Reincarnator – Chapter 132: Infection(1)

When Hansoo returned, Taruhol was making booming noises as he was smashing the energy barrier around the Soul Telautograph.
The final attack of Taruhol smashed the barrier as Taruhol quickly opened up the capsule.
He had heard the method already from Hansoo.
Sit on the seat of the Soul Telautograph.
Place the Crown of Thorns on his head.
Then all the authority will fall under Taruhol.
The Akarons who were suffering in agony and had their battle prowess deeply lessened were receiving tremendous amounts of casualties because they were holding back the Akadus.
The Humans as well.
Hansoo sighed in relief as he saw Taruhol enter the capsule from afar.
Good. Is the Orange Zone completed for now then?’
The Orange Zone is basically over once the process of achieving the Crown to control the Akadus has been completed.
Since healing Lazar and the other Gragos would be a piece of cake with the Crown of Thorns in his hands.
He would just need to get the Akadus to kill the black Tiradus inside the Gragos and just insert the cure like that.

Taruhol sat upon the Soul Telautograph.
And then he placed the Crown onto his head with a joyous expression.
With this…We will be another step closer towards the recovery of the Akarons.’
The moment Taruhol placed the Crown onto his head a change occurred
The thorns on the Crown of Thorns extended out explosively.
The hundreds of thorns pierced into the head of the Taruhol which it was sitting on.
Taruhol’s skin, which had the strength of a Margoth-level person, couldn’t handle the thorns as the thorns pierced straight through.
A tremendous amount of pain.
But Taruhol clenched onto his teeth and held on.
This is nothing…’
At the same time the Soul Telautograph Taruhol was sitting on started to react.
Something came out from the bodies of the dead Akarons and got sucked into the Soul Telautograph.
One by one.
The Soul Telautograph acted up and vibrated with a strange noise and the black Crown of Thorns upon Taruhol’s head started to slowly turn red.
Hansoo saw this as he frowned.
…I haven’t heard of a stage like that. Do we need to take more caution about this?’
Such things weren’t written down in Elkadion’s memory crystal.

When Hansoo was pondering whether to stop the process or not.
A huge noise was heard from the tunnel Hansoo was standing in.
Crap, already?’
The golden Akadus who had already handled the humans were charging as 10 golden rays.
It seems like 2 had been smashed apart while fighting the humans but 10 was still a formidable number.
Hansoo held tightly onto his spear and blocked their path.
And then smashed them as they flew into him.
All ten golden rays suddenly turned their ways and charged at Hansoo from the huge shockwave.
Hansoo pulled up all the mana within his body and started to fight them.
Tsk, there was nothing to ponder about.’
Hansoo mumbled from the force that had smashed onto his side and was penetrating through the scales.
If they couldn’t use the Crown then they would die by the Akadus anyway.
Hansoo’s right arm was deflected up from the attacks of 3 Akadus.
A completely defenseless state.
2 of the Akadus took advantage of the situation and charged towards Hansoo in order to smash apart his heart and intestines.

At that moment.
All the silver Akadus that were causing a massacre from all around suddenly stopped.
At the time the 10 golden Akadus which had been assaulting Hansoo all stopped and fell down from the skies like powerless moths.
Hansoo nodded as he saw this.
It’s done.’
Hansoo mumbled as he looked at Taruhol who was standing up from his seat with a posture of a king with the completely red Crown of Thorns upon his head.


