Reincarnator – Chapter 122: Tiradus (6)

Gwanje dragged his bloody body through the Forest of Horns into the deep parts.
…Thank god the Margoths had run away from the Tiradus, I might’ve gotten buried here if they hadn’t’.
Dealing with the few on the way had turned his body into a mess.
Gwanje, after a bit of running, ran into the giant hole which seemed like the Tiradus jumped out from.
Was it sleeping underneath here…’
The hole that the Tiradus smashed through had been melted and welded together due to the heat created by the collision.
Gwanje dragged his sore body as he carefully climbed beneath the hole.
Since there would be a trump card to deal with the Tiradus within this place.
Gwanje couldn’t believe his eyes after he had reached the bottom.
What the hell is this…’
A capsule-shaped machine which resembled a time machine.
There were clear signs of the Tiradus sleeping next to the 5m tall capsule-shaped machine.
Was it protecting this machine?’
Gwanje knew that the current situation was very dire but he couldn’t win over his curiosity as he looked over the machine.
The ability that the fairies gave which allowed them to ignore the wall of language allowed him to even read the mysterious symbols written on the giant capsule.
<Soul Telautograph>.
Gwanje realized that something was wrong as he looked over the Soul Telautograph machine.
A small keypad that was located on a corner of the Soul Telautograph.
And a very important looking graph was slowly turning black.
Usually, positive things weren’t symbolized by the color black.
The original white graph seemed to have turned almost half black.
Damn. It seems like it’s pretty urgent. Anyways… How did the Tiradus have knowledge of an object such as this?’
Gwanje searched the insides of the Soul Telautograph for the object that had been drawn on the carrier pigeon that Hansoo had gave him.
And soon Gwanje found the amber colored gem as he tied it onto the red carrier pigeon and then sent it towards the Cross clan’s area where loud booms were coming from.
…It doesn’t seem like a bomb or something. Why does he need it?’
Gwanje made a confused expression as he looked at the flying carrier pigeon.


Hansoo flung his spear towards the Tiradus which had almost turned black halfway through.
“Who the hell is it!”
Enbi Arin shouted out urgently.
Four of them had created a formation and were suppressing it so it wouldn’t get out.
She knew that they were approaching from afar but why did he suddenly do such a thing?
Hansoo looked over Enbi Arin.
She needs to rest. She shouldn’t fight with her condition.’
“Rest for a bit and then join back. Receive some regeneration runes from those guys over there.”
“We’ll buy some time here.”
Hansoo finished speaking as he stepped forward.
Along with the five Akarons and three from the Rerorerore clan.
Enbi Arin made a strange expression after being pushed into the back.
What the hell is that mismatched group?’
And the Rerorerore clan that had targeted them.
Some random guy who she didn’t even know of.
Enbi Arin couldn’t easily back off at the strange group that had appeared in front of her.
Since it didn’t look like such a group could block the Tiradus.
But then Enbi Arin soon realized that her worries were quite useless.
They’re blocking it much better than me.’
The Rerorerore clansmen who she had labeled to be underneath her had returned at a much stronger level than her.
The Akarons were also very good at dragging around the attention of the Tiradus with their powerful bodies and well coordinated teamwork.
And the mysterious guy who had talked to her was not normal.

… But they can’t kill it like that. Why are they fighting so passively? Are they really just trying to buy time?’
Enbi Arin frowned.
And Arin wasn’t the only person who thought like this.
Akaella shouted out in rage after being smashed back by the Tiradus’s attack.
“You damned bastard! Why aren’t you letting me attack it!”
That thing was so savage to the point where her enhanced strength was barely enough to hold on against it.
She couldn’t hold on for long.
Pouring in a large amount of attacks before she got injured or one of the people who formed the defensive formation got killed was the best choice for decreasing as many casualties as possible.
But Hansoo was controlling her body and even suppressing it whilst attacking the Tiradus himself.
The other two Rerorerore clan Margoth levels were also being controlled..
Fuck! I don’t want to fight for prolonged times against that thing! Is he trying to throw us away here?’
While Akaella was flustered from Hansoo’s actions, Hansoo spoke after getting the attention of the Tiradus by smashing it with his spear.
“Hold on a bit longer. We have to control the amount of damage we give it.”
While Akaella was in confusion, a red carrier pigeon flew in from the deep parts of the Forest.
Hansoo momentarily escaped the range of the Tiradus and caught the carrier pigeon.
He accomplished it in time. Good.’

Hansoo attached the small gem that had arrived through the carrier pigeon onto the tip of Forked Lightning.
Unlike its gem-like appearance, it was quite soft so it got pierced through by the spear and remained on the tip.
Hansoo looked at the gem that had firmly been attached onto the spear as he covered the Forked Lightning with Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement.
Very slightly.
Just so that the gem wouldn’t fall out while it flew.
He then flung the spear towards the Tiradus that was charging towards it.
The Tiradus made a strange metallic sound as it looked at the spear that was flying towards it but then ignored it as it focused on the others.
Though the spear that was flying towards it was fast and accurate, it lacked a very important factor.
With that much power it couldn’t even come close to penetrating its special surface.
The Forked Lightning got embedded within the small gap between the plates on the steel angel.
But only that far.
The spear, which had been embedded into the Tiradus, instantly fell out as it shook its body.

