Reincarnator – Chapter 124: Lazar (2)

“What the hell are you thinking? You’re going to deal with that alone?”
Enbi Arin looked at Hansoo with a confused expression.
The giant army with people who were throwing hundreds of carrier pigeons between each other as they advanced.
This wasn’t a normal army.
Every one of them were like the sword masters of fantasy stories.
Though the Otherworld was a damned world, it was very capable at creating superhumans in just a few years.
For him to go up against an army of those people.
There was a difference between bravery and arrogance.
Though he was strong, the thing he was trying to do was far beyond arrogance.
‘…Did he go crazy from eating that strange thing from before?’
Hansoo laughed from those words.
“Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be that hard.”


“Damnit! How much damage did we receive from one person!”
Akon, the person who had become the leader of the Okonelly clan instead of Ariel, shouted out in rage.
5 days.
The clan alliance had searched around this forest of horns in order to find them.
There was nothing to fear.
Since the Margoths had all run away due to the sudden Tiradus and the original Cross clan had also received large amounts of damage.
And he was here.
It wasn’t that they brought some random 9000 people.
They had only brought the capable 9000 from numerous clans.
But soon he realized that he had a huge misconception of the situation.
They had done battles so far but they had never fought a war.
Hnng… I didn’t know there was this much of a difference.’
Akon clutched his head.
He had experienced numerous fights alone, with ten people and even with a hundred people.
But he had quickly reached his limit as he was trying to control thousands of people hand to hand with people from the other clans.
Orders weren’t passed around properly and their formation was weak.
And even more so since the Margoth level adventurers didn’t have many people that could contact them  since they wanted to have good relations with other Margoths. [PR: Amount of people who can save you as a receiver with the carrier pigeons is limited]
He couldn’t even get a clear idea of how much damage they had received.
Damn. He won’t amount to much if we fought head on!’
That guy understood their flaw in communication as he was hitting and retreating constantly.
He smashed apart the weak links and left alone large groups.
Just kill them! It’s even harder since we have to treat those guys!>

<Damn! 15th legion is falling back! 9 out of 18 wounded!>
<82nd legion also falling back. Crap! We can see a Capucio nearby!>
Akon grinded his teeth at the messages that were flying to him.
The people who had been attacked by him suffered for an entire day due to the pores that got attached on their bodies.
It was intense since regeneration runes and skills had no effect on them.
They couldn’t leave the wounded in the dangerous Forest of Horns.
Since this place was still dangerous despite some Margoths leaving.
Due to this the Akarons which they expected to find in 2 days couldn’t be found anywhere.
And there was another thing that was making Akon and the clansmen uneasy.
The Gragos was constantly crying out and heading towards somewhere.
The daily life of the Gragos was usually very simple.
Roam around, drink some lava, rest, roam some more.
Akon had stayed in the Orange zone for 3 years but something like this had never happened.
He would ignore most things but he could only feel uneasy since that giant monster was acting this way.
The smaller clans had already bored deep within its flesh just in case the Gragos was preparing to roll.
Deep enough that the lava wouldn’t be able to penetrate even if it rolled.
And certain groups within their army were also discussing this matter.
A dilemma in many ways.

…Do we have to give up?’
He didn’t expect to get pushed back this far from one guy but the signs were there.
That further chase would be very hard.
But Akon strengthened his resolve and shook his head.
No, we have to catch him.’
This was already a huge failure and a blow to his pride.
And another thing.
…What if they ally with the Akarons.’
Akon actually freaked out after seeing Hansoo fight.
It wasn’t because of the body enhancement surgery.
The strange method that could control that powerful Akaella like a slave.
If he creates an army with the Body Enhancement Surgery and increase its size infinitely then… It’ll be a calamity.’
This Orange Zone will become his empire.
A slave empire of only his slaves.


