Reincarnator – Chapter 46: Tower (5)

While everyone was being cautious of each other and mumbling about, Chulman cursed out loud.
“Damnable bitch of a fairy…”
2 weeks.
If they don’t find the treasure within 2 weeks then they would all die.
Since no one will have the prize they needed to exchange the treasure for in their hands.
And 2 weeks, or 14 days, was definitely not a lot of time in order to kill all 128 of them.
If they’re unlucky then the last protector might give the treasure too.
Since the fairy would do things even worse than that.
It seems like around 10 people were needed for them to get through the protector and gain the treasure without any casualties.
Which means they needed to at least hunt 2 protectors a day with 5 teams of 10 people.
If you take into account the time needed to rest after a hunt, 50 people had to hunt non-stop in order to kill all the protectors.
Since the dungeon with the protector they saw from the images the fairy projected did not seem easy at all.

At that moment a person in the very corner of the 50 shouted out loud.
“Let’s hunt by dividing into 5 teams of 10. One team can account for 2 protectors a day.”
Everyone turned towards him at these words.
Those guys are…’
All 50 of them weren’t that simple.
But these guys were eye- catching even with just a glance.
One of the two most dangerous households.
…A clan. And only 10?’
It wasn’t that they walked around with the words of ‘Clan’ written on their foreheads but there was a huge difference in the actions between clansmen and non-clansmen.
Because non-clansmen would constantly be stealing glances at each other while clansmen are only looking out.
The unique thing about these guys though was the fact that they only had a very small amount.
Only ten….’
A miserable size compared to other clans.
It was reasonable for them to not go to the second floor right away and start at the 1st floor and even participate in the treasure hunt with such size.
Though no one could understand why they only had 10.

They’re still dangerous.’
Suhan mumbled inwardly.
Since there is a clear difference between clansmen and non-clansmen even if their numbers are the same.
At that moment another voice was heard from the corner.
“I agree. 10 people will take care of 2 a day. This seems like the right choice. If you aren’t able to follow then compensate for it.”
One of the other two teams that caught the eyes.
They didn’t look like the clans here but something else caught the eyes.
They were all holding a precious-looking artifact.
…Did they kill off the rest in a 30 man room and come up.’
Their aura alone was mighty.
Whatever happened, as the 20 people who looked like the strongest of the 50 agreed, the others fussed around as they nodded their heads.
They didn’t like following those people’s orders but the fact that they would all die if they did not find the Treasure was right.
They needed to think about it after they find it.
Since the fight will be from that point on.
If they conflict with each other and don’t find the treasure then it’ll just simply be a massacre.

About 10 people got into teams and then disappeared in multiple directions.
And Hansoo also watched the people dispersing and then walked towards the dungeon of the Protector.
I will accomplish the hidden piece first.’
The hidden piece he had as the goal was <Detective King>.
The requirements were very simple.
<Kill 32 protectors by yourself and then collect the corresponding marbles which aren’t the treasure.>
There were marbles behind the protector.
128 in total since there were 128 of them.
Only one of the marbles was a shining marble and the ones who didn’t shine were normal marbles.
If you collect 32 of them then they will trade it for the Philosopher’s stone.
Kangtae had accomplished this in the past.
Something he had gotten while collecting them just in case.
It’s easier to be alone in order to accomplish it in a short amount of time’
Though it was easy when said, the difficulty of the dungeon of the Protectors wasn’t that easy.
He will only be able to collect 32 if he releases the transformation and use his true body to progress quickly.
Hansoo quickly threw his body towards one of the dungeons of the protectors.


<Another Protector has died! Congratulations!>
The people who had accomplished the dungeon made a tired expression as they heard the noise resonating throughout the island.
People cursed out loud.
“What is this. They don’t give out anything…. despite it being so hard”
There were quite a bit of beasts on the way.
They had given quite a bit of runes and artifacts for the 10 people to share.
As if they were telling them to hunt them instead of going to the dungeons of the protectors.
But then they won’t be able to finish the 2 dungeons the team needed to accomplish a day.
And that was the reason why everyone proceeded towards the dungeon even while they were smacking their lips.
They had some expectations actually.
So many runes and artifacts were dropped but the dungeon of the Protector was said to be even harder.
It was obvious that they expected an even greater amount of rewards.
But the result was only a huge amount of disappointment.
They had broken through the dungeon after a long time but the amount of dropped runes and artifacts were minimal.
And they so were hard that it was hard for them to accomplish two a day if they wanted to do it without taking any injuries.
If this was the case then they could only focus on killing the dungeons of the protectors.

