Reincarnator – Chapter 3: Tutorial (2)

(The previous Nagamaki will be changed to Podao)

The whole body’s muscles started squirming around at a miniscule level.
His body, which he wasn’t accustomed to due to it being from many decades ago, quickly moved according to Hansoo’s will.
Hansoo, who had prepared his body, slowly walked towards the goblins who were running towards him in a crazy manner.
Those are trying so hard to get here so what’s the point of him running?
Every bit of stamina to swing the dagger was important.

Hansoo deflected a goblin’s arm while it was swinging the sword
Hansoo’s body, which seemed to be out on a stroll to watch a mountain, suddenly changed fiercely while the goblin was flustered.
As if he released all the strength he gathered up.

All the runes were gone.
All the skills were also gone.
But the same strength, the same stamina or the same perception had a huge difference depending on how it was used.
The body was basically a tool of battle and depending on the way the tool is used, the final outcome will have a difference between heaven and earth.

Hansoo rushed between the goblins just like that and started slashing madly in all directions.
The goblins, who were running, screamed in a beastly manner and rolled about on the floor.
And in the spot the goblins dropped, two things were left.
A Podao, which was crude but much more threatening than a dagger.
A much tinier rune.

Hansoo spread out his right hand, grabbed the Podao and swinged it hard as he grabbed the rune with his left hand at the time same.
And at that moment a part of Hansoo’s body changed slightly.
‘My luck is good’

[Kang Hansoo]
Strength: 11
Agility: 10.1
Stamina: 9

As a rune that rose agility by 0.1, Hansoo’s status menu changed.
Agility, which wasn’t needed to be shown, appeared.
In a sense, one’s strength is what made one faster, but agility was a little different.
The user’s time twists and it becomes 0.1 times faster and their reaction speed becomes faster as well as the same movement being slightly faster.
As agility rises, the user started to live in a different dimension.
Every rune stat other than strength and stamina, which was already given to humans, all start at 10 due to them not existing prior to that.

Hansoo moved his now faster body without hesitation towards the goblins who were rushing towards them and started to cut them into blocks.
Sometimes it didn’t come out, and only small ones came out when it did, but since numbers were numbers, Hansoo’s rune stats rose slowly but surely.
Of course with his current status, no matter how weak goblins are killing 200 alone was a bit far fetched.

The Podao was so feeble that two or three swings broke it and Hansoo kept changing his weapons as he fought the goblins.
Injuries rose by one and two as well.
And the people who saw that stopped and stared at each other.
At this rate, they will all die.
Not from goblins, but from human’s hands.
And they also started to have greed.
It seemed like runes were very important.
But as one person ate it all they felt anxious.
And as they gained courage as they saw Hansoo, who only seemed to be a college student, fight so well.
From afar, his actions looked very sloppy.
The actions were not flashy but rather only created due to him protecting himself but as they saw the goblins falling to those slashes, the goblins seemed very weak.

“Fuck…eyy shit I don’t know anymore!”
The people grinded their teeth, but carefully approached Hansoo’s back and started fighting.
The goblins stared at the humans who were charging towards them with a panicked look but then started fighting with a roar.
And then chaos started.
“Goddamit! Help me!”
They held one dagger.
They knew they had to fight.
They knew they would get stronger if they fought.
The opponent wasn’t that strong.
But even then, they were just commoners.
And the enemies were armed with a weapon, despite it being feeble, as well as having a large amount of killing intent.
A lot of injuries were occurring from all directions.

But even in that situation, Hansoo continued to kill goblins as he absorbed runes and slowly walked forward.
Honestly there was no need to rush while receiving a lot of injuries.
He could hide between the people and fight slowly as if he was peeling an apple and kill more leisurely.
But there was a reason why he rushed despite receiving injuries.

‘There is no time to dilly dally.’
Including this location there were countless amounts of adventurers.
‘There are probably over 10,000.’
The 100 people here was not everybody.
There are probably a few hundred of these just for Korea.
If we include the world there are many more.
But everyone was new 1st years.
There were no adventurers from previous years.
They probably didn’t come here from kindness because of the newbies.
This location will be protected for three months as the tutorial area.
If things like this didn’t exist all the upper years would come, kill everyone and take their runes.
With only 1 year of experience one can kill 100 of them very easily.
From a point of view it seemed like the benevolence of the fairy but Hansoo’s thoughts were different.
‘How to say it? Created to enjoy the chaotic fight between weaklings?’
It seemed like it was made because it would be boring if a strong person came and wiped out everybody.
Whatever the reason this was a chance.
In 3 months they will have to collide against people who’ve been here for 2 or 3 years.
With that in mind they must become strong fast.

Due to Hansoo flying about quickly in the front, the fight ended rather quickly.
As the battle ended and the tension was released, the people couldn’t bear the fatigue and fell onto the floor.
‘About 16 people died.’
A much better loss than in the past.
If Hansoo wasn’t here, at least 30 would’ve died.
While the 100 fought 200, the number of goblins Hansoo killed by himself was at least 70.
And the surrounding people stared at him tiredly.
As the people thought of Hansoo’s mad actions of slashing in every direction with his Podao and Dagger and slowly moved their distance away from him, the fairy appeared.
“Wow. The grade is really good here. Well from now you should know how to survive from this point.”
‘Fucking son of a mayfly.’
The people couldn’t curse out loud so they did it inwardly.
It was rather easy to realize who put up the goddamn wall.
“I will get rid of the wall now. From now, do it just like this. Fighting!”

