Reincarnator – Chapter 121: Tiradus (5)

Hansoo asked Akaella and the others while rushing forward.
“Since it’s a bit boring to go just like this, do you want to have a bet?”
“…I’m not in the mood for it, shut up and just run.”
“It would be beneficial to you guys though.”
What the hell is he going to say?’
Akaella and the other two Ursa Majors who were being forced by the scents to run looked at Hansoo as he spoke.
“If you guys can fight better than me, objectively speaking, then I’ll release you guys.”
“Release us?”
“Yes. The Akarons will be our judges.”
Hansoo pointed towards Taruhol standing behind him.
Akaella made an expression of disbelief.
She understood what he was trying to do.
Since it was impossible to pull out all the fighting prowess of an individual with just the scents.
He’s probably trying to make them fight better.
But on what basis?’
Their battle powers far surpassed Hansoo.
It might’ve been different if they hadn’t received the Body Enhancement Surgery but to Akaella’s ears it sounded like that he was going to just release them.
Akaella replied as she ran.
“I can’t trust you. I don’t trust verbal promises. Let’s use my trait to make a promise.”
Akaella then started to explain her trait, <Covenant>.
A trait which gave a fatal wound to the side that didn’t keep the promise.
With the difference of her and his ability, he might even die if he were to not keep the promise.
Despicable bastard. You probably hadn’t thought that I’d go this far.”
Akaella smirked.
She did not think that he would take on this deal.
Since if she was Hansoo then she would definitely not let themselves go.
She just wanted to see him back off with a flustered expression.
But Hansoo nodded as he answered.
“We start now then.”
Hansoo then flew into the Margoth Du Capucio that was charging towards them.


Inner parts of the thigh bone. The vein that flows next to the 3rd nerve.’
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Certain locations on the Margoths exploded in order.
At the same time the skin exploded the Pandemic blade’s pores rushed into the wound.
The pores took over the skin as well as flowing deep within the Margoth through the veins.
Then to the left surface vein… towards the Aorta.’
There were anatomical charts of every Margoths within the memory crystal of Elkadion.
And of course he had memorized all of them.
All of the weak points on the Margoths got drawn out inside Hansoo’s head.
It was impossible to kill such a huge organism in a single strike.
And these surprisingly nimble things were very good at dodging attacks towards their fatal locations.
Attack weaknesses one by one and when a chance for a fatal spot opens up then smash it apart.’
When its movements started to slow down.
Hansoo’s eyes shone.
Found it.’
As the strength in its legs gave out, the head stopped moving momentarily in order to catch balance.
At that moment.
The golden spear that flew in between the Margoths’s mouth pierced through the ceiling of the mouth and then bored into the head.
The giant Capucio stopped momentarily.
And then the giant head that was high up above the sky fell down towards the ground like a meteor.

Hansoo ran out through the dust cloud that was created from the impact as he spoke towards Akaella who was fighting in the back.
“Work harder. You guys would need to combine the results of around two people to compare with me right now. The contract was one person to one. I’ll only release those who kill more than me.”
What the hell!’
Akaella grinded her teeth as she smashed down the head of the Capucio that was charging towards her with a pressure wave.
She definitely had way more strength, attack power, stamina and defense than him.
But the reactions were different.
The Margoths were only making dizzy expressions from her attacks while they were falling down every time he attacked.
And another thing.
That maniac. Did he receive the body enhancement surgery just to do that?’
Akaella looked at Hansoo who was bleeding a silvery metal liquid as well as actual blood from all over his body.
The only location on his body that was still intact was the two legs that were used to charge towards the Tiradus.
The other parts of the body had long been turned into a mess due to the tails or the claws of the Margoths that flew towards him like a comet.
He solely focused on attacking only where he would trade even blows with the Margoths as he stuck close to them.
Akaella swirled her tongue around her mouth as she saw Hansoo withstanding the force from the tail that smashed into him as he started running atop of that very tail.
Though his body might not blow apart since he had some defense from gear and the reinforcement skills but then one still should not receive these hits head on.
But then he’s not really stepping over the line either.’
He wasn’t crazy enough to strike down one more spear into the Margoth no matter what happened.
He calculated the distance to the next Margoths and only received enough damage to heal on the way.
Though he looked like a mess all the time, his battle condition was always at the peak when he met a new Margoth.

‘…What the hell have I been doing for 7 years?’
Akaella made an expression of despair.
She had to approve of his skills.
He was confident huh.’
She had thought that fighting after one had gotten strong was the best.
Since it would be easy to smash down the opponent with powerful skills and artifacts.
So she couldn’t even dare to mimic such a battle tactic where one allows oneself to get smashed around.
…I need to get released.’
At this rate it seemed like her slave contract would get lengthened.
Crunch! Crunch.
While Akaella was thinking of numerous things within her head, Hansoo climbed atop of the Capucio’s head and looked at the Tiradus in the distance while attacking the cervical nerve after arming himself with the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement.
Almost there.’
The Tiradus was stealing peeks towards this direction from time to time.
Which meant that they, who were steadily making way towards it, were getting on its nerve.
Taruhol and the other five quickly rushed to the Capucio that hansoo had slowed down.
Though the Capucio was strong, it couldn’t win over the combined strength of 6 Margoth levels.
Taruhol was the one to finish it off.
Taruhol smashed through the Capucio’s eyes, smashed the core in the center of the brain and then jumped out.
Taruhol praised Hansoo as he dodged the Capucio’s skull that plummeted down all the way down to the ground.
“It seems like you know the Margoths better than we do.”
And he is using the Body Enhancement Surgery very well.’

