surface.
His situation wasn’t quite well set yet.
If he makes a mistake then they could all leave to Hansoo.

“No. Look at that guy. He has something he had but he’s using it alone. He’s a guy that would only make trouble if he stayed.”
Honestly Jisun didn’t like that either.
If there was something good then it won’t even be enough to use it together but to leave just like that.
And Taesoon who had seen Jisun’s expression, added strength to his voice.
“And all the food is here too. If they’re hungry they’ll come back. Won’t they listen better then?”
And then Taesoon started to take out the food from the bag.

And at that moment something happened.
A strand of moonlight came into the room.
As if the light bended.
And as if it was searching for something, searching every corner.
And at the snake-like light that entered the room, the food that had been shone upon started to burn.
“What is going on…”

Taesoon rushed and checked the rest of the food.
But the food that was stacked was all burnt down without anything remaining.
“Goddamit! How did this happen!”
Taesoon and the remaining four cried out in shock from the strange phenomena that melted down all the food in the interval of a few seconds.

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