This damned bastard! Do it properly if you’re going to attack.’
Akaella freaked out while she blocked the attack of the Tiradus head on.
Why would he attack if he couldn’t even get its attention?
But Hansoo simply nodded as he looked at the falling spear.
It went in.’
The yellow gem that was on the tip of the spear instantly got absorbed into the body of the Tiradus.
At the same time the slowly creeping up black light instantly disappeared.
Like ink that had been spread on a white surface getting cleaned off.
But the Tiradus didn’t notice its own change as it still rampaged on but the outer appearance was clear to everyone there.
‘The suppression stone works properly.’
Hansoo nodded since he had stopped the 2nd phase of the Tiradus which was the worst part to deal with.
If the Tiradus judged that it had gained enough damage from the opponent then it would use up its remaining energy and go into phase 2.
From defensive phase to assault annihilation phase.
It would be able to stay in that phase for about an hour.
Though it was short, it was more than enough to crush everything that it deemed threatening to itself.
Since the black Tiradus, which would then resemble a devil due to its color, should show off a power that was suitable of its appearance.
Attacking a lot would cause it to turn black and not attacking or weakly attacking it weak would cause them to get killed by the white version.
It was a very annoying existence in many ways.

But since the suppression stone has gone to work, it’s all over.’
The suppression stone forcibly kept it within the first phase.
Now they could attack it as much as they wanted and it wouldn’t go over to its black phase.
At that moment.
A giant chain flew through the air and smashed into the Tiradus.
The Tiradus looked towards the location the chain flew from after getting annoyed.
Enbi Arin, who had been preparing to join back after healing up a bit, also looked at the owner of the chain.
Okonelly clan… Ariel.’
Enbi Arin frowned.
Around 12 Margoth levels had appeared behind that Ariel.
These were all the people the Cross clan had asked for help from.
Enbi Arin spoke while frowning with her pretty eyes.
”Ariel. What a perfect timing. It seems like the carrier pigeon I sent had slowed down because it was feasting on some worms huh?”
Ariel, who had been standing in the very front, shrugged her shoulders.
No need to back down.’
Though these guys were strong, she had 12 other Margoth levels behind her.
It would be a bit hard to argue just over being a bit late.

And the power to decide things aren’t in your hand either.’
“What shall we do? We can back out if you tell us to.”
Ariel smiled in a coyish matter while looking at Hansoo.
It’s a bit unbelievable but… That guy is the leader.’
Ariel realized this fact after watching the fight for a bit from the distance.
Surprisingly, that guy over there who she had never seen before was the leader of the group fighting the Tiradus.
He was leading the Ursa Majors and the Akarons.
Hansoo nodded.
They’re willing to work. No need to stop them.’
This moment when the Tiradus had been tied down by the suppression stone.
The more people they had to attack the better it was.
Hansoo nodded slightly as he started to pour attacks towards the Tiradus.
Ariel smiled towards Enbi Arin and then also started to pour in attacks towards the steel angel.


Ariel made an expression full of expectancy after seeing the Tiradus which had fallen from the skies and had gotten embedded into the ground.
This was the reason why most of the Margoth levels on the Gragos had gathered.
But despite such a large number of people attacking it, it still took a long time to get it down.
Even the Margoth levels of the Cross clan, who were famed of being extremely powerful even out of the Margoth levels, had been turned into a mess while trying to block it.
There should be some form of reward if this thing was that strong.’
And there was another harvest.
Akaella, you must be feeling good after you got that strong.’
Ariel looked at the tired looking Akaella in the distance.
Even a monkey would know how Akaella had gotten that strong.
Body Enhancement Surgery.
I can’t just let the Akarons standing back there go like that either.’
The current moment was very important.
Ariel laughed as she looked at Hansoo.
“The distribution should be fair for everyone right?”
Hansoo shrugged as he replied.
“Of course. I don’t care even if you divide it evenly per person.”
He didn’t need all of its materials anyway.
Since the important part was the catalyst anyway.
With that I’ll be able to create the cure.’
He could finally see the end to this.

At that time numerous carrier pigeons flew in.
Towards Ariel.
5 other clans who she had sent carrier pigeons to while fighting were sending in carrier pigeons as if he had gotten quite close.
Ariel laughed as she looked at the carrier pigeons that flew in at the perfect time.
Cross clan, Rerorerore clan. You guys shouldn’t have retreated your clansmen that far back.’
The distribution wasn’t dependent on who worked harder.
It depended on who was the stronger one.
And… This guy is too dangerous.’
Cross, Rerorerore and even the Akaron.
If she left the guy in front of her eyes alone then a force that couldn’t even be compared to the Rerorerore clan would appear.
Ariel finished her thoughts and spoke towards Hansoo in order to start the fight.
“Good. I have a few more propositions by the way.”
“What is it?”
“I hope you can excuse us and leave the Akarons behind you to us…What are you doing, not even listening to the person speaking?”
Ariel frowned after speaking confidently for a moment.
Since Hansoo fumbled over the corpse of the Tiradus for a moment, pulled out something, mixed it with some things from his pocket and had drunk it like that.
“Mmm. It isn’t much, my body wasn’t feeling that well lately. What did you say anyway?”
Hansoo replied as he heard the pleasant sound of the liquid metal sticking and calming down all around the inside of his body.

Proofreader’s note

Weekly bonus chapter 1/3.

Chapter’s Summary:
– Gwanje found the Tiradus’ base and strange machinery there
– He brought back something to Hansoo that prevents the Tiradus from turning black
– Hansoo destroyed the Tiradus
– Ariel and the other clan leaders want to pressure Hansoo, the Cross clan and the Rerorerore clan using the number of their clansmen near the scene.
– Hansoo is cured from the side effects of the Body Enhancement Surgery by using the ingredient from the Tiradus.

Translator : Ekdud
Proofreader : coyotte508

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