“Damm… but there’s nothing we can do. We all die if we don’t find the treasure.”
“Yeah true…”
If they were unlucky then the treasure will come out when they hunt the 128th protector.
If they aren’t able to find the treasure while leisuring about then they won’t even be able to get the reward.
They would just all die.
“Ugh. Let’s go.”
While they were complaining and spitting words out one at a time, one of the people walking in the front turned around and spoke.
“Can I say something?”
Everyone looked at the person standing in the front.
“Well, to introduce myself simply I am called Chulman. But the name isn’t important… there’s just something I want to tell you.”
As everyone’s eyes focused, Chulman opened his mouth:
“Let’s think. Even if we were to find this treasure could we take this to the altar safely? And is there a meaning even if we were to take it there?”
Everyone made a skeptical expression.

They didn’t speak out but they knew.
They were confident in themselves but two teams out of the five, who had gone a different way, were at a different level.
If they were to move about in teams of 10 and find the treasure and those guys decide to take them away forcibly then they would only get it stolen from them.
And the few hundreds meters of the area around the altar were barren so it wasn’t even possible to sneak up there.
And as the fairy spoke before, the news of the treasure being found will be spread all around .
Even if they wanted to exchange the treasure for rewards, they will only get suppressed by the people who would rush their way there.
Since they needed to go to the altar where the fairy is in order to exchange the treasure for the reward.
Or, they might have everything stolen even if they got there safely and exchanged the treasure for the rewards.
There was no rule saying that every artifact had to be distributed evenly even if they chose to exchange for 50 of them.
If they steal it all then nothing is left in their hands.

Chulman spoke out as he looked at the people mumbling about.
“Do you all understand? This is a tactic that can only be accomplished if we work together but if we stay like this as the weaker ones then we may all just die.  Though it’s important to find the treasure, we must take into account of the aftermath after finding the treasure.”
They needed to go through three stages in order to survive in this place.
Obtain the treasure.
Get the treasure to the altar and exchange it for the reward.
Take the reward and walk out.
The requirements were already set.
<Battle Strength>
If your battle strength is weak then you would lose your head even before you got to the altar where the fairy was.
And even if you were able to get to the Altar safely, you won’t be able to choose the number of the reward.
Since people would be charging at them in order to take the limited rewards from all around.
There’s no way that those guys will let them go since they will just die if they don’t acquire those.
In order for the people with low battle powers to survive, they needed to exchange it for 50 of Kurutan’s Bludgeon to fit the number of people and spread it all around.
No… you can still die with that if you are unlucky.’
Since there was no guarantee that each person will get one of the 50 Kurutan’s Bludgeons.
If you are weak then you might just die from the acts of evil people.
Since they can steal it for fun and go out with it.