“They wouldn’t give up that easily.”
Hansoo nodded at Oteon’s words.
As I thought… Controlling the others like slaves is very risky.’
One thing that humans feared as much as death was the lack of freedom.
Even a Lord’s trait couldn’t control the clansman the way they wanted.
And they wouldn’t even if they could.
I used them because I needed them but I should be careful from now on.’
Hansoo organized his thoughts, looked at his body which was slowly healing back up as he started to finish off the job he had with the priest.
The cure for the Gragos which had been infected by the Calamity of Death.
We would arrive at the Lazar safely if we’re lucky but… I have to prepare just in case.’
Numerous materials, medicines from the priest and the Great Priest bubbled along with the core of the Tiradus.
Soon Hansoo nodded as he looked at the shimmering white liquid.

Enbi Arin and Sofia asked Hansoo after discussing something between themselves for a moment.
“By the way, why are you trying so much? There’s not much profit for you.”
They knew how Hansoo was trying extremely hard but they didn’t know what his true goal was.
But one thing was clear.
He’s not doing this for his own benefit.’
Due to Hansoo hunting from time to time while running around the Forest of Horns, his runes were quickly being raised up.
Even more so since Enbi Arin and the others who already filled up their runes helped him.
It’s extremely fast. Since he almost filled up 20% within a week.’
But one thing was clear to them.
That he could’ve gotten much stronger than he is now if he focused on getting stronger.
Killing the Tiradus or helping the Akaron had no relations to Hansoo.
Akaella added from the side.
“Maybe he wants to play king. By collecting soldiers like this. How about taking over the Orange Zone? It wouldn’t be hard. Oh by the way treat me like the queen of a chess board at least. Even if we’re all slaves someone at my level would…Akk!”
“Shut up for a moment.”
Enbi Arin pushed away the babbling mouth of Akaella as she gazed at Hansoo.
She could not see through him at all.
“Is that really it?”
Struggling to do something he couldn’t was very weird.
Like a normal human trying to fly like a bird.
But Hansoo wanting to play king was not that weird.
Though it wouldn’t be that fun.’

The moment Hansoo was about to speak after pondering briefly.
A huge vibration shook the entire Gragos.
“Embed yourselves onto the ground!”
But the Akarons just stood on the ground as they tied their bodies down with the previously prepared tree vines without freaking out.
The vibration couldn’t even be comparable to a normal earthquake.
Sofia’s expression turned grim.
Since she had felt something like this before.
As soon as she had arrived at the Orange Zone.
“…You knew about this huh.”
Hansoo nodded at Sofia’s words.
“I didn’t say it out loud since you guys would be scared but I did expect it.”
There’s nothing much we can do even if we knew it anyway.’
White lion, Lazar.
A divine beast which had tried to maintain its prideful stature even after getting infected by the Calamity of Death.
Many Gragoses who were still struggling had still stayed around the Lazar.
The Gragos who wanted to eat up the living flesh of the Gragos and cure the Calamity of Death which was slowly eating up their body.
The giant Gragoses who wanted to eat Lazar until the end still stayed around the general area.

The giant bull was crying out a much different sound than it had before.
And Enbi Arin and Sofia exclaimed out in surprise after seeing the surroundings through the giant eye they had sent up a few kilometers in the sky.
“Holy mother of…”
They couldn’t see everything clearly since they had sent the eye too far up but this was still enough.
Another Gragos was eating the buttocks of the giant Gragos.
A leopard-shaped Gragos who had half its lower body blackened already.
And that wasn’t it
From the distance, giant mountains were slowly approaching them while crossing the clouds.
It looked like the end of the world.
Numerous types of beast-shaped Gragoses who had numerous dark spots on their body.
One resembled a snake and another resembled a bear.
One resembled a sloth and another a monkey.
The only similarity was that they were all humongous.
They were dragging their half paralysed body and roared out in pain as they were very slowly heading towards the bull.
As if this was the only place where they had hope.
“…You brought the Gragos over here even after expecting this? Are you insane? It doesn’t matter even if you have the cure!”
Akaella cried out as she was watching the same thing.
The leopard shaped Gragos which was biting onto the ubll.
Lava fell down from the skies like hails and everytime the two Gragosses collided a shockwave which felt like a giant meteor falling onto the ground shook the entire Gragos.
They had to get through this, get on top of that Gragos and directly insert the cure.
Even if they had a lot they might not succeed.
Since humans will all get swept away even if they were to get hit by the flaming hails.

