Reincarnator – Chapter 4: Tutorial (3)

‘In that case… I have something I need to solve first.’
Hidden piece.
If it did indeed exist then it would be something an evil god would have hidden, something that is way better than something you could gain in the beginning.
From what he heard, the difficulty of the final dungeon located in the tutorial area was not set for a beginner to clear.
The survivors of mankind were all geniuses but no one had reached the end.
Something that must be gathered for that.
The hidden pieces within the tutorial area.
To clear the final dungeon he must monopolize every remaining hidden piece and become stronger.
‘Let’s see… the first hidden piece was said to be gained if one entered the nearest train station.’

The tutorial was 2 stages.
The 1st stage where the first 100 people act together.
For 1 week the 100 people stay in the designated area and then for 3 months after that the second stage where they hunt in another designated area begins.
And when those 2 stages are over the protective area is released and they can meet with the previous year’s people.
To his knowledge there were 2 hidden pieces in the 1st stage of the tutorial.
1st stage, which meant after 1 week those 2 hidden pieces will disappear. He needed to find them before then.

Hansoo got up from his spot.
I’m heading to Gangnam Station.’
The location of the first hidden piece was Gangnam Station.
By the time Hansoo got up to start heading to that place there was already a chaotic situation.
‘I knew this would happen.’
Hansoo clicked his tongue at the screams from multiple directions.
“Why are you doing this!”
“Aaahk! We will go separately!”
“Go where! We need to group in order to survive!”
In the location where the battle ended, people were making an uproar here and there.
‘Their opinions probably differed.’
There was a lot of small fights here and there.
Between the people who wanted to act by themselves and those who wanted to group.
Normally if their desires were that different it’s normal to separate.
Because there will only be problems if you hold onto somebody with a different opinion.
But if one side wanted the other side a lot, and if for that they didn’t want to let them go a problem occurs.

Since there were over 100 people there were people who had more beauty than others.
And for the same reason since there’s 100 people there are a few who get used to the new world quickly as well.
“Ahh seriously!”
Suddenly from the location where people were gathered a group with 3 males and 4 females dashed out and ran towards Hansoo’s location.
“He….Hey, Where are you going!”
‘With that level of beauty… it will definitely be a problem.’
Maybe it was because they were at Gangnam Station and were brought here, their appearances were above average.
And one was seriously of a different class.

Suddenly one woman looked towards that side and shouted:
“We will act separately! We are going to work with this person here!”
As Hansoo heard the frantic calls he frowned.
“Hey! Hansoo! Why are you pretending to not know us! We’re acquaintances!”
Oh. Right.
Hansoo nodded then as if he just remembered.
Because everyone died right off the start he didn’t remember his college acquaintances.
There was no way he could remember them after 50 years.
He had forgotten already but after this situation occurred he started to remember it bit by bit.
‘Oh yeah we came four to four. To get closer to each other.’

From the other side a thirty something looking man ran towards them while breathing excessively out of his nose and then was startled after he saw Hansoo.
‘That guy is…’
He remembered.
The guy who was advancing as he crazily slashed apart the goblin looking beasts.
He was so good at fighting that while the others were struggling with 2 to 3 of them he alone killed multiple tens of them.
‘Does he do some sort of sport…’
The guy, Taesung kept contemplating.
He understood that that guy was strong.
But as the fairy told them before he was not at the level of transcended heroes and he was not alone.
‘And he looks hurt too.’
As Hansoo saw the squirming Taesung, Hansoo clicked his tongue.
‘This is why it’s problematic.’

Normally they wouldn’t even think of fighting.
The hype of the battle has not yet disappeared.
Their first injury and their first time with violence, and with the results on top of that giving them confidence could clearly be seen in their excitement.
And the others were the same.
‘It will be hard to judge with reason.’
There was no reason to have a scrimmage here.
Since the time period where he got mad from these things to the point where he fought was long gone.
And there was no reason to meet him again and there was no time to stay here either.

Hansoo walked as his back faced the man who was staring at him.
As Hansoo started to walk off fast, Taesung had a bewildered face and watched him.
“This bitch leaving a person in front of him… hey where are you going!”
Then Hansoo suddenly got curious.
What this person would say to him.
“Is there something you want to say?”
‘Do I set my age as 76 or 20?’
He wondered if he should be formal or informal but then he decided to go with the easier route.
And from Hansoo’s words Taesung made a shocked face.
“What? This young bitch…”
‘Yeah. What do i say?’

To ask of something excessive, the previous actions of Hansoo’s flying about crazily scared him but then to let him go the four women behind him were regretful.
When Taesung was shocked the man who was standing behind him spoke with an impatient look.
“We aren’t really bad people either. Let’s act together. It seems like you eight are young, wouldn’t it be better to work together? It seems there will be a lot of times where strength will be used from now on.”
And then the people who agreed with his words gathered behind him.
‘No, it’s not that they agreed.’
From the atmosphere it seemed like they knew each other.