As the fairy disappeared, people started mumbling.
Hansoo shook his head and then checked his stat.

[Kang Hansoo]
Strength: 14.3
Agility: 10.9
Stamina: 10.1
Perception 11.2

‘It’s not bad’
Hansoo nodded his head.
As he expected, agility runes don’t come out easily.
And maybe due to it being a tutorial, skills didn’t come out.
But compared to the three he killed when he started off in the past it was not that bad.
As he also got perception runes which increases his overall perception, the start was pretty good.
‘I even got something like this.’
Hansoo laughed as he saw the sword with a sharp edge.
<Podao Gained from Court’s Recognition>
This well balanced and sharp Podao was one of the more useful items out of the ones you can get in the beginning.
It wasn’t a great weapon but compared to the ones that lost their edge with a few swings, it was much better.

With the dagger attached inside and the Podao attached by his waist, his whole body had multiple scars.
Since he rushed in order to end it fast.
Hansoo, who had finished his basic preparations, thought of the things he needed to do at this moment.
Firstly… I won’t be able to meet them.’
He was a 1st year adventurer.
On the other hand, Keldian, Kangtae and Eres were 19 to 20 years adventurers.
Since they started 20 years ahead, they were probably running way ahead of him.
So Hansoo thought of the next thing.
‘Well telling them about the Abyss is rejected.’
The dimensional corrosion of the Abyss was sped up depending on how much the corroded dimension knew about the strength, intel and skill of the Abyss.
Like ink spreading in the water.
If intel about the Abyss were to spread, the invasion of the Abyss will start earlier.

‘First, strengthening myself is of utmost importance.’
He was here to change the flow of water.
But the strength to change that flow of water was the start and of utmost importance.
And with that Hansoo thought of his friends.
Eres, Kangtae and Keldian.
It was planned that they were to all return together with him.
Unlike him, who had become strong by struggling intensively, their every action was close to a guidebook.
And their survival was because of their strength.

‘How did they say they did it?’
They told him in the past.
How they got strong in the beginning.

Eres told him.
<I gathered people and created a clan fast. It wasn’t that hard, since I was a doctor.>
It didn’t fit his personality and more than anything one needed to be at the level of Eres to do that.

Next is Keldian.
<That day with 100 people inside that cage was really a great chaos. Shortly after the beginning of the first day we fought and killed each other and all died. I was the only survivor.>
And Keldian ate all the runes as he quickly rushed out.
‘In my view Keldian might have stimulated them a little.’
But Hansoo shook his head.
There was the words of Eres and him, who had come to save the humankind, doing that sort of thing is absurd.
And there was more bad than good on the long term if that were to happen.
If you kill somebody a rune will appear but it didn’t mean that the person who took the rune will become as strong as the dead person combined with them.
Since runes didn’t drop in large numbers.
In reality, the man who died earlier had more than 20 together if you combined his strength and stamina but the only thing that was dropped was a strength rune.
If you see from the point of a society, coexistence was the answer. That was the reason why Eres, who had included everyone, was able to stay as a leader until the end.
More than anything else if he were to think of his plans, killing a person to get a rune is forbidden.
It might be different if they were to kill though.

‘How did Kangtae say he did it?’
<For me when I killed them, agility runes started dropping here and there. Even a regeneration rune dropped.>
‘….this doesn’t help either.’
His luck was too good.
Agility was one of the most useful stats out of the beginning stats.
The increase of reaction speed allowed one to easily dominate over others.
And there should be a limit to how lucky one can be, killing a tutorial goblin and getting a regeneration rune.

The methods of those 3 did not fit him.
Actually, their methods were a bit lacking.
He needed a way to leap over their standards and rush forward with dominance.
And Hansoo knew about that.
‘Something like this existed.’
A long time ago, one of his comrades from the Final Brigade told him.
The tutorial area where 10,000 people were trapped for 3 months.
In this place, there was a hidden dungeon.

For a beginner, the difficulty was out of the question. So getting to the end was a failure. But just getting to that point will allow one to have an immense headstart that cannot be compared to others.
He, who had only gotten to the halfway mark after a long struggle, got strong enough to the point of becoming one of the Final Brigade.
Becoming one of the Final Brigade meant that one was within the top 100 strongest people of mankind.
And for that, it was one of the most important location for the tutorial area.
This world was not fit for mankind to survive but one thing was clear.
Something that was harder, seemed close to impossible will grant a larger reward when completed.
‘First, I must gain that.’
Hansoo made his primary goal.

KobatoChan’s note

Changed Nagamaki to Podao (Bakdo in Korean)

Translator : Ekdud
Proofreader : Zenneth
TL Check : KobatoChanDaiSuki

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