Hansoo chuckled.
“Don’t worry about it, you guys stay here and just eat some snacks. Here.”
Hansoo then threw the Graphite candies which he had received a lot of from Gwanje.
“…You kept some huh. I kind of put a lot of effort in making it.”
Gwanje, who stayed next to Hansoo due to him having no confidence to get through the surrounding formations around the Forest of Horns despite his wife having woken up, looked at Hansoo with a dumbfounded expression.
Hansoo ignored him as he simply just stared at Akaella and Gwanje.
And asked himself weirdly.
I’m still confused. I don’t know if these guys are worthy of going up alive.”
From the example of the Light Monarch and Dark Mad Lord, there were plenty of humans who would be of harm if they were kept alive.
And he would need to wipe those guys off after getting to the Yellow Zone.
The only difference between them and Akaella was the degree of their actions, there wasn’t much difference to Hansoo since they were both bad.
But Eres once told him.
<The environment is what caused it. This environment turned them vicious and the fairies turned them into beasts. If we can create a positive environment then those people will clearly be able to stay humane. Please, kill as least as possible.>
Well. Eres I’m not sure but… Since you’re almost never wrong, I’ll trust you again this time.’
Hansoo finished his thoughts as he prepared a large amount of the cure by his waist.
He just needed to insert a single drop into the deep parts into its brain.
Then the cure will eat up the Calamity of Death and spread out through its whole body.
It’s just that this feat is very hard.

Shall I go earn my pay.’
He had came back alone after leaving behind three of his friends.
If only counting the ability to gather others then Eres or Keldian would be much better than him.
If Eres or Keldian had been in the same zone as him at this time then he would not be able to beat the clan Eres or Keldian made.
But there were certain things they couldn’t do so he had come.
Things that were impossible as a human.
The Racial Metamorphosis which had cooled down and had abnormally increased a large amount in mastery started to fill up his body.
The strength which had been enhanced by the Body Enhancement Surgery rose up from the very depths of his body.
A strength which wasn’t even comparable to the past due to the increased amount of runes.
Hansoo prepared his spear and then spoke to the others.
“Hide well.”
“Hey! Are you crazy! You didn’t even fill up your runes! You’re barely at 20%!”
Hansoo laughed towards Sofia.
And swallowed up the words he was about to say.
Don’t worry, I have a friend.’
Hansoo then looked towards a location around the tail part of the Gragos.


The sky was split and the ground flipped upside down.
“Damnit! Hey! Are you crazy! Why are you standing there! It’s dangerous! We need to get below!”
Arc Mariangt shouted towards Sangjin.
Shit. I’m the crazy one. Why am I worrying about him anyway!’
Arc Mariangt then looked at her surroundings.
The tail of the Gragos smashed through the earth like a whip of the gods.
No, even without the tail the simple shockwave from the collision of the two Gragos made her whole body feel like it was just getting crushed.
She needed to get away as fast as possible.
And hide somewhere very deep within the Gragos.
While the heaven and earth were in flames, Sangjin laughed at Arc Mariangt while looking towards the Forest of Horns.
“There’s something I need to give to my friend. He’s going to need this so. Go ahead without me.”
Sangjin then looked at the countless runes gathered on his wrist.

Proofreader’s note

Regular chapter 1/3.

Another Gragos attacked the Bull-shaped Gragos everyone is living on. This is because a lot of Gragos are roaming around the White Lion, Lazar, which is where the priestess is leading the Bull-shaped Gragos to.

Hansoo is going to stop that Gragos, after picking up something from Sangjin.

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Proofreader : coyotte508

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