Reincarnator – Chapter 125: Lazar (3)

Some things fell from the skies like meteors.
Trees, boulders and Margoths that were on the skin of the Gragos which had fallen from the Gragos shaking its body.
A person was standing in the midst of the heaven and earth getting destroyed.
Arc Mariangt. Why is this woman not leaving until the end.’
The relationship between Hansoo and him had not been found out, at least not yet.
Well. I do want to stay by his side too.’
Everyone else had run away.
Sangjin was lost in thought as he looked at the falling skies in the distance.
When he was young.
He had always spent his time watching hero movies.
And thought to himself.
One day, he wanted to become somebody who shined light upon others.
Even if nobody knew about it.
Well. Isn’t that cooler?’
Sangjin smiled.
The world he used to live in, it would be impossible for such a thing to happen.
Since such things wouldn’t be possible for a cog.
And since he was a cog that didn’t even matter.
While he was thinking of numerous things, something charged through the falling debris.
A bright golden light.
With a dark aura surrounding it.
Woo. That’s fucking cool no matter how many times I see it. I should get something like that when I get the chance. Violet is a bit tacky.’
Sangjin laughed at the charging golden line that was approaching him through the earth which was getting smashed apart.
He didn’t know what Hansoo was running towards at the very beginning.
But he thought that he now had a slight idea of what it was.
It’s amazing. Thank you.’
Sangjin smiled.
While thinking that he had gotten on a very nice boat.


“Dodge it! Fall back! Get back deeper!”
“Damnit! This much was still not safe!”
The Okonelly clan who were hidden deep within the buttocks of the Gragos freaked out.
Since the ant tunnels they were in started to get ripped apart as a whole.
The dark ant tunnels collapsed as they disappeared.
And Jichan almost fell down onto his knees from the sight that appeared in front of him.
Crunch Crunch
The flesh of the Gragos where their ant tunnels were had been chewed off as a whole.
And it was disappearing into the leopard’s mouth which was easily few kilometers big.
The thousands of people who hadn’t been able to escape from the Gragos’s flesh started get sucked into the leopard’s mouth.
But these were all adventurers who roamed around the Otherworld.
Everyone had a few tricks up their sleeves.
They used numerous skills to fly or jumped in order to get onto the bull-shaped Gragos.
Few pondered for a moment since the distance was too great and just jumped into the leopard instead.
In order to just live upon the skin of the leopard.
But in conclusion, both of these decisions weren’t good ones.

The bull shaped Gragos couldn’t handle it any longer as it raised its front legs and smashed the leopard.
It had gotten angry after having a chunk of its buttock flesh getting chewed off.
The leopard, which had been hit by the bull, fell into the lava.
The problem was after this.
A shockwave rang out with the location where the leopard fell as the center.
The shock wave from the leopard created numerous splatters of lava which flew into the skies and assaulted the bodies of both the leopard and the bull.
As well as the people above them.
The people who were swept up by the lava only left behind echoes of screams as they disappeared into the Heringsen.
And it wasn’t much different for those who survived through it.
No, it was actually worse for them.
These people died as their whole bodies were burnt by the lava as they petrified along with the lava.
Like those who couldn’t escape the volcano’s eruption in Pompeii.
The people who had barely survived within the ant tunnels looked at this scene with dumbfounded expressions.
Since they realized how small and insignificant they were.
They weren’t even at the level of a parasite.

“Damn. The area which we tried so hard to take over… Just got chomped up by that thing in a single go.
The 2nd area for the dispute between the clans for the past 5 years, which was full of body fluids and was quite safe from the Baladis, had disappeared in an instant.
Along with around 6 smaller clans who had taken over this area recently.
Deeper! We need to get deeper!’
Jichan clenched his teeth as he started to run deeper.
This place was dangerous.
Since the leopard was preparing to pounce again.
The moment Jichan prayed that the leopard bit onto another location as he started to run.
Something came into Jichan’s view.
Something was charging towards him at extreme speeds while shining with a gold light.
Uh? Uhhh?’
Jichan unconsciously took a step back from the oppressive aura.
And then a chill ran down his back from that aura.
Jichan turned around instinctively in order to search for a location to run away to.
A cliff was behind him.
Though there wasn’t anywhere to run, the aura of the golden thing was vicious enough to make him forget that.
But Jichan regretted looking behind him.
Since he saw the leopard opening its mouth widely towards the area where he was standing at.
The bull raised its hind legs in order to kick away the leopard.
The ant tunnels started to vibrate intensely as if an earthquake occurred.
Jichan lost his balance while going back and forth between the golden existence and the leopard as he got flung out from the vibration.
Jichan fell as he made a dejected expression.
The most prominent memories ran by his head while he was falling towards the Heringsen.
He had fought the people charging towards him desperately and killed them.
He had fought battles in order to gain the lacking body fluids.
Since he didn’t want to die and the environment was too harsh for him to not be selfish.