But if your battle power is sufficient?
There wasn’t even a need to look for the treasure.
Since they can just steal it from the guys who come to the altar in the center after finding it.’
The aftermath of them finding the treasure was more important for them to survive.
Chulman raised his spirits as he saw the people get shaken and continued to speak.
“Of course everyone needs to combine their strengths in order to find the treasure. But does everyone need to try to hard to find the treasure? It’s hard for us to get through two dungeons in a day but the teams we saw earlier can even clear 4 in a day. Though casualties may increase.”
Everyone nodded.
Since those people were at a different level from them.
It was possible for them to clear four in a day if they hurried.
Though casualties will happen one by one.
Chulman nodded as he spoke.
“Those guys will clear the protector’s dungeons much faster than us. What do you think those guys will do after they accomplish their quota?”
“Of course they will…”
Everyone expressions turned solemn.
They didn’t have any leisure but those strong guys had to leisure to even hunt.
Their gaps will increase even more.
“It isn’t the time for us to search fervently. We just need to pray that one of the two strongest households don’t find it fast. Since only then would they hurry and search for the treasure by sacrificing bits of their strengths at a time. And during that time, we must get stronger. In order to prepare for the aftermath of them finding the treasure.”
They were weak.
It would just become even more dangerous for them if they find the treasure like this.
But if they were to do the following then the distance in the gap will become shorter which means that they will be able to ensure their own safety to some point even after they find the treasure.
“But… isn’t there a possibility for them to chase us down and vent their anger on us?”
Though the island was wide, they could still find each other if they set their minds to it.
Though they won’t meet each other while they fight, if there isn’t any announcements of dungeons being cleared then they will come and find them.
Chulman shook his head as he spoke.
“How would they know who did and who didn’t when there’s five teams.”
Everyone nodded.
If they lie and act normally then they would be able to get through it.
“And by the time they find out and come to us, we’ll have become quite formidable as well. If we clash then they also would get injuries and won’t be able to clear the dungeons of the protectors, would they be able to fight us in such a situation?”
Everyone’s expressions turned cold.

It was not time for them to let their guards down.
The aftermath of finding the treasure was more important than actually finding it.
If they have weak battle powers then they won’t be able to escape their fate of their game being stolen after their hunt.
The point was that it didn’t matter who tried harder.
It was who is stronger.
The people who had heard Chulman’s words nodded with a frozen expression and then changed their direction towards the hunting grounds from the direction to the dungeon.
Chulman also clenched his teeth as he advanced forward.
I must survive in order to find Suhee.’
He couldn’t let his life be in the hands of the strong.
There will be no point of shouting about for fairness when you didn’t have the strength to even ensure your own rights.
Chulman slowly walked forward with clenched teeth.


Hansoo stretched his body as he looked at the back of the protector that he had smashed.
It’s more convenient to move about alone as I thought’.
His battle power will decrease if he were to act with others because he won’t be able to release his transformation.
<Another protector has died! The treasure hasn’t been found but be strong!>
The fairy’s voice resonated all around as Hansoo touched the marble he had attained after killing the protector.
It’s a blank as I expected.’
A marble which did not give off light.
But this was actually more important for Hansoo than the actual treasure.
As Hansoo touched it, it got absorbed like a rune into his left wrist and turned into a symbol.
It’s the fourth one.’
If this pace was to continue then collecting 32 in 2 weeks wouldn’t be hard.
Since he will be able to get through about four in a day if he didn’t go overboard.
But on the other hand, it was hard for him to do more than four.
Since going overboard meant that the strength he had remaining to use the next day will decrease.
They might really not be able to find the treasure if the other’s don’t crush through the dungeons well.

Then it’ll be a massacre’.
One day had passed.
Logically speaking 14 fireworks should’ve been made combined with his since they had decided that they will do two per five teams for 10.
But the actual number was only 10.
Which meant that somebody didn’t accomplish their quota.
And the time between each firework was getting longer and longer.
Which meant that they were getting lazier.
They are definitely being lazier and have more leisure since 10 was being filled up without them hunting for themselves.
Hmm… these actions are obvious.’
This place would be very easy to clear as 50 people of a clan but getting massacred wasn’t that hard when 50 different people with different thoughts and strengths gathered.
It’s time for me to move.’
Solving the situation in this place was actually quite simple.
It didn’t matter whether there was an underling of the Dark Lord’s or not.
He just needed to turn into his real self and crush them all.
He was more specialized in catching people than beasts anyway.
The beasts could take quite a hit but the people here will puke out blood just from the dagger he threw, because of their limited health.
There was no way for the people here to beat him who had the Seven Stripe Cape and the Dekrados Set.
Then he would tell them to kill the protectors of their quota.
Then he just needed to take the treasure to the altar, from whoever found it, and that’ll be the end of it.
But… then the earring is a little bit regrettable.’
He hadn’t transformed to kill off a few tadpoles.
And there was no problem even if he didn’t release his transformation.
Since he had already found someone to act on his behalf a long time ago.
Hansoo disappeared after activating Arankal’s Bracelet.

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