“Oh my…”
Taruhol’s body shook from the countless amounts of information that flew into his head.
…This is why Hansoo told me that the Akaron with the most powerful body was needed.’
Information from hundreds of thousands of Akadus.
And the energy that needed to give various commands and orders to these.
There was a tremendous amount of stress upon his body and his brain.
At this command all the Akadus returned to the place they had come out from.
Hansoo looked at Taruhol and asked him as Taruhol approached him.
“How do you feel?”
Taruhol laughed as he replied.
“It’s amazing. It really feels like I’ve become a king. By the way there’s something I want to talk about the contract…”
Hansoo started to prepare for an emergency situation just in case from Taruhol’s words.
There was one thing about the contract between him and the Akarons.
Hansoo would give them the Crown of Thorns.
And the Akarons would provide humans the Body Enhancement Surgery.
And he would place a soul fragment onto the person with the Crown of Thorns as a safety measure.
The Akaron with the soul fragment wouldn’t side with the Akarons or the Humans and instead act as a mediator between the two.
Like Elkadion who wanted to stop all aggression with absolute strength.
But thoughts could always change.
No, that God made living creatures this way from the start.
The Taruhol before and after attaining the Crown of Thorns could have different thoughts.
And the final scene that wasn’t in the memory crystal kept on bugging him.
If he were to break the contract…’

But unlike Hansoo’s thoughts, Taruhol simply laughed as he spoke.
“Hurry and plant that soul fragment onto my head. It’s finally time for me to pay you back. Anyways, you aren’t gonna make me do anything weird right?”
Hansoo loosened up from Taruhol’s joke and spoke.
“Don’t worry, there wouldn’t really be a need for me to meddle in much.”
Hansoo pulled out a small Soul Fragment from his head and then shoved it into Taruhol’s body.
Taruhol made an uncomfortable expression from the sensation of the Soul Fragment going into his body.
It’s not really the greatest feeling in the world huh.’
But if the Akarons and Humans could coexist with this then Taruhol was content with that.
Since there wouldn’t be a need to fight anymore.
The Margoths would now get blown away by the Akarons as if they were leaves and once they heal the other Gragos then there would be plenty of food and land to live upon.
If one didn’t like another then they could just go live on another Gragos.
Soon, there will be peace. Finally.’
Taruhol, who had been uplifted from the thought of peace, hurriedly asked Hansoo.
“You need to finish your job, what are you going to do?”
Hansoo handed him the cure as he spoke.
“Use this cure to heal the Lazar and the Other Gragos. We will organize this place while you do this.”
Oteon nodded at those words.
There was a lot to do.
They needed to get to the Holy Land, rebuild the Great Temple and prepare living spaces for the Akarons.
Similar things for Hansoo as well.
Since the aftermath of a war was more important than the war itself.

Taruhol took the Akadus and headed off as soon as he heard this.
And the remaining Oteon laughed as she spoke.
“There’s something we need to do before that. The final part of the contract.”
Hansoo nodded at Oteon’s words and slowly walked towards the Soul Telautograph capsule.
Hansoo placed his hands upon the location on the capsule where the Crown used to be
And as he controlled the liquid metal with the mana codes from the memory crystal, a secret compartment inside the capsule opened up.
This is it huh.’
Hansoo pulled out the short sword from the compartment.
The holy artifact of the Akarons.
And the symbol of strength that only the person who had become the Great Patriarch could use.
<Dragon Essence Blade>.
As a tradition, the Garde-Barongs would prove their strength by taking out the hardest part of the Margoths they killed and fuse them together with the technique of the temple.
This alone would create a formidable artifact but this went a step further.
One would insert the Dragon Essence Blade in the center of the Great Temple where the essence of the White Lion, Lazar, stormed and make it absorb the energy.
The moment one puts the completed Dragon Essence Blade into their body they would receive the energy of the Margoth’s body and the Gragos’s essence.
It was the first time Oteon was seeing this as well since it was always within the body of the Great Patriach.
Though it’s the Akaron’s holy artifact….’

