Reincarnator – Chapter 126: Lazar (4)


After the great patriarch, Mekido, killed the Tiradus.
I gained the chance to study and research the Tiradus that no one else had been given the opportunity to.
But the more I researched the more I found out that something was strange.
It was not a lifeform which could be created naturally.
This was closer to an artificial being than a lifeform.
Something created for war.
I realized that I didn’t have enough information as I went deep within the Lazar in order to find the remnants of the Tiradus.
Then I found a strange machine called the Soul Telautograph.
Since nobody could get into this place before, nobody had known about this.
The Tiradus seemed like it had been created to defend this.
No, I was sure of this.
Since the locations of all other Telautographs were shown on the Telautograph and that location was the same as the location where the unique Margoth, Tiradus, had been standing by for a long time.
I couldn’t hold in my surprise after looking over the machine under Mekido’s guard.
There were clear instructions on controlling the essence of the giant creature, Gragos, stored within it.
Priceless information that even I, who had researched countless things, had never seen before.
I was extremely excited after I gained this intel.
Since I would be able to create and perfect the Body Enhancement Surgery that I had dreamt of and only hypothesized.
Once I complete the Body Enhancement Surgery then we wouldn’t get chased around by the Margoths and the Akarons will reach a golden age.
From the mindset of a researcher and the hope of strengthening the clan, I searched around the machine more in order to gain more information and researched the essence of the Gragos.
And then I completed the Body Enhancement Surgery.

But even before I saw that result helping the clan, the Calamity had hit.
Since the machine had started to work after my endless fiddling.
And then I finally realized what this machine had been created to do.
There was only one thing this machine did.
<Pull out the essence of the Gragos and send it somewhere else.>
No, It wouldn’t matter even if it was the Gragos.
This machine had the ability to automatically analyze lifeforms with huge amounts of energy or highly important information.
So it could pull out something from the target efficiency.
And the reason why the information regarding the essence of the Gragos was within it was the machine’s automatic process over the countless years.
My greed for information had started up the machine and… Every machine that was spread around started up at the same time.
I smashed apart the machine as soon as possible but it was too late.
The telautograph had already inserted the toxins into the body of the Gragos since it had already analyzed the giant beast.
The toxin to paralyze it in order to pull out the essence from it efficiency.
And then the Calamity of Death which led to the downfall of us, the Akarons, had started.
I tried to smash the other telautographs in order to slow down the process but this wasn’t easy as well.
Since the Tiradus were tremendously strong opponents even for the Akarons who had their bodies enhanced.
And the black Tiradus, which was the final barrier that guarded the machine, was…
The Akarons had been massacred by the black Tiradus and the Gragoses suffered from the toxins from the machines as they fell one by one.
Oh god, what have I done.
Just for some powerful body!
Because I touched that machine…Our race embarked upon a path of extinction.
I must atone for my sins.
This is why…


Hansoo shook his head.
There was only a single reason why the bull-shaped Gragos had survived.
It had survived because the Telautograph had been broken.
A few more Gragoses had survived the same way as this but they slowly died out from the attacks of others.
There was a reason why the Tiradus killed off the Margoths.
They had done so since the telautograph may get broken if the Gragos rolled due to lack of body fluids.
It was an order given to it after the telautograph had analyzed the patterns and habits of the Gragos.
…Get rid of that Tiradus and insert the liquid into the core of the telautograph.’
Hansoo then looked at the transparent liquid in his pocket.
The moment this is inserted the telautograph will send out a counteracting formula to the Calamity of Death instead of it.
It would work without the machine but the machine will hasten the process of it.
Hansoo finished his thoughts as he looked at the completely black Tiradus.
I need to hurry.’
The inner parts of the Gragos where Hansoo was standing was vibrating much more aggressively than before.
The black Tiradus which had turned into a killer machine without any emotion stared at Hansoo expressionlessly for a moment and then shot out a ray of light.
It didn’t use this usually due to its high energy usage but once it got into assault mode then it would focus everything it has onto destroying its opponent.
There wasn’t a need for it to be scared either.
Speed of light.
It wasn’t dodgeable.
The ray of beam penetrated through Hansoo and even the darkened inner wall of the Gragos.
There weren’t any sounds either.
The location where the ray went through melted down due to the extremely high temperatures and soon an endlessly long and dark tunnel was created from the ray.

At that moment.
A golden spear flew through the light and then smashed into the Tiradus.
The Tiradus and the spear, which could penetrate through anything until now, collided and created a loud sound.
Hansoo frowned as he looked through the steam and the dust.
As I expected, it’s a bit hard without the suppressing stone.’
The assault mode simply would burn the yearly amount of energy within a single hour.
The mysterious energy floating around the body of the Tiradus instantly dispersed the mana reinforcement upon the golden spear.
Hansoo felt his golden scales which had melted slightly from the beam, clicked his tongue and then jumped up.
The Tiradus saw this and started to assault Hansoo with endless amounts of rays.
The black nails of the Tiradus smashed through the Thousand Soldiers Armor.
And it had even smashed through the golden scales and penetrated into Hansoo’s enhanced body.
The black Tiradus really lived up to its fame.
Hansoo grasped the hand that was digging into his body and smashed it with the Forked Lightning.
It had such a powerful protection aura around it then it still maintained its shape after being smashed by the spear head on.

