Reincarnator – Chapter 48: Tower (7)

It’s been a while.’
Hansoo mumbled quietly as he watched the flaming environment around him.
The third floor which imitated the <Red Zone>.
They called it the Red Zone because it used red energy.
But there were other reasons as well.
An eternally blazing world that had received the punishment of the gods.
And that was why it was called the Red Zone.
Erviang… this was your world huh.’
He didn’t’ know back then.
Even right before the invasion of the Abyss.
We were just frogs in a well.’
But he, after getting through the Abyss, knew now.
How the Otherworld which was comprised of seven colored zones was structured.
If such a thing called a God existed then it was really a vicious thing. Humanity was a very lucky race if you take into account what happened to Erviang’s race, who were space-time travelers.
Hansoo shook his head.
It’s not time to get emotional.’
This was just a fake which copied the Red Zone.
It didn’t even have half of the dangers.
Shall I go.’
This guy will probably be stuck at <The Cross>.
He just needed to end him there.
Hansoo continued his steps through the flaming landscape.


“It’s amazing.”
Everyone who was advancing faithfully under the orders of Wongyung swirled their tongues around.
Everything in their surroundings was burning.
The strange-looking buildings which belonged to some other race were blazing and numerous beasts were moving between the buildings without end.
Damn… all of the area on the third floor shouldn’t be like this right?’
That was not even reasonable.
It wasn’t to the point where they were getting burned to death but the non-stop heat kept attacking their throats and lungs.
And the beasts that charged at them were so strong that even his clansmen were barely blocking them.
Due to the whole environment burning there wasn’t any water to drink either.
One of two things will happen at this rate.
Either die from the beasts or die from dehydration.
…The world outside the tutorial is always like this?’
The fairy had told them.
That the third floor was like a glimpse of the world outside of the tutorial.
And added something else too.
<Once you reach that point we don’t really interfere.>
At first he was really relieved.
Since even he wasn’t comfortable with the fairy who brought evil rules endlessly.
But he was slowly realizing something.
‘…It’s not like it’s not interfering but more like it doesn’t need to interfere?’
If it was such a harsh environment to the point where they didn’t need to interfere then they simply wouldn’t.
Since they will die by themselves.

Wongyung, who had been advancing through the dried up landscape, shook his head.
There’s no way.’
There was no way that they would leave them all to die.
Wongyung was confident.
The strongest power in all of the Tower was him.
If a power like his was suffering this much then all of the others might just die out.
There was no way that they would’ve set the difficulty so.
First advance forward.’
Wongyung solidified his thoughts as he advanced.
And soon a giant Cross appeared in his view.
“…What is that?”
“Isn’t it pretty?”
The fairy, which had appeared without anyone noticing, babbled.
Wongyung slightly frowned at those words.
It was a disgusting-looking cross even at a single glance.
And on that cross, human faces were coming out and going back into it non-stop.
Like people who were trapped within a giant cloth.

And then Wongyung rubbed his eyes after seeing an extremely familiar face.
The fairy smiled as it spoke.
“Can you see some familiar faces?”
Wongyung ignored the fairy’s words as he inspected the cross after walking closer to it.
And then made a expression of fear.
“Is this cross…”
“Mmm… I don’t know what you’re thinking about but shall we say it’s right? Heehee. Correct! All the information of those who died in the tutorial are in there! Oh my. Two were just added.”
Wongyung slightly closed the gaps of his eyes.
“But what is the meaning of this?”
He knew that it was definitely disgusting.
But what did this mean to them.
“Reflect our actions while looking at the dead?”
The fairy shook its head.
“The cross will look very very pretty after you hear my words.”
“That is the Cross of Reincarnation! You can revive someone of those who participated in the tutorial who had died!”

Wongyung made a expression of fright.
They did look like beings close to gods.
But for them to be able to effect those who had already died.
“What is this nonsense… Can you guys even control the dead?”
The fairy smirked.
“That’s a bit too hard at our level. It’s just a copy that we brought on the way here.”
“… a copy?”
“Yes. We made a copy of all of you when you came here and saved it within that cross. And that cross uses that as the base to create a copy.”
While Wongyung’s eyes were flickering the fairy made a smile as if it knew that would happen and spoke.
“Though it’s a copy, their strength and memory will be the same as the real one before they came to this side. Woudln’t this be amazing if it’s a loved one? Heeheehee.”
“It can revive the dead?”
Wongyung’s hands trembled.

Wongyung’s memories rewinded at an extreme speed.
The reason why he had came to despise other Lords.
This was all because of that guy he had met in the start.
Actually there was somebody else who had manifested the power of a Lord before Wongyung in the 1st tutorial area.
And that guy had taken control of his daugher with the symbol and played around with her then killed her by using her as a shield during a dangerous moment.
How much he had despaired over this.
He had created a much bigger power after he had manifested his power as a Lord.
Since his psychic power was much greater than that guy’s.
And he thought after ripping that guy to shreds.
That the reason why he was given this psychic power was a sign from the heavens to rip apart all those other Lords.
And one more thing.
He needed a lot of strength.
<Since his son, who went missing 5 years before him, might be alive.>
He needed much more strength than he has now in order to find him.
Since his son would be much further ahead than him if he was alive.
He couldn’t catch up the 5-year gap to his son with some average amount of power.
He basically needed strength to plow through and advance forward.
It didn’t matter to him if his actions were something that would cause him to get cursed by others.
Since the ones who curse him aren’t the ones who would find his son for him.