…Damn. I wanted to find my father.’
At that moment.
He felt his body being lifted up.
Though his body was already in air, he felt something lifting up his body.
A single voice was heard in Jichan’s ears.
“Go in.”
Jichan had been flung back into the ant tunnels
Jichan caught his balance and desperately grasped the walls of the ant tunnels.
Since the sensation of the fall was still running through him.
Jichan caught his breath as he got suspicious of his own eyes at the person who had flung him.
The golden line, which had thrown him, was flying towards the mouth of the leopard in the distance.
“Insane…Hey! What are you doing! Where are you going man!”
Jichan hurriedly shouted but the golden line had long disappeared into the mouth of the leopard.


Hansoo landed on top of the leopard’s teeth as he plunged his hands into the white teeth and stabilized himself.
Though it was a very sturdy teeth that could easily chew up the flesh of the giant Gragos but it was smashed apart like tofu in front of Hansoo’s strength.
Hansoo repositioned himself as he looked around.
The whole world was in chaos.
Lava was clashing from all around as numerous debris that fell from the Gragos rained down while ablaze.
And they constantly smashed onto this body.
The extremely hot lava rain, which had killed hundreds of people, smashed onto his body but he withstood it.
It’s nice.’
Hansoo nodded at the strength of the completely filled up runes.
The difference between 20% and 100% was like heaven and earth.
Power was overflowing from every part of his body.
The mana, which he always lacked, made the thickness of the Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement like a castle’s walls.
He felt invincible no matter who he went up against.
Except the problem was that humans weren’t his opponents.

The strengthened Demonic Dragon’s Reinforcement blocked off the heat from the lava.
The Thousand Soldiers Armor seemed like it was proving to be the best armor in the world as it kept its shape despite the countless debris smashing into it.
But he had to withstand the projectiles of lava with his own strength.
Hoook. Hook.’
The leopard’s mouth was constantly moving in order to chew up the bull.
Due to this the rocky skin of the Gragos and the lava was swirling around its mouth constantly.
A force which would’ve easily turned him flat smashed onto Hansoo’s body.
He felt like a small fly being blended up with numerous other things within a giant blender.
But Hansoo wasn’t flung off as he intensely clenched onto his teeth, smashed his legs into the teeth and climbed up towards the top of its mouth.
If I didn’t receive the Body Enhancement Surgery then I would’ve been flung off numerous times huh.’
Thunk. Kuthunk.
The three hearts ruthlessly pumped blood throughout his whole body.
The golden scales and the black mana melted and deflected off the flying debris.
Hansoo withstood the storm as he went past its mouth and headed towards its nose.
The vibration was still the same within the nose but he could at least dodge the storm of lava.
I wonder if this is what the adventurers feel after dodging a giant storm.
Well his situation was a bit worse since one’s legs and arms wouldn’t get broken from getting hit by a bit of rain.
Hansoo caught his breath as he looked at his broken right arm and left leg.
A result of him deflecting a flying debris.
Hansoo used a bit of strength and fixed the position of the broken arm and leg.
Then the silvery liquid started to madly fill up the broken location.

Hansoo got up after his legs and arms healed to the point where he could move them.
No time to rest.’
Hansoo flung off the lava burning on his body as he cut through the humidity that was coming off from all around as he headed deep into the leopard’s body.
Hansoo, who had been running through the nose where its breath was storming like a hurricane, touched the surface of the wall.
The inner flesh and turned completely black.
Calamity of Death.
All the Akarons thought of this disease as the side effect of creating the Body Enhancement Surgery.
But he knew.
Since he had read Elkadion’s memory crystal.
He knew why the Calamity of Death had appeared.
Elkadion… An Akaron who roamed the Abyss in order to atone for his sins.’
Hansoo ran through the already dead inner parts of the Gragos.
Through the hole devoid of Baladis and parasites, that only had huge vibrations and sounds rushing through.

His goal was seen after a long run.
Found it, It’s as it was written down.’
Soul Telautograph.
The capsule shaped object on the insides of the Gragos where nothing else existed looked a bit different from what Gwanje saw.
Since it was still working very well.
At that moment.
Hansoo blocked a powerful blow and then smashed the thing which had attacked him.
You came out.’
Hansoo muttered as he looked at the Tiradus which he had turned more than halfway black with a single attack.
The final obstacle.
And a guardian created in order to defend the <Soul Telautograph>.
<The Calamity of Death was not created because of the Body Enhancement Surgery I made. It’s just that I woke up something I should not have.>
Hansoo started to think of the things written down in Elkadion’s memory crystal.

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