Reincarnator – Chapter 2: Tutorial (1)


Hansoo’s five senses that had been frozen from the light quickly started recovering.
‘It succeeded, but is my head supposed to hurt this much…
He knew instinctively.
That he had really returned to the past.
Hansoo shook off the headache and then checked his surroundings.
When did I come back to?
He needed to check exactly when in the past he came back to.
Since if he came back too late then coming back to the past will be pointless.

A chaotic situation started flowing into Hansoo through his five senses.
“What’s this?” “What is this place!”
“Goddamit! What is this? Is it a hidden camera?”
A hundred or so people were shouting around.

The surroundings resembled Gangnam train station but it was very different.
Hyundae building was still standing high but all the glass was shattered and there was weird vines and trees growing everywhere.
A scene as if it’s been 10 years after a massive nuclear warfare.
It wasn’t surprising that people fell into panic.
Some people were even provoked to the point where they even started fighting and throwing fists at each other.
A really messed up situation.
Hansoo knew when he came back to from this.
‘It’s the first moment when we came to the other dimension.’
The year that he was born was rather peculiar.
It was the year that people started getting abducted all over the world.
At first it was 100 at a time and the number increased over time.
And the year he turned 20, he also went missing in the real world.
Only then Hansoo knew where the missing people went.

A mid-way area that was created as the Abyss devours the other dimension.
The terrain and buildings were like reality but the contents weren’t.
This place had many beasts that roamed around due to the influence of the Abyss and there were people with powers who’ve came here before them that roamed around.

5 years later, all the people from the real dimension will be transported to the Otherworld and after that the passage that links the Otherworld and the Abyss will open along with the Great War between them and then inhabitants of the Abyss.
Basically, the 25 years before that are like a tutorial.
Something that the people of the real world had to go through before entering the Abyss.
From a certain angle it looked like benevolence, but to Hansoo, it didn’t seem that kindhearted.
It seemed like time was given since it would be boring if they died too simply.

‘Whatever, it’s good that I’ve returned to the beginning.’
Since he had earned 5 years of time before the Abyss had opened.
If it was at the moment it opened, he would’ve been in trouble without being able to do anything but this was very good.
Hansoo started checking his body’s condition after he understood the current situation.
Since you can’t move until the fairy comes out and beings the basic tutorial.
It’s good to have a warm up before then.
‘As I expected.’
Tabula Rasa.
All the skills he knew and the runes he filled his body with were all gone.
‘Well, I can collect them all. Anyway it should be here now.’

As Hansoo made his decision something fell from the sky.
‘It’s here.’
Hansoo stared at the creature that appeared.
The palm-sized fairy looked around at the surrounding people and said with a sweet voice.
“Hello everyone. I’m a helper here to help you get a quick progress.
Hansoo, who clearly knew what that satanic midget’s ‘quick progress’ meant made him clicked his tongue.
‘I see it wants to see us fight already.’
As the fairy appeared and a weird aura spread out, the seemingly uncontrollable situation slowly died down.
The fairy was a very eye catching existence even in this abnormal place.

The smiling fairy looked around as the surroundings quieted down and opened its mouth.
“Firstly, I welcome your entrance to the Otherworld. You’ve now all been granted a wonderful chance.”
“Wait. Wait. What do you mean? What’s the Otherworld?”
The fairy stared at the man who threw the question for a while then it ignored the man as it continued its story.
“In this place you are all granted infinite freedom. No matter what you do there is nobody to punish you. All the rules you’ve been following do not exist here.”
“And that’s not all. We can’t call that a chance by itself. You all now don’t have any physical limits of the past.”
“You all can now become infinitely strong depending on what you do. Like a hero from a movie.”
As the fairy looked at the confused people, its smile didn’t disappear as it opened its mouth again.
“I will show you a quick demonstration. Since I came to hasten the progress.”
The fairy pointed its finger at the man who talked to it first.
And then from the feeble and delicate fingers, a light beam came out and penetrated the man’s heart.
“I don’t like people who talk a lot.”

And at that moment everyone realized.
That the new environment was not entirely favorable towards them.

“uuuuhp… uhphup.”
“Very good. Shall we continue?”
And then the fairy flew towards the man’s corpse.
And then something weird happened.
Above the man’s body, a translucent and shining symbol the size of a hand appeared.
The fairy grabbed the symbol and spoke.
“This is a <Rune>. Every living organism or anything else, if you kill it it will come out like this. Though what comes out is random.”
The fairy, who said something frightening as if it was nothing, looked around as it continued its speech.
“Let’s see. This improves the strength of one’s muscles. Who… should I give this to?”

Everyone hesitated.
Because they might get caught in the same situation as the corpse if they acted out.
At that point Hansoo raised his hand.
How much he liked the fairy was secondary.
One rune gave a tremendous amount of help in the beginning.
And plus there was no risk involved.
There was no reason to not raise his hand.


The fairy looked at Hansoo and gave a content look.
“Very good. That determined action. Put this on the top of your hand.”
And then the rune was absorbed into his body.
From the outside there was not much difference.
But the fairy looked at Hansoo with a smile.
“Isn’t it amazing? The runes break the laws. Your muscles were only able to lift 117.1kg scientifically but it had been increased to 122.3kg.