Everything was playing out very well.
But for such a thing to happen to him!
Wongyung touched the cross with trembling hands.
As soon as his hands touched it, thousands of people who had died in the tutorial appeared in front of his eyes.
And many of those who had died by his clans existed as well.
But that didn’t matter.
Since his only interest was his daughter.
While he was flipping through the catalogue, his daughter Ahee came into his eyes.
Wongyung shed tears of joy.
He could revive Ahee!
Without any memories of pain, with the body and memory before she had come here!
Though her body would be weak, that did not matter.
He just needed to protect her.

Thank you. God. Thank you.’
Wongyung asked the fairy in a hurry.
“How can I revive them?”
The fairy smirked as it spoke.
“Simple. Just put someone in here.”
The fairy pointed towards the bottom of the giant cross.
A deep hole that looked like a grave.
“You need ingredients in order to make something new. Put someone else in for the person coming out. It’s pretty simple that way.”
Wongyung hurriedly looked around.
He just needed to put the weakest one in.
Then there will be no problems.
At his orders, a guy who had been panting from an injury slowly dragged his body and walked towards the hole beneath the cross.
While Wongyung was rejoicing at that sight, sounds of the fairy clicking its tongue were heard.
“Nono. Can’t do that. You can’t do that. You can’t use a clansman. It becomes too easy then. We didn’t want to see something like that. You can’t use tricks.”
“What!!!! What do you want!!!!”
Wongyung screamed out unknowningly.
The fairy smiled coyly as it spoke:
“It’s not that hard. You just need to put someone else who isn’t part of your clan in here. Then your daughter lives too. How good is it? Hehehehee. It’s really chaotic in other places about now but it’s a problem here because it’s all one clan. Ah. Another one added to the cross.”

Wongyung despaired at these words.
How would he find somebody in his deserted land.
Wongyung asked the fairy just in case.
“Damn… Is there another chance like this in the future?”
He didn’t believe that only they will be on the path from now on.
If they meet others then they could just catch them then revive Ahee after inserting them into the Cross they will find later.
The fairy shook its head.
“No. This is the end of the privilege. Chances don’t come that easily right? As we see it, it’s not fun when people have leisure. You need to be a bit of a crisis. If you leave after visiting this place once then you can’t use it again.”
Wongyung spat out a scream of despair.
They were already behind because they had to gather all their clansmen who were spread all around.
The people who had started off were probably going through some other path somewhere else.
And what would a person with some basic sense think when they see the view of the third floor.
Would they go around some roundabout way and group up with other people in some other starting point?
Or would they think to go through his hell-like place by themselves.
And they couldn’t wait forever in this place.
Since they couldn’t get anything to eat or drink in these blazing plains.
He couldn’t send out his clansmen when he didn’t know what could happen from now on.

But then Wongyung’s expression turned cold.
He didn’t know what was ahead but he had somewhat organized on the way here from the starting point.
If he send some clansmen to wait in the starting point then some random guys might pop out.
And then he just needed to catch them before they went into other paths.
At that moment one of his clansmen shouted loudly.
“Lord! Somebody is coming this way over there!”
Wongyung opened his eyes wide and looked towards the starting point.
And he could see a person walking towards them from the starting point.
How could this be. Thank you. Oh god.’
Wongyung, who wasn’t even religious, prayed to god.
No, there was no way such a thing would happen if there was no god.
God had given him the power to find his son and a chance to revive his daughter.
If god isn’t looking after him then what was this?
Soon Wongyung’s mind which was filled with glee calmed down.
That guy couldn’t run away after seeing this place.
Definitely not.
He had to catch him no matter what and throw him under the grave.
Since that was the only way to save his daughter.
I don’t know who you are… but thank you.’
“Catch him!”
As soon as his order came down, his clansmen charged towards the man walking towards them from afar.


Hansoo quietly mumbled inwardly as he looked at the people charging at him.
Dark Mad Lord. First rate Dark Lord.’
The sins he had caused were too many to list.
Of cause this was all a thing of the past.
His situation? He knew too well.
Since he had heard all of his screams of despair before he died.
He knew why he hated Lords, why he tried to increase his strength crazily and how he had become a first rate Dark Lord.
He had to leave behind his daughter here because he couldn’t find some other non-clansman here.
And he, who had been enraged by this, caused a massacre in the tutorial due to the urgent thoughts of him having to find his one remaining son.
He had done so until now but in greater amounts from this point onwards.
And he had caught up the gap of 5 years but went crazy after finding out that his son had died and then flipped the Otherworld upside down.
As if he was trying to relieve the rage against the world which had killed his son and daughter by venting it on the inhabitants of the world.
His circumstances were regrettable but it could not excuse him for the things he had done so far.
But you won’t feel unfair from this. Since you will get to revive your daughter if you win here.’
He had come to the Dark Mad Lord and the Dark Mad Lord had come to kill him.
It wouldn’t be bad for him.
Since if the Dark Mad Lord won in this fight, he would be able to use him as a sacrifice to revive his daughter.
That was all he needed.
And soon his Justice and Judgement of Dekrados exploded out with his body as the center.

Proofreader’s note

There are multiple Crosses in the third floor. That’s why even though Hansoo knew that Wongyung would be at a Cross, he still had to follow his clansmen to find him in a short time.

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