But even if it wasn’t broken, it couldn’t absorb all of the force.
The nails got pulled out from the hands of the Tiradus from the force.
The Tiradus saw its nailed get pulled out, judged Hansoo to be formidable and then backed off.
Black fiber like materials grew out from the location where the nails got pulled out from but they started to entwine and criss cross as they created a new set of nails.
At a speed visible to the naked eye.
Hansoo clicked his tongue.
It would take an hour for it to run out of energy.
But if he were to fight against this thing for an hour then almost half the people above the Bull would die out.
He needed to insert the cure quickly.
…End it quickly.’
Hansoo started to gather all of his mana onto the tip of the spear.
He pulled back the mana which he had sent into the Thousand Soldiers Armor and instead poured it into the Pandemic Blade.
He also pulled back the mana which was reinforcing the dragon scales as he used it to sharpen the tip of the spear.
The fortress of defense around Hansoo’s body started to disappear.
Hansoo prepared himself and looked at the Tiradus which had regenerated its nails and was charging towards him.
The nails which had penetrated right through the Thousand Soldiers Armor and the scales.
Hansoo clenched down onto his teeth as he saw this.
I just need to… Keep my life!’

Hansoo swung the Forked Lightning on his hands the moment he finished thinking.
Though it was small compared to a Margoth, the Tiradus was still 10m tall.
The Tiradus started to focus all of its energy on its body onto the tip of its nails.
Most adventurers would get smashed apart by this.
But the Tiradus felt as if it wasn’t enough as it poured the year’s worth of energy within its core onto the tip of the nails.
This almost 2m long spear of a nail flew through the air and smashed into Hansoo’s body.
He tried to dodge the attack from getting to his heart but simply being grazed had smashed one apart and half of another.
His innards had melted and got stuck to each other from the energy within the nails.
But Hansoo just laughed.
Since he had seen his spear reach his target.
The spear which had flown above its nail smashed onto the small gem located in between the center of its chest and its head.
Its greatest weakness.
The location where the core and the neural control system intersected.
The Forked Lightning, which had upon it all the energy from Hansoo’s body, smashed apart the three defenses outside of the Tiradus as well as the 7 alloy walls created to defend its weakness.
The Pandemic Blade was a vicious mana parasite that ate up anything, including things that weren’t alive.

As the Pandemic blade exploded out it melted down everything within the body of the Tiradus.
An extremely loud noise came out from the insides of the black Tiradus.
Thankfully the Tiradus which had its nail skewered through Hansoo and was making minced meat out of him stopped moving.
This is why mechanisms are very nice to go against.’
Living things will try to finish off what it had been doing even if its weakness had been smashed apart.
But mechanisms will have something in its body which will allow someone to stop it immediately in case something went wrong.
Hansoo chuckled as he looked at his current situation.
I almost got chopped apart in two.’
Hansoo clenched down his teeth and pulled his body out from the nails.
Then the silver liquid poured out and started to fill up the mess of a hole.
Good, it’s healing.’
This is why he received the surgery.
The human body wouldn’t be able to heal itself after a certain moment and instead continue to get worse.
But the body of those who received the Body Enhancement Surgery was different.
Though they weren’t immortal, they would get better as long as they were still alive.
The Body Enhancement Surgery and the hearts were slowly turning Hansoo’s body back to normal.
That’s done then.’
After he healed enough to be able to walk, he pulled out the cure from his pockets and walked towards the soul telautograph.
He then dropped a single drop of the cure onto the core of the telautograph.

Soon the machine started making loud noises and went into work.
The darkened inner walls started to quickly turn white with the telautograph as the center.
Now this Gragos will fall into slumber.
Until its body was completely healed.
Almost there.’
Just a single stage was left.
Curing Lazar.
But… It won’t be easy.’
Hansoo looked at the soul telautograph and the corpse of the Tiradus.


“Uh? It’s backing off!”
Sofia and Enbi Arin, who had been looking at the leopard with worry, sighed a breath of relief along with everyone else.
You did it Hansoo.’
Their whole body was full of injuries.
They had turned into a mess just from standing atop of the bull while it had been fighting.
Though they didn’t show it, everyone was prepared for death.
Actually there were some people who had questions while everyone else was cheering.
Ariel and the clan leaders who had been caught as a hostage.
Due to what Hansoo had told her before he left.
<There’s going to be a lot of things you would need to do from now on.>
There’s going to be a lot of things I would need to do? What could I do?’
What could she during the moment when this giant Gragos was fighting with another giant Gragos?
At that moment the priestess, who had been standing at the highest location on the Gragos, shouted out.
“It’s Lazar! We’ve arrived at the location where the Divine Beast Lazar has fallen to slumber!”
Everyone looked towards the location where the bull was heading towards from Oteon’s shouts.
At that time Hansoo landed near them with a huge shockwave.
Sofia looked at Hansoo with a worrisome expression.
Since his entire body was a mess.
But Ariel giggled as she looked at Hansoo and spoke out.
“You’re suffering a lot by yourself huh? Thank you for the work.”
Hansoo looked at Ariel with a confused expression.
“I told you earlier. That there’s a lot of things you would need to do.”
Ariel made an extremely uneasy expression from Hansoo’s reply.

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Chapter Summary:
– We learn some of the background story regarding the Tiradus and the Calamity of Death
– Hansoo is epically fighting the black Tiradus and putting everything on the line to win
– The attacking Gragos is cured and will slumber for a few days the time to fully heal
– The bull-shaped Gragos is still heading towards Lazar
– Ariel is going to regret making fun of Hansoo

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