Reincarnator – Chapter 120: Tiradus (4)

The Forest of Horns that was ablaze.
Gwanje made a bitter expression as he ran through this place.
Since this was the result of him and the Great Priest.
That is why… I need to save as many people as possible.’
Gwanje quietly mumbled as he thought of his wife that was trapped within the ice.
He couldn’t fail when he had come so far.
At the same time he thought of the words that Sofia had told him before.
<There’s not much time left for your wife.>
<She had the liquid metal within her too long. Her vitality is decreasing at a rapid pace.>
Sofia told him.
That they needed to drag out the liquid metal from her body within a week no matter what.
He had asked the other priests from the Akarons, they only shook their head and couldn’t figure out a different method.
Which meant that he needed to catch the Tiradus no matter what and gain Hansoo’s cure.
Catch it no matter what.’
Gwanje clenched onto his daughter’s necklace on his neck that he had retrieved back from Bali Roper.
His wife, Mihyang, was his only remaining bit of hope in this damned world.
Gwanje furiously clenched down onto his teeth and then chased after Hansoo who was running in front of him.


The Forest of Horns was in flames.
To be precise the clan areas of the Forest of Horns.
“Damn! Run towards the portal!”
The strongest clan, Cross.
And Enbi Arin, one of the people from Cross, looked at the small creature that was causing a massacre as she spoke.
“…What shall we do?”
Enbi Arin spoke to her comrades standing next to her.
The clan, Cross, that Eres and Keldian created together.
Their clan had worked intensely without a stop in order to create an area in this damned Orange Zone where humans could at least survive on.
They created laws and rules to follow, gave people responsibilities and divided authority and also allowed anyone who was willing to follow these things they had set up to enter their area of control and even become one of them.
And then there was this current situation
This ‘Fence’ that they had so painstakingly built up was getting destroyed by a single crazy beast.
Since the Cross clan was the closest to the Forest of Horns with respect to other clans since they were the strongest.
It’s a first, feeling as weak as this.’
Enbi Arin looked at the steel angel in the distance as she pulled out a cigarette created from a dried plant in this world.
Though there were 6 Margoth level people in the Cross clan, they had no way of stopping this massacre.
They might’ve been able to push it back with numbers if it had a large body but with such a small body, there was no point of trying to push it with numbers.
Since the target area was too small and there weren’t many who could follow its movements with their eyes.

Only the Margoth levels matter in this fight but… 6 cannot do anything.’
They needed help.
At that moment the carrier pigeons she had sent in numerous directions came back.
Carrier pigeons that she had sent to the other Margoth levels in the top 6 clans as well as the ones that roamed by themselves.
If they were combine all their numbers then around 20 Margoth levels would be gathered.
But Enbi Arin started to inhale the cigarette smoke in a much more annoyed manner as she read the replies.
“The Crown clan has been massacred from colliding against the Rerorerore clan and the remaining Rerorerore clansman are all missing due to some Akaron issue. Hooh. They’re really befitting of their name, creating such a damned situation until the end.”
Close to 10 Margoth levels had disappeared in an instant.
The remaining Margoth level people could be discovered through scouting and none of them had replied to the Cross clan’s messages.
Since the danger levels would increase dramatically if close to 10 Margoth levels were to not participate and since they didn’t lose out on anything by not killing that monster.
They just needed to go up to the next zone through the portal.
It didn’t matter if the people here died or not.
Eres, Keldian… I respect your abilities but it seems you thought of humans in a bit too simplistic way.’
Enbi Arin mumbled as she inhaled the smoke.
Another aspect of society that had been created due to the rules.
Eres and Keldian thought that their setup would’ve been able to unify the whole Orange zone in an instant.
Since the people who joined were able to guarantee their safety with a small amount of work and responsibility.
And in truth their Cross clan, though being located in the most dangerous area, had the highest survival rate and was growing strong very quickly.
But they had only gained around 10% of the area of the Gragos.

“What are we going to do?”
Karlet, Enbi Arin’s comrade, asked her.
They were the protectors who kept the people inside the Cross safe for the past 3 years.
But Karlet himself was making a bitter expression.
Since then 6 going against that thing was basically a suicide mission.
Enbi Arin threw the finished cigarette as she mumbled.
“There’s no need for a win. Let’s just buy some time. Save as many as possible, those who should back off just back off.”
There were too many clansmen within the area of the Cross clan and they cared too much for these people to just let them die.
“My biggest mistake in my life was becoming friends with you, damned bitch. Let’s go…”
Even before Karlet could finish his words the giant tree that they set their base upon got penetrated by something.
Karlet held onto his right arm that had been cut as he clenched down onto his teeth.
A white spear, which looked like a bone fragment of a Margoth, penetrated through the 10m thick tree and smashed into Karlet’s right arm.
But if Enbi Arin hadn’t blocked it then his entire arm would’ve been gone.
Enbi Arin covered her body with her trait that ripped apart all the criminals that went against her in the tutorial zone, <Tainted Emotion>, as she mumbled.
“…There wasn’t a need for us to go find it.”
The steel angel was flying through the air at an extremely fast speed and heading towards them.
The six of them used every skill they could muster up as they started to charge towards it.