The Body enhancement Surgery’s main purpose was not the powerful strength or limitless stamina.
It was the regeneration that allowed one to heal back up even if the whole body was to get smashed apart.
The silver liquid that ran around one’s body allowed one to regenerate at a rate tens of times faster than usual.
Mend ripped apart veins and smashed apart bones.
But who would want to test out such abilities?
Regenerating meant that one would first need to get damaged.
It’s like seeing the Great Patriach, Mekido.’
He thought of the brave and valliant Great Patriarch who fought against the Tiradus and smashed its head apart.
After Mekido killed the Tiradus in a one versus one battle.
Nobody could go against him becoming the next Patriarch.
Taruhol, who had been making a leisurely expression, suddenly spoke with a tint of worry.
“Aren’t we being a bit too noisy? There’s nothing good about being seen by others.”
The eyes of the people who had reached the Orange Zone were sharp enough to see things tens of kilometers away.
It might be different if they didn’t do anything but if they were to proceed while smashing down Margoths then they would get caught in their sights.
But Hansoo just shook his head.
That’s the important part, being seen.’


Ariel, leader of <Okonelly> which was one of the top 6 clans made an expression of fear as she looked at the steel angel that was creating a massacre in the distance.
Since it felt like the three Magoth levels in her clan would just get smashed apart up in the front.
Those guys at the Cross are beasts as well. To hold on and be able to fight against such a thing.’
But they won’t be able to hold on that long.
“Oh no. He only had his right arm left.”
Ariel shook her head while looking at the battle between the Tiradus and the Cross clan.
Two of the six already had limbs torn off of them.
And the only one who was still fighting well out of the four was Enbi Arin.
They were holding on well but the results would be shown soon.
At the same time one of the lackeys next to her asked Ariel.
“Boss, why are they fighting so hard?”
“Why are you asking, you know already. They’re just like that.”
“Well yeah but I was just asking in case that thing gave something amazing if one were to kill it.”
Ariel flinched at those words.
If something was strong to that point then it would definitely give out something after being killed.
But Ariel shook her head.
“Dumbass, think about it. What would the Cross know about that thing? They’re just like that from the start.”
Ariel clicked her tongue.
There was a reason why they were fighting up in the front.
In order to let the other clansmen from Cross run away.

At that time one of the people that were looking in the opposite direction from Ariel shouted out.
“Boss! The Rerorerore clan guys are heading towards the Cross clan’s territory! Target is the Tiradus!”
“What? They went to kill the Akarons.”
As Ariel asked in confusion, the guy shouted out again as he received messages from all around.
“Reports say that the Rerorerore clan suddenly rushed out after hearing that the Tiradus came out! Akaella and the other 2 people are currently heading towards it!”
Ariel and her lackey looked at each other.
They could understand the Cross clan’s actions.
But why were the Rerorerore clan doing this.
They’re trying to join in on the fight?
This wasn’t possible.
Even more so after taking into account of the personalities of the Ursa Major.
The guys who even the clan leader cannot control are trying to join such a dangerous fight?
At that time something came up in Ariel’s head.
The document that Kangtae guy had left behind in the past.
There were rumors of a  second part to that thing, perhaps…’
If there were information left behind by Kangtae then there would probably be information left behind to the Cross clan that Eres and Keldian, who were of the same time period as Kangtae, had left behind.
It doesn’t seem like we’re in that much of a disadvantage…’
The more Margoth levels there were, the more amount of danger they faced will decrease.
At this rate it wouldn’t be bad for them to join in and put in a little bit of effort.
Ariel pondered for a moment and then shouted out.
“Contact the other two. We’re going as well.”
Yeah… This is actually pretty doable.’
She could just back off if things turned bad.
Since the more desperate ones will always lose out more.
Ariel muttered quietly as she looked at the steel angel that was shining extremely brightly.


It’s too hard to throw out human’s nature.’
Hansoo laughed as he looked at the people who had been attracted by greed.
He would’ve had to drag the Tiradus around if they hadn’t come but they were coming at just the right time.
Hansoo threw the spear into the bright, white Tiradus in the distance.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 3/3.


Next week, we’ll double the number of regular chapters! 3 regular chapters and 3 bonus chapters. We’ll try to make this last for the whole duration of Ekdud’s break (6 chapters every week!) and then fall back to the regular schedule.

Not much to sum up in this chapter, Hansoo being a badass and other clans wanting to join in on the Tiradus fight because they start to think the Cross clan and Hansoo are fighting it because they know what rewards would come out of killing it. And it’s “safe” now with so many new people fighting it (Hansoo + 5 strong Akarons + 3 Ursa Majors from Rerorerore).

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      Even without it, given enough time, that’s possible. If Taesoo had been left alone and not killed back in the first tutorial, he could have healed his amputated leg over time with his mildly regenerative skill.

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