Hansoo stared at the man, who seemed like the leader, who had talked to him.
‘Hmm, his eyes…’
There were a lot of people like this.
Those who get used to things way too quickly.
No, it’s more fitting to say that they were restricted in the world they used to live in.
And now since those restrictions were gone, they were like a fish that had met water.
Hansoo thought for a moment to choose between the dying wishes of Eres and Keldian and then made a decision.
‘Eres you are saving a lot of people, I will let them go once.’
Honestly pulling out the roots when they hadn’t done anything yet was not in his character.
And even himself, his stats were still pretty average.
He needed to get out but killing everyone here and leaving, the time for hidden pieces would be rather tight.

Hansoo replied abruptly:
Having a lot of people wasn’t bad.
Since it made hunting much easier.
But people who were even interested in funeral food were bound to make trouble.
Hansoo, who had finished talking, searched around the goblin corpses and bound two more Podaos onto his waist and then started to walk.
The remaining friends looked at each other in the eyes then followed him from behind.

“This son of a bitch…”
Taesung, who had been watching Hansoo, gritted his teeth and stepped forward but Giltae blocked him.
As Taesung watched his elder brother Giltae’s actions with a weird look, Giltae opened his mouth.
“This isn’t the time to be fighting with them. They… can be dealt with after everything is organized. We must first get this place in order.”
And then Giltae looked around at the 70 or so people remaining.
The current situation was already chaotic.
A strange place with strange beasts.
And that damnable fairy too.
Since it was already chaotic, keeping those who would make trouble would only be hard on him to control them.
‘First, set the atmosphere here.’
From one view this chaotic period is a chance.
Giltae stared at the location where they disappeared intensely for a while and then stomped his way into the crowd.


The man Taesoon stared at Hansoo, who was walking in front of him in a ragged manner, with a complicated look.
‘I’m not sure if this was the right move.’
But Taesoon shook his head.
If they stayed in there a real division would’ve occurred.
Humans were scarier than goblins.
And being next to this guy in front of his eyes made him feel safer.
Logically it didn’t make sense that being next to one person felt safer than 70 but that’s how it was.

He knew that that guy was peculiar.
Starting all the way back from OT he was in the corner in a daze. (*OT = Orientation)
As if he was thinking of something different.
And he also said he was an orphan.
And from that he seemed like a weak target.
The reason why he brought him today was because if there was somebody lesser than him around he would stand out more.
But he didn’t know he was like that.

As Taesoon remembered Hansoo fighting manically in the front, he watched Mihee with a regrettable face as she was staring at Hansoo. He then cleared his throat and spoke:
“Hey Hansoo! Do you really not remember us?”
At those words Hansoo looked at Taesoon, who asked him, and then spoke.
“I think I’ve gotten amnesia when we got here. I don’t really remember much.”
“Hey. Why did the way you talk turn like an old man’s?”
“…Does it show that much.”
Mihee smiled softly at those words.
Hansoo stared at her.
The other three weren’t bad but even out of them she had a beauty that stood out.
At that level living life was pretty easy.

In the Otherworld, beauty was a double edged sword.
If you have the confidence to use it well it becomes a weapon but if you drop it then you invite all sorts of crooks.
‘Well. She’ll figure it out herself.’
Hansoo stopped his thoughts and kept moving.
Mihee stared at that Hansoo and spoke cautiously.
“But where are you going right now?”
Hansoo was constantly walking towards somewhere since the start.
As if he knew the exact directions.
Hansoo gave a short reply to that question.
“Inside Gangnam Train Station.”
“Why there?”

Hansoo pondered for a moment.
‘If I travel alone I don’t need to explain all these but this is rather annoying.’
But since he decided to keep Eres’s words as much as possible he gave a short reply instead.
“I’m getting a feeling.”
“Yeah. It seems that with the loss of memory, I seem to have gained psychic powers. I’m getting a feeling that I must go there.”
It was too annoying to explain every single bit and they will probably believe him if he said that he gained psychic powers.
‘Well. Even fairies exist so if I say psychic powers they will understand somewhat.’
And he didn’t really lie either.
If one’s actually really lucky they can get a rune with something called the sixth sense within it.

Hansoo, who had organized things in a simple manner, started to walk forward and the others looked at Hansoo and made a weird expression.
His actions were weird from the beginning but psychic powers.
“…Is it ok for us to follow that guy?”
Jisun, who was standing behind Mihee, whispered to her boyfriend Gangtae softly.
But they couldn’t escape Hansoo’s enhanced hearing.
Hansoo smirked as he spoke.
“You don’t really have to follow me. I’m the type that respects personal preferences.”
Hansoo, who headed forward without hesitation, went down the steps to the 12th exit that came into view.

They made a meh-like face and then followed Hansoo.
Honestly beasts more than humans, humans more than fairies gave them more of a fear from their plots.
‘It’d be nice if he really had psychic powers.’
Taesoon, who was mumbling inwardly, went down to the train station and then looked at Hansoo then spoke after realizing.
“Ah! Are you preparing a place to live?”
Hansoo nodded at those words.
“Unfortunately there are some friends who already live here.”
And then Hansoo slashed his Podao downwards.

Translator : Ekdud

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