Oh god…’
The first pillar, Taruhol, frowned as he looked at the chaotic world.
Tiradus… I knew it would act out but not this early.’
This thing, which was at the peak of the Margoths, was different from the Gracios which only acted upon their instincts.
It thought about its survival, planned for the future and even knew how to enjoy.
This was why it didn’t act that much most of the time.
Since the amount of food will decrease the more they kill.
But there is indeed a time when their savagery is released completely.
During the time the Margoths have to great move due to the lack of body fluids the Gragos.
The Tiradus, which knows that the Gragos will have a flip if they didn’t decrease the number of Margoths now, will completely release the suppressed savagery.
The problem is that… It doesn’t only kill Marogths.’
They, the Akarons, weren’t exempted from this.
While Taruhol was clenching his teeth, Hansoo rushed up from the distance.
Taruhol was shocked at the three standing behind Hansoo.
Three who radiated an intensely powerful aura.
He enhanced the bodies of Margoth levels with the body enhancement surgery huh.’
Though they hadn’t risen a whole level in strength, they should be able to show off the power of around 3 Margoths with that much strength.
Akaella, one of the three, shouted as she grinded her teeth at Hansoo who was controlling her body.
“You damned bastard! Fuck!”
Hansoo ignored Akaella as he spoke to Taruhol.
“Let’s hurry, we need to kill it as fast as possible before the black one pops out.”
Taruhol made an expression of fear after hearing those words.
Black Tiradus.
The second form of the Tiradus that appeared only from time to time even during the great move of the Margoths.

Hansoo checked the gear that he had.
…Not sure if this is enough.’
He didn’t like uncertainty.
So he needed a trump card.
Hansoo spoke towards Gwanje.
“We’re going to fight from now on.”
“Not me?”
Gwanje made a confused expression.
They would need all the help they can get, why was he being exempted?
Hansoo pointed towards a location deep within the Forest of Horns.
A deep place within the forest which the Margoths and the Tiradus came out from.
“There’s something you need to bring.”
This job was dangerous as well as being very important.
To the point of him wanting to get it himself.
But he had to block the Tiradus.
Clever bastard.’
The Tiradus was only killing the strong ones who would get in the way of its massacre step by step.
Since Enbi Arin’s clan, <Cross>, was getting attacked by it.
The carrier pigeons that were flying in from all around were telling of how dire the situation was.
They needed to regroup and block the Tiradus before the casualties rose too much.
He’s the right guy.’
Hansoo muttered as he looked at Gwanje.
Since he had forces that he could still control as well as being the most desperate.
“What do I need to bring?”
Hansoo handed something over to Gwanje in reply.


The Tiradus flew around in the skies as it targeted the six people.
The weakest of them to be precise.
As if it was playing with them.
The Tiradus appeared in front of Karlet in an instant, grabbed ahold of his right hand and then pulled it out.
Enbi Arin saw Karlet’s right arm being pulled off as she aggressively charged into the Steel Angel.
As she felt her strength and agility skyrocketing from her trait.
<Tainted Emotion>.
It raised one’s physical and skill levels from one’s emotions.
Mana and Magic when one was calm.
Stamina and Perception when one was happy.
Strength and Agility when one was angry.
Magical and Physical resistances when one was in despair.
The strongest the emotion the more power this trait gave her.
And the current situation of Enbi Arin was unprecedented rage.
Enbi Arin charged towards the Tiradus with her agility and strength, which had multiplied to be numerous of times higher than usual, and smashed it’s face.
Though a fist and a face had collided, a sound of a battering ram and a castle wall colliding resonated out.

The laughing face of the Tiradus crumped up slightly.
It shook off Karlet as it flew up into the sky.
It’s movements were so fast that the dried blood on its body got scattered all around.
Due to this the bloody demon-like Tiradus had disappeared as a completely white, angel-like Tiradus had appeared in the skies.
Though its sinister smile made it scarier.
‘…It seems like it’s turning darker?’
Enbi Arin gazed at the Tiradus floating in the skies as she freaked out from her current body’s situation.
Her magical and physical resistances were rising.
Oh goddammit.’
Though she was in rage, it seems her subconscious was a bit different.
Since the Trait didn’t lie.
Despair was pushing back the rage.
Enbi Arin sighed as she got ready.
She had no thoughts of running away.
And it didn’t look like the Tiradus would let them go anyway.
An annoyed emotion that could be seen in behind the smiling face proved this.
…Run away my sister.’
Soon Enbi Arin and the other 5 aggressively collided with the Tiradus.


The head of the Margoth which was trying to chew up the running clansmen blew apart.
…The road towards it isn’t a joke as well.’
The Margoths and the other high level beasts started to go on a rampage as they saw the Tiradus being focused on something else as they released their suppressed savagery.
Due to this the casualties were increasing even faster than when the Tiradus was on a rampage.
Hold on please. You cannot die there.’
Hansoo quickly ran as he looked at the steel angel that was shining with bright light in the distance.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 2/3.

We started having chapters in stock again (and more than a week’s worth). No risk of getting late chapters for a while.

Also, as Psycho had correctly said, Dark Mad Lord and Light Monarch are indeed two different people. I’ll have to revert the change I had made in chapter 1. I still don’t know if Light Monarch is the one referred as the original owner of Numarha’s ring.

Chapter summary:
– Gwanje’s wife needs a cure for being used as a  liquid metal storage or she dies within a week
– The cure can be gotten from killing the Tiradus
– Enbi Arin and other members of the strongest clan <Cross> decide to hold back the Tiradus in order to save lives
– Hansoo sent Gwanje to retrieve something in the forest that will help fight the Tiradus
– Hansoo & co are still bloodily fighting their way through to the Tiradus

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Proofreader : coyotte508

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