Oteon, who had been making a slightly regrettable expression, shook off her emotions and spoke.
“Take it. We should at least do this much to the savior of our race.”
The Dragon Essence Blade was a necessary artifact for the Great Patriarch to have absolute strength and authority.
Since the Great Patriarch needed to use his strength to control his subjects from time to time.
But in that regards the Crown of Thorns and the Akadus was even beyond that.
Having both these artifacts after attaining the Crown of Thorns was a bit too much.
Hansoo who was going off to the next world would use it much better anyway.
But Hansoo made a slightly dejected expression.
…It’s not as good as I expected.’
It wasn’t bad.
Since it seemed like a high ranker even out of the double numberings.
But it was a step down from his Forked Lightning, Nurmaha’s Ring or the Thousand Soldiers Armor.
Tsk. Maybe it’s because all the essence from the Gragos has been emptied.’
Of course it wouldn’t have all the essence remaining inside since it had been in this place for hundreds of years.
Hansoo quickly recovered in order to not show his emotions as he spoke to Oteon.
“Thank you, I’ll use it well.”
Nothing I can do about it.’
Hansoo chuckled.
He wasn’t too stressed on getting strong all by himself and an artifact of this level could be gained from other places as well.
He completed his task very well.
Since he had cured the Gragos and created an environment where all the humans who would come after would be able to live and receive the Body Enhancement Surgery.
I should go out and organize as well.’
Soon Hansoo and the Akarons moved away from the Soul Telautograph headed towards the battlefield that would’ve calmed down by now.


Taruhol moved the numerous golden Akadus he was flying on towards the holy land of the Lazar.
The most urgent task if healing the Lazar.’
The cure of the Lazar was a necessity in order to supply the countless amounts of survivors upon the Lazar.
We would be able to let the kids eat to their fill. The humans would be happy as well.’
Taruhol smiled as he flew down with the ten golden Akadus.
And then looked at the Tao-Bao, the place where the Great Patriarch used to live upon, with tremendous amounts of emotion.
Along with the Soul Telautograph on the center of this location.
Oh great Mekido… Your descendents have returned.’
The three Soul Telautographs that had infected the Lazar with the Calamity of Death.
The first Soul Telautograph has been moved to the Holy Land by the Elkadion for research but the other two had still remained on the body of the Lazar while being protected by the Tiradus.
And the two had injected the poison onto Lazar at the same time.
And the Great Patriarch, Mekido, who had thought that destroying these things would do immediately destroyed the one Elkadion was researching and headed towards the other two but was instead assaulted by two black Tiradus.
He had been able to kill the two Tiradus with the strength of the holy artifact, <Dragon Essence Blade>, but also died in the process.
But Elkadion realized that destroying the Telautographs wouldn’t do anything, moved the two Soul Telautographs to the Holy Land and researched them in order to move onto the next world.
The Soul Telautograph in front of his eyes was that exact Soul Telautograph.
One was in Arklateori and the other in the Holy Land.

Let’s see. He said I just needed to put the cure…In here right.’
As he dropped the cure onto the Soul Telautograph, a sound of activation rang out as a white light exploded out.
Soon something white started to spread out from the Telautograph and into the Lazar’s entire body.
Taruhol made a content expression as he looked at this.
It’s easy.’
This current work upon the Lazar was too easy.
Since the two Tiradus had already been killed from the heroic efforts of Mekido.
Taruhol started to move towards the other black Gragoses which were approaching them from the distance but then suddenly stopped.
Since his head started to ache the moment he thought of Mekido and the Dragon Essence Blade.
The Crown of Thorns upon his head reddened even deeper as it bore into his head a bit more.
At the same time another bit of information flew into his brain.
…The Dragon Essence Blade is somewhere else?’
A slightly disturbing sensation was felt inside his head but Taruhol shook off the sensation.
Since the information about the Dragon Essence Blade was much more important than some discomfort.
The Crown of Thorns had informed him.
That the Dragon Essence Blade upon the Soul Telautograph was something to distract the invaders just in case.
The real one was hidden somewhere else.
Taruhol pondered for a moment at the location of the Dragon Essence Blade and then nodded.
“Hmm…Good. It felt like our gift was a bit lacking anyway. I should find it and give it to him.”
Hansoo would be shocked as well.
Once he received the real one after being dejected by a crappy present.
Taruhol finished his thoughts and then flew up upon the golden Akadus with a joyous expression.

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