As Hansoo gave a nonchalant face the fairy, as if it got awkward, turned around and continued talking.
“The reaction is pretty bland. Anyway, there are a lot of different abilities one can raise and there are a lot of runes to follow that. And in those there are special abilities that the science you played around with cannot explain. Let’s see… it’d be nice to show something one more time.”
Then the fairy looked around.
Everyone got frightened and shriveled up from the expression of hunting for prey.
That expression was accurate.
It wanted to kill another one for its rune for experiment.
The fairy shrugged its shoulders as it looked around.
“Let’s stop. Since I like the number 100. Anyway keep that in mind. There is nothing bad about any rune that raises anything. If you want to be strong from now on you need to collect a lot of runes. Your muscles won’t improve no matter how much you do push ups.”

At those words everyone started to look around and backed off slowly.
If they were killed, a rune will come out and if one took that they will become stronger.
Because they would imagine what would happen at the worst situation.
The fairy enjoyed the weird atmosphere as it smiled contently as it opened its mouth.
“If you touch your right ear you can see which runes you have. Humans seemed like they like things in numbers so to give determination we implemented it 15 years ago. You just need to know that the human average is 10.”
At those words everyone started touching their ears.

[Kang Hansoo]
Stamina: 9
‘Strength was increased by 1.’
A crappy and simple configuration.
But everyone is like this at first.
It’d be weird if normal people had mana.
As one hunted and collected runes, their mana, magic, physical defense and magic resistance will be added.
No matter if the hunted were humans or beasts.
“Hmm.. He will probably be around 17.”
Hansoo mumbled as he saw a muscular man in the distance.
A well trained body.
At that point he’s a high rank out of these people.
11 and 17 was only 1.5 times in difference but it was not that simple.
However he will be in a superior situation in the beginning with that much.
It’ll be a lot for a woman to have 3 or 4.

The fairy smiled and spoke as it looked at the commotion.
“The starting line may be unfair… but where you used to live was like that too right? Well I will give you a bonus so don’t be sad.”
The fairy touched its butt as it spoke.
And then the people started touching their butts without thinking.
Something was there.
They saw what came out of their pockets and their faces turned white.
A sharp dagger, which didn’t exist before they came here, came out of their pockets.
Normally this would be very reassuring but the thoughts becoming prey for items and the person next to them also having this was not pleasant at all.

The fairy laughed as it watched,
“You’ll at least need that to do something. Forget about the past and take the chance that was given to you. The tutorial I created will begin now so good luck.
The fairy disappeared into a hole which suddenly appeared.
As the fairy disappeared people started to mumble.
“…A tutorial?”

As everybody was tense from the words of a being that shot through somebody’s heart a sound was heard from somewhere.
As everybody was on alert, they looked towards the origin of the noise.
Tiny green monsters with a deformed look.
As everyone saw a familiar look from the movies their face changed into fear.

The fairy appeared and told them something.
It was a tutorial.
It was simple but the words of the thing that killed somebody so simply could not be that simple.
And there were more then 200 of them.
Although they had 100 people and the sizes of the goblins were only half their size, standing still with a calm mind would be abnormal.

But it seems like the goblins had the same thoughts as they only stared at them fiercely and didn’t approach them.
In this tense situation somebody spoke quietly from the back.
“Don’t stimulate them and slowly move backwards.”
Everyone nodded at those words.
They were all in consensus in silence.
They saw it from the news.
No matter what you could do, always run away if the opponent had a sharp object in their hands.
They also had daggers but who would want to fight sword to sword with those things.
However Hansoo shook his heads.
Those things were really evil minded, how could they throw in a few midgets and call it a tutorial?

As they walked back slowly somebody stopped and moaned.
And that somebody got frustrated and spoke out.
“What are you doing? Keep moving. We need to get away.”
The man replied at those words.
“No… this is weird. Something is here. Mid-air.”
People started moving towards in a hurry at those words.
And then shouted in frustration.
“Fuck! What is this! It’s blocked!.”
“Here too!”
People started hitting the wall as they shouted about.
At that point somebody pointed something out
“Hey… this thing is slowly moving towards us.”
People started leaning against the wall at those words.
And they all frowned.
The wall was slowly pushing them back.

As they heard the cries from faraway they looked in that direction.
At that location the goblins were also getting pushed towards them.
As something kept pushing them they grew frustrated and started hacking away at the void but nothing happened.
As they saw the goblins staring at them they gripped their daggers harder.
At this point they had to fight no matter what.

At that moment, somebody fell to the other side.
“Huh? What? How did you get there?”
“Uh… I don’t know. It just happened to be that way here?”
One person got through the clear wall.
And in the air where the man passed through a number came up.
As people mumbled around somebody looked around and then quickly ran towards that location.
And the number changed.
And at that point everyone realized.
50 people could leave.
And the remaining 50 had to fight with those things.
And then everyone started running towards the tiny gap.
“Fucking move!”
“I will go out!”

Hansoo shook his head at this scene.
If 100 people fought seriously they could probably win.
They will probably die but at least 20 will survive.
But if this happens the story changes.
In reality, as the goblins saw the people fighting with each other, their eyes shone and they started running towards them fiercely.
When he first came here, 40 of them died to the goblins.
‘First, clear up the situation and then move to the next stage.’
There were too many things to do.
As he made his decision, his whole body started wriggling around as his muscles tensed up.

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